THURSDAY 8-01-2013

Aug 01, 2013 -- 3:14pm

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Here's on pic of another big Pickup truck load of your donations for the firefighters headed to Jo County for distribution. (H/T to Jason Allen at Q100.3 for the transportation) We're still collecting wool socks, Gold Bond, Anti-Perspirants, Water, Snacks, toothbrushes, toothpastes, etc. at KMED/Q100.3/KOOL 103/107.5 KISS-FM and 106.3 KZZE at our studios, 3624 Avion Drive in Medford.

HEADS UP ON BRITT 4 THIS WEEKEND - Due to heavy smoke, Britt moves weekend Classical concerts indoors to S. Medford High School gym. (Britt is STILL Britt, wherever it plays)


6:20 Liz McDonald Stocks Editor at, and she's written a piece showing how Obamacare is leading to government employment cutbacks. Didn't see that coming!

6:35 Paul Burk Landers (Paul from Talent) shares his story of dealing with the traffic van, traffic court, constitutional issues with this style of law enforcement. Considering starting a class-action suit against the city over this.

7:10 Gary Lake, former Karuk tribe council member, and John Martinez, formerly economic development director with the Karuk, and another episode of "Water Conspiracy Watch"...Connecting Gang Green and Spotted Owl/Coho Salmon/Dam Removal types with the Oregon task force getting together in September to implements the KBRA/KHSA.

8:10 Will Reishman, Strategic Financial (541) 773-7774, talk on the dollar, and the unofficial "reinstating" of the old "Glass-Steagal Act".

8:50 Business Interview - Natalee with Goldsmith's Diamonds and Design, 606 Cr Lk Avenue in Medford.

INFO ON BASIC PISTOL CLASS - Tina and Mike Drake are holding a basic pistol class on Saturday, August 3rd from 9am until about 5pm at the Josephine County Sports Park. It qualifies the graduate the apply for a concealed carry permit, it includes range time, and it provides a very good primer for someone who is new to guns or a refresher for someone who has some experience.  Mike and Tina are only accepting 12 students and there are already 6 signed up. Call Tina at 541-702-2152 if you’d like to register for the basic pistol class


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