Jul 02, 2013 -- 10:24am

A recent survey of likely voters in Jackson County indicates little support for a monthly householdl surcharge to pay for jail service.  Earlier this year, Commissioner Don Skundrick floated the idea to impose the fee, which would have freed up general fund monies for sheriffs officers, county extension, and other social service agencies. 57 Percent of voters surveye were against the plan, 31 percent favored, while 11 percent were undecided. Commissioners said they wouldt move forward with a ballot initiative only if the survey showed a good level of support.  The number one reason for being against the proposal was indicated as "Can't afford/too expensive". Commissioners will discuss the survey results at the July 9th public meeting.

Respondents indicated the Commissioners should do their best to save Veterans Services, Sheriff Officers, and human service agency funding in that order.  OSU Extension and Library services received the lowest priority response.

Another question asked was if citizens felt Jackson County was headed in the right direction. 52 percent of Democrats said yes, 41 percent of Republicans said yes, and 45 percent of independents were happy with the county's direction.

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