TUESDAY 12-18-2012 Guests are James Hirsen on media violence, Rep. Sal Esquivel, and Dr. Dennis Powers with this week's "Visiting Past and Present" segment.

Dec 18, 2012 -- 5:49pm

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Given the Sandy Hook Shootings story, I've felt it important to watch Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reily show to see how the "power elite" wishes to define acceptable levels of discourse regarding the second amendment. Bill is skilled at his job, and can be very entertaining. That being said, he's no lover of liberty. In my opinion, if you want to know what mainstream authority wants you to think, you'll hear it on O'Reily.

For example, last night, Bernie Goldberg says people "want the AR-15's in order to resist the government". O'Reilly chalks it up to "right wing paranoia, the founders put the 2nd A in because they were worried about the government turning oppressive back then". (as if it couldn't happen today) Then he tosses off "Hey, if Barack Obama sends soldiers to your home, the assault weapons won't help you, the troops will go in the homes no matter what. Oh, well THAT makes rolling over on second amendment rights and accepting a White House gun grab okay, huh?

O'Reilly and others mention the 2nd amendment being there so you can defend yourself...kind of true, but NONE will come down with the real reason founders wanted this - the people were meant to be well armed enough to resist the government...a right to revolution. No doubt that wouldn't pass muster with Rupert Murdoch's globalist sympathies, so don't count on hearing that promoted often on FNC, now that they fired the Judge.

On today's show, Bill O. indicated he would support AR-15 owners having to register with the FBI "so they know where these guns are".  And additionally,  "How Did Adam Lanza's mother get an assault rifle?" (Uh, by getting a background check and buying it?)

That even the so-called conservative FOX people refer to the AR as an assault rifle shows the influence of the power elite agenda. An AR is merely a semi-automatic rifle that looks like a military machine gun, and that's it. I'll continue to ring the bell over these power elite talking heads who say "I believe in the second amendment BUT..." They are little more than constitutional quislings, and are not to be trusted, nor are they "looking out for you".


7:10 James Hirsen - New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor.  Today we talk about Media Violence and the Connecticut Shootings.

7:35 State Rep. Sal Esquivel calls on the issues, Nike Bill, gun story.

8:10 – Dr. Dennis Powers is in studio “Visiting Past and Present” (

The Grants Pass Cavemen

By Dennis Powers

The Grants Pass Cavemen date back to the initial development of the Oregon Caves. In 1922, the completion of the road there (now Highway 46) from Redwood Highway (Hwy. 199) allowed the general public to visit. With access so established, the Forest Service (later the National Park Service) granted a concession to the Oregon Caves Company for accommodations and guide services that’s still in effect. Grants Pass businessmen financed the lodging and staff to run the resort, while the Forest Service provided oversight and infrastructure (i.e., the cave lighting, trails, and a water system).

That summer a few Chamber of Commerce members showed up at a luncheon meeting wearing animal skins and long straggly wigs. Fellow members laughed as the group proclaimed their dominion over the country--and their home, the Oregon Caves. The group agreed that this would be a fine way to promote tourism in Josephine County. In October 1922, “Oregon Cavemen, Inc. of Grants Pass, Oregon” was officially incorporated.

Wearing their caveman furs, wielding burly clubs, and scowling as Neanderthals, the list of their impromptu event interruptions became legendary--with national recognition. Accompanied by their Cave Queen and Princesses, the cavemen performed “uncivilized” acts, such as capturing female crowd members and politicians, then imprisoning them in a rustic cage towed by a pickup truck. The Cave Queen and Princesses would appease any upset women by giving them polished stones as mementos or just freeing them with smiles. The group became braver and even stormed the stage during one Broadway musical performance (“Hellzapoppin”) to the onlookers’ surprise.       

With this promotion, organizers typically didn't care if their event was interrupted, especially given the promotion of Josephine County. As often, this improved the event. In 1948 Governor Dewey of New York was running for President against Harry Truman. At a scheduled Grants Pass campaign speech, the bus carrying Dewey arrived downtown--but with numerous Cavemen who then “arranged” for the governor’s release after the pre-arranged hijacking. Even the Soviet newspaper Pravda ran the story of Dewey’s cavemen-capture, but wrote that this was a protest against the Wall Street “Moneygogs.”

One-thousand folks in 1960 lined for a mile along Highway 199, as they awaited the formal ground-breaking for the Oregon Mountain Tunnel. When state officials headed to the platform to give their dedications, a pack of ape-men suddenly appeared with clubs, guttural sounds, and fierce scowls. After “discussions”, the ape-leader drew a large “X” on the wooden platform that the speaker’s stand was on. Once the Grants Pass Cavemen had given their needed approval, the tunnel dedication could be finalized—and construction was then able to begin.  

Cavemen events ranged from blocking traffic to bidding on constructing the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge (at a cost of 23,756,000 deer hides) and initiating politicians into their club, including Mark Hatfield, Dewey, and other notables from Shirley Temple to Dennis Day. During their most active years, the Oregon--Grants Pass Cavemen name (by survey) was known by one of every ten people in the United States.

To honor the group, the 18-foot, fiberglass Caveman statue was built and dedicated in 1971. When exiting I-5 to downtown, it’s the first thing seen in front of the Chamber of Commerce building. The caveman is not only the mascot for Grants Pass High School, but businesses from towing companies and bowling alleys to auto parts, the bridge, and municipal swimming pool use “Caveman” in their name.

Although the group still meets regularly for lunch, it has been inactive in their public exploits for over fifteen years--a victim of potential liability, aging members, and a society that puts more premium on Facebook, computer websites, and political correctness. But don’t be surprised if you see them one day at a Josephine County event. Or if you are captured.

See Michael Oak’s, “Historical Society of Josephine County: Oregon Cavemen,” at Historical Society Write-Up. Also, Bill Miller’s “Collier’s Impossible Hole in the Mountain,” Medford Mail Tribune, November 21, 2010, at Tunnel Dedication





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