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Oct 01, 2013 -- 2:26pm

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A REAL HONOR - BILL MAKES THE "INDUSTRY TRADES". What a complimentary profile from "Talkers Magazine", Give it a read!

TALKERS PROFILE: Bill Meyer of KMED, Medford, Oregon - Super Serving Local Listeners, a Blueprint for Talk Success.

If you leave Portland, Oregon and head just over four hours south down Interstate 5, before you reach the California border you’ll drive right into the town of Medford.  About 75 miles inland through rugged terrain from the Pacific Ocean, Medford is a small town with a population of 76,000, but is also an economic hub for Southern Oregon and a home for the state’s growing wine industry.  Medford is also the home of KMED-AM (1440), a news/talk station owned by Bicoastal Media and the oldest radio station in Medford.  Its weekday lineup includes syndicated superstars Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, along with Glenn Beck and Alex Jones.  However, what drives the station is their morning show, and extremely talented host Bill Meyer has not only made the morning show his own, he has been able to create a blueprint of how to package a large-market type of local show and imprint that on a small-market audience, giving the station a very sellable show, while the listeners get the interaction and local flavor they would not get with a nationally syndicated program.  And, he does it all on his own - without a show producer.  

Read TALKERS magazine special features correspondent Jeff McKay's profile on Bill Meyer and KMED by clicking here.

GUEST INFORMATION for 10-01-2013

6:35 John Wesley Rawles of, and his new novel "Expatriates". We talk about prepping, and what he believes is a wholesale economic collapse on the way. When? Well that's ALWAYS the question, huh?

7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel w/the latest on the special session. PERS, tax hikes, GMO regulation, it's all on the table.

7:35 Dr. Merrill Matthews from Institute for Policy Innovation. We've had him on a lot lately, becuase he's so focused on Obamacare, and the challenges facing the (what's left of) the free market.



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