TUESDAY 10-16-2012 White City, to "City", or not, Sal Esquivel Guests, we look at Patton's faith, your calls and opinion, getting set for the debate.

Oct 16, 2012 -- 5:51am

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Glenn Beck creates a new line of "Made In America" Jeans

129.99 per pair.  Are you biting?


7:10 Tony Rigg, fighting the White City Incorporation measure. 

7:35 State Rep. Sal Esquivel talks the constitutional sheriffs event, DEQ reform

8:10 Michael Keane, author of "Patton: Blood, Guts, and Prayer". Interesting take that goes way beyond the cartoon character usually put forward about the WWII general great.

And if you missed it from yesterday - "MINER DAVE EVERIST" Sentenced - Miner Dave Everist called me today - His sentence, just handed down, includes 30 days in the hole, starting November 1st, 3 years probation with no mining on BLM or Forest Service land. $1000 fine, but $800 of it he won't have to pay if he complies. Restitution for the disposal of his trailer, too. He's convicted of "illegal occupation". Funny, that's the phrase which comes to mind as I look upon a sea of alphabet soup agencies and administrative courts eating the seed corn of our land.

One of the challenges facing Dave, and other constitutionalists like him, is we're past the time of working within the system. The constitution is a dead letter, and many Americans give tacit permission, and their silence is purchased with entitlements and benefits. It'll last for a while longer, until the bond markets force disruption upon the status quo which funds this strange administrative state. This is not about the rule of law, it's more correctly termed the exercise of power.

speaking of Constituion - JAMES BUCHAL, at Saturday's "Restore America" Rally.

Imagine - an Attorney General who believes the constitution says what it means, and means what it says.

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