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Jun 09, 2013 -- 5:51pm

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Here's Glen Greenwald's must-read, and watch interview of heroic NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden. Snowden didn't think the surveillance state was "theirs" to decide for us. He also discusses the tyranny of how so many of their decisions concerning citizen surveillance were "policy", and had nothing to do with "law".

This falls in line with the tyranny of the administrative state which I've discussed with SO many of late. The government decides to sidestep constitutional law, and creates administrative agencies which then set policy that have the appearance and effect of law, but are not.

This is how the TSA magically creates a constitution-free zone within the airports, 100 miles within our borders is an ICE-created constitution-free zone. Meanwhile, Gary Harrington goes to jail over water "policy". Curt Chancler can't get a constitutionally-guaranteed right to a code enforcement trial by jury because of "policy". Administrative agencies must be dismantled, as their purpose is to strip you of your rights...always under the guise of "protecting" you. That's how they get away with it.


This group connects a number of dots...breathlessly. Don't know if I'm buying all the claims, but still, raises interesting questions.


7:10 Eric Swanson, city of Medford manager, and city councillor Al Densmore discuss the 6/20 budget unveil. 

7:35 Greg Roberts, why a convention center HAS to be a government creation around here.

8:35 Mary Johnson, Dennis Linthicum (Klamath Co. Commissioner). Americans for Prosperity  meeting tomorrow night. Dennis is the featured guest speaker. KBRA, water, property rights, how the valley is going down unless you turn back the administrative regulations. Meeting is 6:30pm, Tuesday night, at the Medfird Library main meeting room.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers - History of Rogue Rooster Crow!

Rooster Crows and More

By Dennis Powers

Since 1953, Rogue River has held its National Rooster Crow Championship on the last Saturday in June; this weekend affair was first started to publicize the city, and by 1958 a record 263 roosters had been entered that year in the contest. The city's three-day festival kicks off on Friday with a dinner at the Rogue River Community Center and ends on Sunday with its antique and “sporty” car show. Over 10,000 people attended last year’s Rooster Crow weekend (and the city’s 100th-year celebration, as well).

Saturday morning starts off with a 5-K run and 2-Mile walk. After the “Rooster Crow Parade” (nearly anyone can participate), there is a whirlwind of activities, arts and crafts, food booths, exhibits, a special kids play area, and (of course) the Annual National Rooster Crow Contest that afternoon.  

There are three crowing contests: for young people, then adults, and followed by one for the real roosters. Audience applause selects the winners of the human crowing contests. The question is always, however, which cock-a-doodle-doo fowl will crow its way into Animal Farm’s hierarchy--and be the national winner. The criteria is which rooster can make the greatest number of crows within 30 minutes.

The winner of the first event was Hollerin' Harry, a bird that crowed 71 times and won $50 for his owner — which was great deal of money in the early '50s. A second contest was held that September (when two contests were then put on) with $100 going to Beetle Baum, who managed a staggering 109 crows and a record that lasted for 25 years. In 1978, White Lightning won with a new course record of 112 crows.

Owners of first-place roosters receive $150, and cash prizes are paid out for the top five rooster-crowers. The placers in 2012 included names such as Red Ryder (46 crows), El-Ron (38), George of the Jungle, and Mordecai.

Nearly every town in Southern Oregon puts on its own “stand out” annual event: Grants Pass (Boatnik), Gold Hill (Gold Dust Day), Central Point (Judy 4th), Medford (Pear Blossom Festival), Ashland (July 4th is the big one), in addition to other affairs. The Jackson County Fair, held in mid-July, brings about a number of events. Some 85,000 people attended the six-day fair in 2012; from livestock judging to beer gardens, Go-Kart races to steak suppers, and from sprint car races to entertainment, this one also has much to offer.

Years ago, nearly every other town in Oregon had logging contests—now there are only three. Today, the third week of August finds the town of Prospect on Highway 62 (past Lost Creek Lake, towards Crater Lake) conducting its annual Jamboree and Timber Carnival, which it has so held for over 60 years. From chain-saw and buck-saw contests to ax throwing, log rolling, and pole climbing, the lumberjacks keep rolling on.

Sources: Laurie Heuston, “Rogue River's got something to crow about,” Mail Tribune, June 29, 2012, at Rogue River Rooster Crow.  See: You Tube: 2012 Rooster Crow.

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