11/7 to 11/11 2016

11-7 to 11-11-2016

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OR GOP chair calls for Portland mayor to resign, calls the coddling of Commie rioters in PDX a “dereliction of duty”, asks the Dem Party to join in condemning the anti-Trump riots. Good for him. I’m tired of pols who treat the snowflakes and thugs like toddlers deserving a hissy fit rampage. Be a man, and restore order, Charlie, or get the hell out. On a side note…what happens the first time the PDX parasites pick the wrong person to beat, and the worms get their heads blown off?

BILL’S GUESTS FOR 11-11-2016

6:35 Nick Adams, author of Green Card Warrior: My Quest For Legal Immigration In An Illegals’ System. Adams is the Founder and Executive Director of FLAG, The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (www.flagusa.org).

7:10 Commissioner Doug Breidenthal and Jim Carlson of Stillwater Technical solutions. Discussion centers around Jim’s presentation to the commission, wants to be hired to consult on fighting the expansion of the Cascade Siskiyou monument.

BILL’S GUESTS for 11/10/2016

7:10 Hubert Smith, former CASA worker, discusses what he says are problems in local family court.

7:35 Rep. Duane Stark joins the conversation on foster parenting/family court.



#1 election lesson – Tell voters a tax will cost them $600 per person/year and even the staunchest Oregon commie discovers “limited government”. #2 lesson – A lobotomized chimpanzee with a “D” next to his or her name is still a guaranteed win in statewide elections. (with the exception of Dennis Richardson)


6:35 Megan Barth, proprietor of ReaganBaby.com and we’re discussing where the election wars lead next. Paul Ryan’s days numbered?

7:10 Secretary of State Elect Dennis Richardson

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Kevin Walruff

8:35 Medford City Council President Dick Gordon, and we’re talking the convention center study…just in, and the general take is that a convention center wouldn’t work for Medford.

Hillary’s pretty busy with Google right now…




6:35 Jonathan Wood, Environmental attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation In 2015 the EPA accidentally caused a massive spill of toxic wastewater unto the Animas River in Colorado. Recently it was announced that no one at the EPA would be prosecuted for this. Many pointed out the hypocrisy, since the EPA prosecutes everyday Americans for much less.

7:10 Wendy McElroy author of Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women.
We also discuss the  Rolling Stone defamation lawsuit which conncects to her EXCELLENT book.

7:35 Rep. Sal Esquivel

7:50 Chuck Butler – Butler Acura –The 2017 Acura NSX Supercar Available for Viewing Thursday in Ashland

Valued at $252,000 this ‘Belle of the Ball’ is the Only Vehicle of Its Kind in Southern Oregon

8:35 Theoretical physicist Professor Lawrence Krauss

 Lawrence Krauss, director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University and an internationally known physicist and author, will take participants on a pair of intellectual adventures when he offers public lectures next Wednesday and Thursday nights (Nov. 9 and 10) at Southern Oregon University.



7:10 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts from RogueWeather.com

7:35 Daniel Crowe, candidate for Oregon Attorney General

8:35 Dr. Bud Pierce, GOP candidate for Oregon governor

8:10 Visiting Past and Present with Dr. Dennis Powers

The Ballot Stealing Caper

By Dennis Powers

The charismatic orchardist and publisher of the Medford Daily News, Llewellyn Banks, became sharply critical during the Great Depression over the depressed conditions in Southern Oregon. He and Earl Fehl–a Medford contractor and businessman–joined forces to create a power base that took form as the Good Government Congress (“GGC”).  

Banks had a powerful forum in his daily column, “Once in a While,” throughout 1931-1932 that blamed the region’s economic problems on different factors, ranging from the Federal Reserve Bank to the “local corrupt Courthouse Gang.” The battle raged between the GGC/Daily News and the Medford Mail Tribune with its editor, Robert Ruhl, who wrote editorials urging people to uphold “rationality and fairness.”

In the November 1932 elections, Earl Fehl won election as a county judge and another GGC supporter, Gordon Schermerhorn, won the sheriff’s office. Tensions continued to mount between the two forces and the newspapers; the Mail Tribune was threatened with sabotage, and Robert Ruhl ordered his printers armed with shotguns. Named the “Green Springs Mountain Boys,” a group of young roughnecks guarded Banks and Fehl.

Reports of ballot irregularities led to a state-ordered recount, when state politicians became concerned over this. Acting upon orders from Banks and Fehl, men at night broke into the county courthouse on February 20th, 1933, in Medford through a rear, ground-floor window. They stole thousands of ballots from the vault with the next day set for the vote recount; GGC’s gamble was that it could stop any later investigations when its sheriff hired his deputies.

Oregon State Police investigated after officials discovered the missing ballots. The state police found burned ballot pouches in the courthouse furnace with more floating in the Rogue River. After two young GGC members confessed, the police began to arrest the culprits. In mid-March, Constable George Prescott headed to arrest Llewellyn Banks at his home.

Answering the door, Banks’ wife opened the door, but began to close it when seeing Prescott. As the policeman put his foot on the door, Banks stepped over and fired a rifle at Prescott’s chest. He died on the spot, although three supporting officers there tried to revive him.

Once word of the murder came out with the bad publicity, the GGC movement stopped in its tracks, as hundreds of its members said that they weren’t part of it or ever active. The trials of the involved conspirators lasted into late 1933. For the murder, Banks was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Fehl also was convicted and sentenced to jail for his role in the ballot stealing, as was the incumbent sheriff, county jailer, a Rogue River mayor, the ballot stealers, and others.

Although The New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle won Pulitzer Prizes in 1934 for their reporters, the jury also selected the Medford Mail Tribune for its “meritorious public service” gold medal in its reporting against the “unscrupulous politicians in Jackson County, Oregon.” The award acknowledged the role of Ruhl for his part in resisting the GGC (also called the “Jackson County Rebellion”). Banks died in the penitentiary in 1945 at age 73; however Fehl was paroled, returned to Medford, and lived until 1962.

Sources: Jeff LaLande, The Oregon Encyclopedia: “Good Government Congress (Jackson County Rebellion),” at Good Government Congress; Cleve Twitchell, “MT’s Pulitzer-winning editorials tackled corruption, violence,” Mail Tribune, November 2, 2009, at Mail Tribune and the Pulitzer Prize.


The Ashland teacher criticizing me mentioning the O&C Act of 1937 as reason to oppose. Her reasoning is that it was an old law and that “Helloooo, it’s 2016”. No doubt this reassures parents in the school system that their teachers have passed “Critical Thinking 101”. 😉

By her line of reasoning she shouldn’t have the vote…that passed back in 1920. Her first amendment right, and all the other ones at that, were passed in 1789.

It’s clear that referencing the law in your public comments is powerful, and draws much Gang Green blood, given the numerous “When Did Bill Meyer Get His Law Degree?” comments. It demonstrates how their legal principles are on thin ice, and are more based on faked up consensus, rather than the law itself. Keep fighting, and commenting!

HA-HA-HA...Oh, Wait, this is too close to truth, huh?



6:15 Craig Richardson, executive director of the Environment and Energy Legal Institute

Who said this year, “We believe that there is too much emphasis on money in politics?” And who is the single-largest donor in this election cycle? If you guessed billionaire activist Tom Steyer for both, you’re right.

Environment and Energy Legal Institute executive director Craig Richardson has been tracking Steyer’s WikiLeaks exposures and writes that the “green” tycoon is using his vast fortune to exert undue influence in Democratic circles, and that his agenda is already causing Green Energy Poverty for low-income families.

7:05 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts

7:10 Anthony Zaccaro President of Provident Financial and Insurance Services. We discuss how much do you REALLY need to retire, and is the market poised for a correction.

8:10 Dr. John Zmirak of Stream.org

Huma Abedin is in the limelight again – John Zmirak, writing at The Stream, suggests her identity is a little more complicated. He reminds us that Huma Abedin was raised in Saudi Arabia by hard-line Islamists, and she wrote for a radical Islamic journal that her family owned.


6:35 Executive Director at Project Veritas, Russel Birney – a top Democratic donor is caught on camera disparaging members of the African American community at a fundraiser for North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross. WATCH THE VIDEO

7:10 We’re breaking down more of what to do next to fight Monument Expansion with Ed, “Mr. X”, our crack legal researcher.

8:10 Craig Bannister with MRCTV, media not reporting that physicians’ participation in Obamacare has plummeted 20% this year.

8:35 Bern Case, Rogue Valley International Airport Director – Next Friday, Veterans Day, they’re unveiling a memorial honoring Newell Barber, who was instrumental in starting BARBER FIELD, our first airport. BTW, the ceremony is at Rogue Credit Union on Center Drive, Friday, 11/11, starting at 9am.

BILL’S GUESTS FOR 11-2-2016:

6:10: Dr. Matt Briggs, from TheStream.org, professor of statistics at Cornell University, It’s all about the polls at this point in the election cycle. Before the Huma/Weiner email news broke, an ABC/WaPo poll had Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump among likely voters by 12 points! Dr. Briggs, armed with a P.hd. in statistics says, “that kind of lead is impossible!” B

7:10: Herman Baertschiger, Oregon State Senator, District 2 Grants Pass,

7:35: Crimestoppers, featuring Medford Police Department’s Lt. Kerry Curtis comes into the studio to bring you this week’s, Crimestoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Herstle & Kelly Jones from Jones & Associates come into the studio. The Gradient Gives Back Foundation along with Jones Cares, is paying 6 months of living expenses for needy people. Sign up at JonesCares.org.

8:35: Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition Academy Award Winning Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is streaming his film: “Before The Flood,” all over Facebook and Youtube. But. Is Leo’s film accurate in its claims?

Check out the coalition’s website: climatescienceinternational.org.

And, follow Tom on Twitter: @TomHarrisICSC




All here are witness to a crime. This crime is the attempt of those supporting the green agenda and its political henchmen, including Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, to STEAL tens of thousands of acres of O&C designated lands, using unlawful methods, to hijack and camouflage the public process, and place these O&C lands unlawfully into an expanded Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. Close to 95 percent of these proposed additional monument lands are O&C lands, and this is an extremely important distinction.

When we follow the rule of law, it is irrelevant how many blue tee-shirted folks stand up and wail “WE WANT THESE LANDS IN A MONUMENT”. It’s not a popularity contest, for these lands are not theirs to push into monument status. That’s not stopping them from trying with all these emotional demonstrations of trumped up “Consensus”, which mean nothing. I put you, Jackson County, and other political leaders on notice to simply FOLLOW THE LAW, do your duty, and defend our rights from these unlawful intrusions into a matter of county concern.

What is this county concern? The O&C Act of 1937 enacted by Congress, and still in effect makes it clear that these lands, quote:

“shall be managed for permanent forest production, and the timber thereon shall be sold, cut, and removed in conformity with the principal of sustained yield for the purpose of providing a permanent source of timber supply, protecting watersheds, regulating stream flow, and contributing to the economic stability of local communities and industries, and providing recreational facilities.”

This act of Congress clearly sets forth the management criteria of these O&C lands. The residents of Jackson County should not be forced to waste our time defending and addressing a matter that was settled in the law a long time ago. There is peace and security within the law – this monument proposal is clearly outside the rule of law and congressional intent, and will sow chaos, both socially and economically.

Let’s turn our attention now to the Antiquities Act. The Solicitor for the Department of the Interior told the Secretary of the Interior that the President lacks authority under the Antiquities Act to include O&C lands in a national monument. This was concerning a proposal to put O&C lands in an expansion of the Oregon Caves National Monument. The memo in question is opinion M. 30506.

Another section of the act directs that the monument should be confined to the “smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected”.

The monument expansion proponents are asking us to believe three legal fictions. First, that the Antiquities Act authorizes the president to use O&C land in a monument. Second, that the original monument is too small, while the third fiction is that it’s legal and lawful to violate congressional law and intent by stealing these designated O&C lands, and placing them into monument status to satisfy a left wing green environmental agenda.

Remember – It is the sworn fiduciary duty of all elected officials to follow their oath of office, follow the law, defend the constitution, and defend us from these unlawful intrusions.

NOTE FROM BILL: After I gave testimony Thursday, several other people claimed I “cherry picked” the O&C act. Not true, it’s only 3 pages long. Read it for yourself