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TUESDAY 9-03-2013

Sep 03, 2013 -- 2:55pm

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I was so saddened to read about Marie Rodriguez's stabbing death and search for her alleged killer.

A key takeaway point from Medford Police: (From the Tribune article) "Police reported that an onlooker ran inside to get a gun, but came back outside too late".  Folks, this is why we carry concealed. This is also why you should, if possible, ALWAYS carry a gun...EVEN AT HOME.

Had someone had a firearm readily available, this stabbing could have had a much different outcome. People often have a false sense of security in their home. Violence may follow you home, or the home of your neighbor. Video below says it all.


7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel on the issues.

7:40 Ashley from "Doomsday Castle" on National Geographic. This show is REALLY growing on me. The ARMY dad is hard core, but his kids are learning something. (New episode tonight at 10 on National Geographic Channel)

8:10 Greg Hartley, and Christine Damon - Greg was falsely accused of rape, spent 50 DAYS in Jackson County jail, released a day before trial. In my opinion, someone at the county ought to be in big trouble over this case.

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