THURSDAY 10-10-2013

Oct 10, 2013 -- 5:49pm

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6:10 Adam Shapiro from the Fox Business Network. The Battle over the debt ceiling. Folow Adam on Twitter.

7:10 Chris Versace the editor of the investment newsletter PowerTrend Profits and the trading service ETF PowerTrader. All of that capitalizes on his near 20 years in the investment industry, nearly all of it breaking down industries and recommending stocks. We talk of Janet Yellin's fed appointment. Will she turn the $ into confetti? Follow Chris on Twitter.

8:10 PAUL PETERSON In the most read article at USA Today, noted education scholar, Harvard professor, and co-author of Endangering Prosperity: A Global View of the American School, Paul E. Peterson, explains the stunning and bleak results of the first-ever international labor force evaluation released today. Americans have been hearing for years that their kids are lagging behind the rest of the developed world in skills. Now, it's the adults' turn.

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