WEDNESDAY 12-12-2012 The Clackamas shootings, HSBC Scandal, SWAT van talk w/the chief, Nike's Sweetheart tax deal requested..

Dec 12, 2012 -- 5:22pm

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Bill's Stream of Consciousness..

Chief Tim George was in studio with Lt. Budreau from MPD, and after discussing the Clackamas shootings, talk turned to the SWAT van purchase. He said the vehicle will be put to good use, and bottom line is a reliable, durable piece of metal that will keep officers and public safe. As to my concerns over the militarization of civilian police departments? He says the old vehicles actually were of military origin, while the new Lenco Bearcats are of civilian design and manufacture. Yes, the JCSO has a similar vehicle. My concern is not the vehicle as much as the message sent by all our police departments by use and deployment tactics of said vehicle. We'll see....

Predictable comments on today against private citizen ownership and use of guns in the wake of the Clackamas shootings. I'm amazed how trusting our liberal friends are of government agents with guns. Misplaced trust, I might add. Governments have a history of  murdering way more of their own people than individual crazed shooters could ever hope to kill.


6:35 Dr. Jerome Corsi, WND.COM, and the topic is the HSBC money laundering scandal, the 1.9 billion dollar fine, and what a joke it is in light of the heights of criminal evidence brought to bear. Perhaps the darker side of governments need banks like this for the drug laundering acts?  Makes you wonder...

7:10 Steve Vincent, Avista Utilities, but here today in his capacity as the founder of Southern Oregon Angel Investment Network. Tomorrow they're conducting a seminar at Bingham Knoll in J'Ville to help budding business people create and stick to a business plan, and compete for Angel Investment Dollars for next year. Read more...

7:35 Lt. Budreau and Chief Tim George from MPD on Crimestoppers, Swat van purchase, Clackamas shootings.

8:10 State Rep. Dennis Richardson, (website) topic is the Nike sweetheart tax deal proposed by the governor. Why not treat ALL businesses well here, not just the big well-connected ones, huh?


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