THURSDAY 12-20-2012 Guests: Neil McCabe on Manchin's gun flip, Dr. Jay Green with a fascinating school report card comparing us to the world, and Hubert Smith - Mayan Apocalypse discussion.

Dec 20, 2012 -- 5:09pm

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What a story I read on this afternoon, Communist Government Calls for Americans to Be Disarmed.

Fascinating how government leaders of all stripes usually call for normal people to be disarmed. History makes clear you're much more likely to be murdered by government actions than by the random acts of a crazy or evil fellow citizen. I guess this fact makes government types "uncomfortable". It'd also be tough for government types to claim to have "saved" you, if you're busy saving and protecting yourself and ones you care about in your community.

If given the opportunity, I'd ask the President of China "and how exactly did the peasants make out after being disarmed in your Great Leap Forward? Oh, millions were starved, and murdered? Uh, we'll pass on your call, thank you very much.

(Oh, but keep those I-Phones coming, k?)


A truly inspiring story. People making the best of what they DO have. And that being said, boy do I feel fortunate to live here.



6:35 Neil McCabe, senior reporter for Human Events dot com, and he puts out the excellent "Guns and Patriots" newsletter. (Sign up HERE) Today we're talking about the big protests planned for Sen. Joe Manchin (D. WV) this weekend by pro-gun folks who feel betrayed by his change of heart.

7:10 Dr. Jay Greene, co-creator of the Global Report Card. The GRC is a website that is really easy to use and it shows parents how their child's school district compares to international competitors, not just other schools here in the U.S.  Frankly, it's scary to see how poorly our "good" school districts around here do, when you compare them not to Oregon students, but, say, Belgium students. Interesting site!

8:10 Hubert Smith, local anthropologist and filmmaker, and he's visited the modern day ethnic Mayans dozens of times over the years. He discusses the "Apocalypse" for tomorrow, how the calendar came to be, interesting info about the culture there. More on his excellent novel "The Maya Apocalypse".

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