THURSDAY 09-20-2012 Today we talk fast and furious development, Measures 82 and 85, James Rawles of discusses surviving disaster/collapse.

Sep 20, 2012 -- 1:34pm

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Been discussing a lot lately how Social Security,as our primary retirement Ponzi, is unsustainable. What do you think would change if it collapsed, was inflated into worthlessness, or was weaned away over time? (BTW, I'm assuming the 12.5 percent theft the government takes from you, ends)

I imagine one effect would be a reversing of the modern trend of families living apart by hundreds, if not thousands of miles. Perhaps more inter-generational setups. - "Good night Grandpa. Good Night John-Boy."

It could happen - Look at how successful President Obama has been in turning 2-paycheck households into 1-paycheck households. PRESTO, you're a stay at home parent!

Just in case you were tired of that boring, old-fashioned Red, White, and Blue...

($35 at Obama For America....I'm getting my credit card out right now...okay, maytbe not...)


6:35 Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America, the latest Fast and Furious Developments, the resignation of 2 lower level officials.

7:10 Tyrone Reitman HealthyDemocracy.Org, home of the Oregon Citizen's Initiative. Go HERE to read the non-partisan analysis of Measure 82 (casinos) and Measure 85 (corporate kicker goes to K-12 schools)

8:10 James Wesley Rawles,, and we talk prepping, what you need to know to survive, and his new novel "Founders". Great book, MUST-READ website.

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