TUESDAY 10-09-2012 guests include Cong. Greg Walden, education innovatgor Salman Khan, Greg Roberts talks elk herd and hunting issues, Bill Robertson says "no" to 15-112.

Oct 09, 2012 -- 2:31pm

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Last night Linda and I were guests at Bruce and Nancy Hough of Jacksonville. They founded "Mobility Unlimited", a wonderful non-profit which helps workers with mobility problems stay employed and indepenedent. (mobilityunlimited.org) One of their fundraisers is "Iron Chef Jacksonville". It was really fun, and I got to be a judge!  The secret ingredient? Fennel! Two chefs competed - Chef Chris from 38th Central, and Chef Trey from the RV Country Club.

One of Chef Chris's dishes was a fennel and roast nectarine salad. (I could eat this all day, hope it makes it to 38 Central's menu:

Chef Trey dazzled us with his Scallop Fennel BLT, and Fennel Fries

The voting was very close, and Chef Trey won the competition by 9 points out of a possible 220. Gotta' tell you, we're going to be going to both places, as these guys are OUTSTANDING.


6:15 Congressman Greg Walden promotes a cybersecurity conference at RCC this morning.

6:50 Salman Khan, hedge fund manager, now founder of the Khan Academy, the world's movst-visited online education source. His new book explains it all "The One World School House: Education Reimagened"

7:10 Greg Roberts from RogueWeather.com breaks down new hunting rules, elk herds, 25 dollar fines if you don't tell the state how your hunt went.

8:10 Bill Robertson, former FD5 board member, coming out against Measure 15-112, a 3-year levy for FD5.

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