TUESDAY 10-02-2012 topics include the president's union bosses, Sal Esquivel dips into the methadone clinic issue, Carl Worden from the SOM says the Joshua Brewer lawsuit is coming soon against the city of Medford.

Oct 02, 2012 -- 5:42pm

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Was reading in the Trib that some 2200 homeowners here will share in the "Big 5 Banks" foreclosure lawsuit. These are folks who lost their home due to foreclosure. The more I think about it, why does any bank have title to any home? Think about it. Most of the time banks aren't "lending out depositors money" to make a loan on a home. The Federal Reserve Bank ultimately borrows the money into existence for all these loans. Banks didn't mine gold, or labor to add value to some raw material...They funneled money created into existence by magic, claim an interest in the property, and demand interest on the re-payment. Fiat money - pretty cool, very fraudulent at its core.

Examine how the banking system works - Fiat fractional-reserve banking says if a bank has 1 dollar in reserve, it's allowed to lend out 10. If you or I were to try this, it's called counterfeiting. In the financial world, when done by a bank or financial service, it's termed "monetary policy". This is also why the entire world financial system is somewhat wobbly.


6:35 Mallory Factor, author of "Shadow Bosses" - we focus on ObamaCare’s secret plot to unionize 21 million healthcare workers (less than 10% are unionized today). This will be one of Barack Obama’s second-term gifts to the unions in return for their crucial support in passing and defending the legislation. 

7:35 State Representative Sal Esquivel - today's conversation around the controversy over a local methadone clinic's location.

8:10 Carl Worden, liason officer for the Southern Oregon Militia, and he breaks down the details of the Josh Brewer Case. Josh's felony conviction on marijuana growing in connection with a 2009 arrest, has been completely thrown out by the Oregon Attorney's General Department, which issued a "Confession of Error" in the case early this year. Now, Worden says Brewer will be filing a suit against MPD, and the City of Medford, and there will be no confidential settlement.

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