FRIDAY 8-30-2013

Aug 30, 2013 -- 2:40pm

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I'll confess to an attack of cognitive dissonance upon realizing our NOBEL PEACE PRIZE-WINNING PRESIDENT is prepping to bomb a country which hasn't attacked us. But Obama's push is getting pushback.


6:35 Dan Gainor, VP of Culture and Media at the Media Reserach Center - Get set for a slew of left-wing biased wet kisses for Labor Day.

7:35 State Senator Alan Bates discusses the revenue forecast, medical reform, will there be a special session on PERS.

8:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation, explains the latest presidential executive orders on gun control, and just how easy it is to become a felon, accidently, when transferring firearms to a family member.

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