FRIDAY 9-27-2013

Sep 26, 2013 -- 4:26pm

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Senator Bates speaks on Obamacare's implementation in southern Oregon via the "Cover Oregon" insurance exchange meeting.

Problem as I see it is these policies fails to address the massive premium increases being reported nationwide. What's the point of "Affordable" care, which is twice-to-three times as expensive of existing coverage?

I still say the system is designed to fail, and will lead to the ushering in of single-payer/UK-style healthcare. As it is, we're starting with fascism, on the way to total healthcare socialism.



6:35 Colleen Roberts, reports for the Upper Rogue Independent newspaper, and discusses the week's county government meetings and news.

7:10 Phil Valentine, documentary film maker, his EXCELLENT "An Inconsistent Truth" documentary blowing up the global warming fraud is now out on DVD.

7:35 State Senator Bates discusses healthcare, and the Monday session "Grand Bargain".

8:45 Dayle Mallory, Brittney Ride Event is 2 weeks from today. Great fun fundraiser to fight childhood brain cancers.

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