TUESDAY 12-11-2012 A lot of conversation on women influincing the culture, Violence against Women Act causes more problems than it solves, No Fiscal Cliff, really an entitlement cliff.

Dec 11, 2012 -- 12:46pm

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Unionized Michigan workers (see video below) take to the streets because they'll no longer be forced to send money to their union in order to work. With right to work in play, they're MORE FREE, free to support or not support the union and its political agendas. And they're complaining.  Next, I'd like a "right to live" law. That's when you decide whether or not to send money to the GOVERNMENT.


6:35 Robert Franklin is a Houston attorney and spokesman for Presumed Innocent. His organization Stop Abusive & Violent Environments fights the Violence Against Women Act, which Robert says presumes you're guilty, rather than innocent.

8:35 Tad DeHaven, Cato Institute - Fiscal Cliff is Really an Entitlement Cliff


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