THURSDAY 11-08-2012 - How the Media helped "O", Bringing more venture capital to the valley, and Will R. weighs in on the election and the dollar.

Nov 08, 2012 -- 11:31am

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On Rush's show today, he took a listener to the woodshed over admitting he "won't vote for a moderate republican". I'd defend that conservative caller to the core. Every time conservatives have been told to suck it up and vote for safe moderates, they either lose, or the government problem gets worse.

So, why did 3 million republicans not vote in the last election?

1) Ron Paul supporters told to get screwed. (even though that's where the party's future lies)

2) Conservatives told to get screwed and vote for a muddling big-government moderate.

3) More than a few evangelicals telling the GOP to get screwed because they wouldn't vote for a Mormon for president.

BTW, Obama's vote numbers were down 9 million, close to 14 percent less than 2008. Romney's vote totals were 3 million less than John McCain's. Some of this is due to Hurricane Sandy, but not all of it. It's obvious that the people were ready to turn the President out, but Mitt Romney wasn't able to "close the deal".

Demographics are shifting, for sure, but you can take my 3 reasons to the political bank. Oh, and the GOP immigration policy "problem" eveyone is bleating about is a red herring.


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GUEST INFORMATION for 11-08-2012

6:35 Rich Noyes, Media Research Center, FNC piece "Five Ways Mainstream Media Tipped the Race to Obama's Favor".

7:35 Maurice Gunderson, managing director of Earth Energy Ventures in Orinda, CA. He's one of the speakers at next week's Sustainable Valley Technology Group's "Sustainable Acceleration To Infinity and Beyond". It's a venture capital forum and dinner, from 5:30 to 8:30 11/14 in the Stevenson Union at SOU. It's about attracting more investment and opportunity to the valley. $40 per person, dinner and wine are catered. Register online at SOREDI.ORG.

8:10 WIll Reishman, Strategic Financial, 541-773-7774, talk today on the election and the dollar, and where the money will flow.

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