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Aug 08, 2013 -- 12:24pm

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POLICE SAY IT WASN'T RACIALLY MOTIVATED..that the kid who got beat up had squealed that one of the 3 black kids to school officials about selling marijuana. Still, should the driver have done more? I couldn't have stood by and let the thuggery happen, what about you?

WFLA-TV News Channel 8


7:10 John Martinez, Gary Lake, and Commissioner Dennis Linthicum from Klamath Falls. "Water Conspiracy Watch", and more talk about fighting the Oregon Water Commission next month re dam removal and land lockup. Website will be up next week, get more info by emailing

8:10 Joyce Haillicah, organizer behind the JFK memorabilia exhibit at the Medford Shopping Center (By Oz Fitness) Tonight at 6, they're gathering at the Medford Library meeting room to discuss the Peace Corps, Kennedy's involvement, recruiting new volunteers, sharing Peace Corps stories.

8:35 Ruth Boardman, Jackson County Republican Women - Reagan BBQ (which I'll be at, btw) is Next Saturday. Get tickets and info on their website.

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