MONDAY 04-02-2012 Topics include the local drug war, response to Sen. Bates on "river problems", Guests include Michelle Hirsch on Green Energy, Doug Wissing, author of "Funding the Enemy", Gene Pelham with RFCU.

Apr 08, 2012 -- 10:55am


Interesting read from The Daily Bell on how debt is being re-criminalized. The rules have recently been changed so that if you owe Mordor in D.C. 50,000 dollars or more in taxes, you're subject to having your passport seized.

For hundreds of years law has been rolling back the concept of debtor's prison. Now they're turning the whole country into a debtor's prison of a sort. Think about what we do to fathers owing child support, or students owing for their expensive (often useless) school loans.

Which other classes of people will they come for next, hmm?

Larken Rose, super freedom-fighter, creates a video masterpiece about "How to Be a Crook", not to encourage you to do so, but to clearly point out just how the financial system impoverishes the people.

Please spread this video. Go to Larken's Site.


6:15 Michelle Hirsch, The Fiscal Times, and we discuss high cost of green energy projects

8:10 Douglas Wissing, independent journalist, author of "Funding The Enemy", How U.S. Taxpayers Bankroll the Taliban. Book info HERE

8:35 Gene Pelham, Rogue Federal Credit Union, another "Ask Gene" Living local segment. RFCU needs your help getting political support for S. 2331, which would permit them to loan a higher percentage of loans to local business. Help out HERE

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