WEDNESDAY 12-19-2012 Guests include Jenny Fouracre (big Pizza falls under Obamacare) Lt. Mike Budreau, Crimestoppers, Dennis Richardson "Campus Responders".

Dec 19, 2012 -- 5:29am

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6:15 –Jenny Fouracre-Petko represents Domino’s and the American Pizza Community.  Did you know that New Years Eve is the biggest night of the year for pizza companies? This year, you may be getting your pizza with extra regulation whether you like it or not. As the government continues to unpack the Obamacare bill, an obscure regulation was found that will costs small business owners thousands of dollars a year. Menus and calorie counts...LOTS of them.

7:35 Lt. Mike Budreau, Crimestoppers

8:10 Rep. Dennis Richardson, and more on his "Campus Responders". (read the newsletter) Here's his interview from CNN earlier this week.



Thoughtful email from Paul Prinsen re the Connecticutt shootings.

Hi Bill,
I am unable to set this horror in Connecticut aside, especially because it was so preventable. I was so glad to hear the voice of reason in your interview with State Representative Richardson. The solution is not difficult, but the political will is not only lacking, it gains in power by not solving this problem.
This reluctance or inability of those in power to realize that the reality of the present time has changed is unfortunately nothing new.
In 1985 Hiram Maxim invented the machine gun. It was, though reluctantly, adopted by the British, Germans, Russians and several more governments. The British gained experience with this new weapon in the Matabele war in Africa in which 50 British soldiers with 4 machine guns prevailed over an attack by 5000 Matabele warriors. With this experience under their belt, you would think that the British would update their mode of warfare. Unbelievable as it is, the British, in World War I used the same true and tried tactical methods which led to the success at Waterloo, one hundred years earlier: “Fix bayonet and charge.” The number of casualties as a result should not only be counted as one of the worst war crimes in history, but AGAINST ONES OWN FORCES to boot!
Government is reliably the last to realize change and when they think they do, you get Solyndra as a result.
We live in a different America today; this is not your father’s Buick. This is no longer a Christian nation, guided by the Ten Commandments, or the watered down version: the golden rule. To an increasing number, a human life is no longer deemed to be of inestimable value, but a tree or dolphin may be so.  We reel in horror about the ancient Mayans who sacrificed fair maidens to appease the gods, but most of us think nothing of abortion to better the chances of the mother to gain a bright future. Euthanasia can now be mentioned in polite company.  Entertainment technology has so advanced and gaming has become so realistic that the difference between reality and fiction has become blurred. Add to this the tremendous level of tactical skill acquired thru hours of gaming as well as the desensitizing to killing people. Or paint ball. Ever more people are now diagnosed and treated for mental disorders with powerful psychotropic drugs, some with frightening possible side effects, like the total obliteration of the normal human reluctance to harm others. To be “off your meds” has taken its place in the vocabulary.Education is largely value neutral: What may be true for you, need not be true for me. What you sow, you reap. The chickens (of death) have come home to roost.
This is the new normal. That should have been obvious after Columbine. But no, this country has suffered thru many more of these grotesque horrors, Connecticut being the latest.
I salute State Representative Richardson for stating the obvious and getting the discussion going.
I am, however, afraid that the complicating issue here two fold. The socialist “Government is the solution to all ills” and by extension we can not trust non-deputized/non-authorized/non-unionized citizens, one and other in fact, for any function usurped by government, security falling squarely  in this category. Second, disarming the citizens increases the power of those that govern, like Obama, Schumer, Bloomberg et al.
Unfortunately we will loose our rights, or be forced to give them up, whichever way you look at it –and- many more will die in “gun free” slaughter houses, like malls, schools, etc.
My message to superintendent Long: If some tragedy like this happens here, blood will be on your hands.You will be remembered as a coward for all eternity. For the careers politicians, well, they have their priorities and the lives of our children do not factor in; power does.
May the Lord have mercy on us all!

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