TUESDAY 04-09-2013

Apr 09, 2013 -- 7:45pm

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<sarcasm alert>To combat this mass knife violence we clearly need new common sense knife control laws, registration, background checks, bans on the big assault knives, restrictions on numbers and sharpness allowed, perhaps licensing of sharpening stones and butcher blocks...Anyway, only police and soldiers should have knives. Why does anybody NEED a big blade knife?...

Seriously, pray for the victims here. And keep in mind that there will always be evil, violent, bloodthirsty, power-hungry, and ruthless people. The only question worth asking is how will you kill or take out these evil scum, while protecting the good? Hardware bans applied to good people are, at best, ineffective.

I'm going to send her a child support order for my son. I mean if all children are "ours", I need her to send in her "fair share".


6:35 Larry Pratty, Gunowners of America, The latest on DC gun control.

7:10 Representative Sal Esquivel on the latest bills from Salem.

7:35 David Lyons, Bodybuilder, dealing with MS. His book is "David's Goliath: Winning the Battle Against All Odds". Here's more on his story:

"Lying in a hospital bed, numb from the chest down, barely able to move, David had no idea that in only three years he would go from the depths of despair to win a title on the stage of a bodybuilding contest while simultaneously becoming a successful production executive in Los Angeles.  As he continues to train as hard as a healthy athlete for his next bodybuilding contest at 55 years old, his career as a Top TV producer has taken him into partnerships with companies such as mega giants ITV Studios and FOX Studios."

8:10 Dr. Jerome Corsi, WND columnist, and his latest book drills into the communist leanings of the ACLU - Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square.

Released in March, during “MS Awareness Month,”­­his epic journey detailed in David’s Goliath: Winning the Battle against All Odds, is now serving as an inspiration to thousands across the country.

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