THURSDAY 11-01-2012 We talk Supreme Court choices in the balance, Jeff Scroggin is here, Curt Ankerberg, running for city council Ward 1, Rae Kopitka explains more on getting the county in the woods, Tom Gresham and firearms freedom.

Nov 01, 2012 -- 1:35pm

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Interesting news from Jackson County, which is doing a government-to-government agreement with Josephine County to get adult immunizations up for Flu and Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis shots. (The Tdap shot)

It just so happens I went to RVMC, and part of the treatment regimen was big-time pressure for me to get a tetanus shot. . I asked if they could give me just tetanus. Oh no, it's got to be the big government pharma phalanx - Flu, tetanus, diptheria, and pertusis all-in-one.

I passed on the shot, as I've read of research questioning the drive to shove multiple shots into one dose, increasing the inflammatory effects of an immunization. One can wonder if the youngsters who have trouble with the shots are in fact having problems with more multi-immunizations being shoved into more and more shots overall...The schedule we got when I was a kid was much less intense.


6:35 Bob Numbers, North Carolina Attorney. His Column details why he thinks the presidential choice is most important regarding Supreme Court picks.
7:10 Jeff Scroggins for County Commissioner
7:35 Curt Ankerberg, running for Medford City Council Ward 1
8:10 Rae Kopitka, National Constitutional Sheriffs Association, commenting on today's Mail Tribune Story referencing the NCSA's drive to pull more control of public lands back to the county.
8:45 Tom Gresham, host of our Gun Talk Show, Sundays 11-2.


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