TUESDAY 6-18-2013

Jun 18, 2013 -- 12:47pm

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INTERESTING - Samoa Air, the national airline of Samoa, is now charging airline passengers by the pound, and now has a XL Passenger service, with larger seats and super extra legroom for the largest passengers. You knew this was coming. For the most part, I'm totally cool with this. No one thinks twice about paying twice as much to ship a package which ways 2 times as much, but we look askance at doing the same for people. 

Still, I admit to having nightmares of being asked to step on a TRUCK SCALE next time I fly out of MFR. ;-)


7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel comments on the wind down of the legislative session. SalEsquivel.us

7:35 Dale Matthews and Sandy Cassanelli from Josephine County discuss problems they see with how JoCo is conducting its meetings, and favoring some folks addressing the board, while squelching their participation. Meanwhile, Dale posts this video. Rather interesting that the Josephine County Sheriffs Department turned down more than $200,000 in Title I funds, given they've been sucking wind for patrol money. Will email the Sheriff to find out more on this story. I imagine there could be strings attached to Title 1 funding with which the department may have been unable to comply.

Link to the full meeting video

8:10 Lori Duckworth, Keith Hoover from SONORML, and Keith Mansur, publisher of the Oregon Cannabis Connection. We talk about the 5/23 medical marijuana busts involving Lori and her husband.

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