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Aug 07, 2013 -- 10:28am

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Made me laugh, had to share it.


(From today's Mail Tribune) "They want to work us harder and longer, pay us less and have us pick up our 6 percent PERS contribution," said Cheryl Lashley, MEA president and a district teacher for 16 years. 

Uh, welcome to the real world, teachers. The 6% contribution is for YOUR retirement, and who better to pay it than YOU, the teacher. I'd also quibble with that "paid less" statement. You have to count total compensation, and I assure you with the PERS financial sucking chest wound, the costs for you Tier1 folks continues to soar. CFO Brad Earl says the district is offering 11% increase in total compensation, the union wants 23% more. My reccomendation? Tell the union to go pound sand.

Ultimately the best thing to do to truly increase quality is to decertify the teachers unions, and start paying teachers what they're worth. This terrifies many in the rank and file, as a free market would mean the best teachers are paid huge, while the "drones" would get much less. The drone teachers are quite comfortable with keeping them AND the best teachers on the same level. Hence, the children continue to suffer.

Want to know what happens when teachers compete? Some become "rock stars", if they're good. South Korea is a perfect example, where teachers are paid according to demand for their services. Many don't make much, while others, such as tutor Kim Ki-Hoon, earn 4 million dollars a year, because he's THAT good, he's effective, and engaging. It's an educational model worth emulating.


7:10 Michael Franklin, lives in Tipi Village, low-impact lifestyle community,  in the Soda Mountain Wilderness, trying to buy the land to keep it from being sold into the Cascad-Siskiyou Monument. More ingo at  The Land Liberation Project -,
7:35 Crimestoppers
8:10 Jo Robinson  - Author of “Eating on the Wild Side”Her website, has attracted more than 10 million visitors. She lives and works on Vashon Island, a rural island close to Seattle, where she raises some of the extraordinary produce showcased in her latest book: EATING ON THE WILD SIDE. All about searching out the most nutritious varieties of fruits and vegetables.

8:45 Business interview today is Natalie at The Goldsmith's Diamonds and Design, 606 Cr. Lk. Avenue in Medford.

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