WEDNESDAY 10-10-2012 Guests are Knute Buehler, Mike Budreau, Rep. Dennis Richardson, along with FD5 Chief Dan Marshall.

Oct 10, 2012 -- 2:02pm

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Lee and Colleen from Lost Creek send me the first Pumpkin Pic of the season!

Two Contrasting looks at voting I talked about this morning, and here are the source articles - Devvy Kidd - "Don't Vote in November - An Irresponsible Message", and Ellen Finnigan with a diferent take: "The Lesser of Two Evils" (Still evil). I'm more a pragmatist with a vote against Obama, but hold no illusions that Romney is a "restore the republic" kind of guy. It's strictly a "defensive" vote.

That being said, does voting for either of the two big government candidates give that system legitimacy? A case can certainly be made that it does.

Yet another question: If it is important that we all vote, is it okay to vote third party? (I can hear the partisans screaming ;-)


7:10 Knute Buehler Secretary of State Candidate - - Good talk on the campaign, issues, pers reforms

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Mike Budreau\

8:10 Rep Dennis Richardson breaks down the Buehler plan for PERS reform, plus Dennis's trip to FrontSite.

8:35 FD5 Chief Dan Marshall talks of measure 15-112, the 1.8 million dollar bond levy to replace fire equipment. 

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