THURSDAY 10-25-2012 Lots of discussion today, GP assault, DNC vote scandal, Bev Harris with Black Box questions the count, Jeff Scroggin talks his candidacy, and David Orr kicks around his run for Jackson Cty Judge.

Oct 25, 2012 -- 2:34pm

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Measure 77 - NO -  Gives governor constitutional authority to declare "catastrophic disaster", he already has "statutory authority".  This gives too much power to the governor to overide legislative spending choices. It's being sold as what's needed in case of terrorism.  We've survived as a state without having a terrorist-induced dictator law, we can do without this.

Measure 78 - YES - Cleans up language in the constitution - A benign "housekeeping" amendment.

Measure 79 - YES - Prohibits government trying to assess a real estate transfer tax. We don't have one right now (except in one city up north) but as coffers empty, government will come calling. (Note the calls for a real estate transfer tax in bankrupt San Bernardino, CA).

Measure 80 - YES - Cannabis tax, allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation. I'm not in favor of "altered states", and this is not a perfect law by any means. Still, being in favor of personal liberty requires I vote in favor of this. It's time to end the war on plants and substances which fed and state governments don't like. The war on drugs is truly a war on the people.

Measure 81 - NO - Prohibits non-tribal fishing with gillnets. Even supporters say vote against this, as Gov. Kitzhaber is negotiating a settlement. Basically a war against commercial salmon, and a boon to tribal fishing.

Measure 82 - YES - Authorizes privately owned casinos, mandates percentage of revenues to state fund. Indian tribes don't like this, it means competition for their casinos, and our lottery. Personal liberty says it should be permitted here. Communities would be able to approve or reject a casino in their area.

Measure 83 - a weak YES - Authorizes "The Grange" Casino up north. A weak yes, only because some tell me they think this gives this private casino a jump on the competitition. Vote your conscience.

Measure 84 - YES - Phases out inheritance tax. I can't think of a more immoral tax than the death tax. You have property or business, worked to build it. It's already been taxed, and then it's taxed again because you die? B.S., I say.

Measure 85 - NO - Allocates corporate income tax "kicker" refund to K-12 education.  Yep, that's how it's sold..."For the children". It just goes into the general fund, so Deep-Six this turkey.

Filed under "What the Hell is Wrong With People"? They were going to have a garage sale and give stuff away, Craiglist Pigs strip EVERYTHING from the home. I know, they were stupid in how they worded the ad, but still...makes me advocate for lethal force for protecting property.


James O'Keefe, Project Veritas, they're video-stinging the corrupt politicians BIG time.

7:10 Bev Harris, Black Box  Can you trust the vote count?

7:35 Jeff Scroggin, candidate for county commissioner discusses the issues.

8:40 David Orr, running for Jackson County District Court Judge. visit his site

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