TUESDAY 1-08-2013 Guests are Dr. Merrill Matthews ipi.org, and John Charles, Cascade Policy - How to pay for the roads.

Jan 08, 2013 -- 1:48pm

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Alex Jones dukes it out with Piers Morgan last night

I admire the Alex's passion.   However, will his masculine passion turn off the sheep and actually hurt the cause? Let's hope not, and keep an eye on it.

By the way have you called your Congress Critter about no new gun control? DO IT HERE.


6:35 Dr. Merrill Matthews, Instititute for Policy Innovation, and there is real work being done on Social Security Reform. In fact, it's already been done for about 30 years, in 3 Texas cities.

8:10 John Charles with the Cascade Policy Institute. The state government wants more money for the roads, and wants to tax the electric and alternative fuel vehicles. How best to do this?

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