FRIDAY 03-22-2013

Mar 21, 2013 -- 4:03pm

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ME: I sure am glad we fought WWII and the cold war to keep us safe and free from all them totalitarians and Commies who had neighbors spying and reporting to the Stasi. Oh, wait..."New York State Offers $500 Reward For Reporting Gun Owners"

TOMMY B: Once again Meyer misses the mark! Funny I don't hear you screaming for the rights of those who are discriminated against because of their ethnic backgrounds. You didn't speak up when voting laws were change a few weeks before the election in minority areas. Yet you are getting everyone excited about a right that doesn't exist. There is NOTHING in the 2nd Amendment that gives anyone the right to own or possess military style weapons. You know this but yet you stir the pot hoping people will believe your doomsday bullshit. You are a sad little man!

ME: Tommy, buddy, help yourself not look so ignorant and do some research. The 2nd amendment is there precisely for the people, the militia, to be able to take on the government and resist tyranny. That requires arms equivalent to the military. That the citizens of the world continue to be disarmed by their criminal gang governments isn't surprising, as all tyrants like disarmed sheep to boss around. You need more than the latest HuffPo blather or whatever Ceasefire Oregon vomits out. Try Harvard grad and constitutional scholar/historian Dr. Edwin Viera's excellent "The Sword and Sovereignty" Here's the link:

Oh, and another thing Tommy, I wish all of us to be treated equally before the government, and preferably left ALONE as much as possible. Peace, tranquility, trade, mind your own business. Too many people want government, or get INTO government so they can boss other people around. As to your "sad little man" crack, I think you're "projecting".





6:35 Dan Gainor, Culture and Media Institute - Disney's A&E rates "Bates Motel" TV-14...Really. Rape, Incest, stabbings, problem there, huh?

7:35 State Senator Alan Bates - Healthcare, dredging, other state issues and your calls.

8:10 Kevin Starrett - Oregon Firearms Federation - Medical Marijuana laws and your gun rights.

8:45 Peter Newport dropped by from Sawyer Paddles & Oars in Talent. They're clearing out "the attics" at their  2nd Annual Factory Blowout. T Address is 299 Rogue River Parkway just off Talent Avenue behind the Talent police station. Also discussed they're looking for a location closer to the river in order to demonstrate their product lines.


I think Ben LOOKS the part, but Curt Ingbretsen, our local Elvis best, has a better voice imo.

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