TUESDAY 10-08-2013

Oct 08, 2013 -- 5:42am

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Mike Jones brought to my attention  this recently released video of a fatal OSP shooting in August.

Mike Continues: "I hear your show promos as I listen to KMED
on the live stream. One of which talks about needing 5 or 6 shots per
dirtbag. This video makes that case rather well. Although he was fatally
shot, he was still clearly very dangerous and seemingly unimpaired."

Thanks for that, Mike. It's a good reminder next time your favorite anti-gunner bleats about high-capacity magazines. How many rounds does it take to put down a bad guy? As many as it takes. Frankly, the "Single Bullet Stop" is a figment of Hollywood and TV show script writers. As the OSP officer's experience indicates, the bad guy had a fatal wound, but it took quite some time to kill him.


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