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Oct 14, 2013 -- 2:52pm

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The SNAP benefit Food Stamp card system went down in flames in 17 states on Saturday. Sure, reports indicate it was due to a software patch which caused problems. Scarier still, is how 1 in 6 Americans depend on this welfare program to feed themselves.

But are they really nourishing themselves? Listeners, and even some of my relatives in the affected states, tell me that food stamp recipients fill their carts with junk food and sugared garbage. If we're going to have this program, something allong the lines of forced charity, it's time to change what you can buy with EBT cards. 

Nothing prepared, other than some of the items which make sense - Bread, and that's about it. You want to stuff yourself on junk and get fat at taxpayer's expense? At the very least, you learn to cook. Meat, cheese, veggies, beans, rice, fruit, could be purchased on EBT. (And by fruit, I DON'T mean "Fruit by the Foot", or some other processed crap)

You want some sweets? Buy some flour and sugar and BAKE your treat. But the day of buying a package of OREOs should have ended long ago. Welfare should be a bit painful. I say that not to "Punish the Poor", but rather to ensure there's an incentive to better one's life.

I'd give the First Lady kudos if she would advocate some sort of reform like mine. Instead of "Let's Move", how about "Let's Cook"?

You know why this hasn't been attempted. The food-stamped masses might be upset at having some choices made for them, and stop slavishly voting "D". So what? Beggars can't be choosers.

There is a second reason. Food stamp bennies are huge corporate welfare for big food and ag producers who create the ultra-expensive processed crap. I doubt they'd support welfare which only went for purchasing healthy, inexpensive, basic food.

So, there are two major lobbying groups for the status quo SNAP benefit. That doesn't mean this squealing fat pig of a social program shouldn't be leaned pronto.


6:40 Doug Wilson, documentarian, we talk about his documentary "Pure Evel" on famed daredevil Evel Knievel tonight, 10pm, on Discovery Channel.

7:35 Dan Gainor, from the Culture and Media Institute. Dan talks of how Columbus Day Leftwing logic goes: Columbus was cruel to the indigenous population; ergo if we celebrate the discovery of the New World by the Europeans - which eventually made way for the shining city upon a hill 300 years later - we bear responsibility for his crimes.

8:10 U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Carpenter. Sam is  a   Bend   businessman   and   philanthropist,   has   entered   the   Republican primary to unseat Democrat Jeff Merkely in the U.S. Senate.  Carpenter has filed for office, set up a bank account   with   an   initial   $100,000   deposit,   and   is   engaged   in   other   intensive   pre­launch   activities. Carpenter's campaign will formally launch in the coming weeks.

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