MONDAY 09-17-2012 We discuss the Libyan and middle east situation - caused by the movie, really? Medford Pool, fighing hunger, and what the Fed action of last week means for you.

Sep 17, 2012 -- 12:27pm

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Another one worth stealing and sharing!

The best line: "It's important to destroy their sense of individualism while they're still young". (Government schoo's job? ;-)


7:10 Councilman John Michaels and Heidi Hill from the City of Medford, more on the pool levy and need. More at

7:35 Phillip Yates, ACCESS, Mayors United to Fight Hunger happening Saturday 4-7pm at Bigham Knoll in Jacksonville. 

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powres (website) talks the biggest fish story, and a lot of your calls on the Fed action from last week.

The Largest Chinook of All Time—Caught On a Fly (And other Rogue River Stories)

By Dennis Powers

In 2002, Grant Martinsen of Grants Pass was fishing for salmon on the lower Rogue River with flies, when he hooked and fought a huge fall chinook salmon. Owing to excellent feed conditions and controversial cutbacks in ocean commercial seasons, a number of salmon caught that year were in the 50- to 60-pound range, including a 66-pound fall chinook caught that August by a bank angler who was casting a spinner.

A retired biology teacher and football coach, Martinsen waited for his fly to sink after a cast, “felt a bite and a few head-shakes” before setting the hook. The fish surged downstream and the contest between fish and man was on. As he fought the salmon, it quickly became apparent that it was huge and he had a standard-sized net. A fly-fisherman nearby yelled to Martinsen that he had an oversized boat net and could help out. The two fishermen worked together and finally brought the salmon in.

When Martinsen dropped his pickup truck’s tailgate at a Gold Beach fishing store, passing motorists began hitting their brakes when they saw the huge tail that was hanging out. People filled the parking lot as they pulled out their cell phones and started taking pictures. Once weighed, the 4-foot-long salmon hit the scales at 71-1/2 pounds, beating the old record for fly-casters set 15 years ago by 8 pounds. When the media frenzy began, Martinsen took off on a hunting trip.

And another huge fish caught on the Rogue: “The Joy of Fishing”--shown on numerous Pacific Northwest television stations--documented a huge white sturgeon that was caught and released. While fishing for “6 -7 foot green sturgeon” and admiring the blue herons, sunshine, and black bears, a large fish was hooked. The very rare white sturgeon surfaced in the first ten minutes “to have a look and size them up”, but then headed back down. Wayne Van Burger fought the giant for two hours, his rod snapped in two as it surfaced, and Wayne and his friend, Denny, had to “hand-line” the sturgeon to their boat’s side. It was estimated as being “at least half the length of Denny’s 24-foot boat.” After a quick release, the monster swam away--and you can see the images at the link provided below.    

There are other tales--some not so verified--on huge Rogue River fish caught, or not caught. And the stories are there.  

Mark Freeman, “Caught on the Fly”, Medford Mail Tribune: Our Valley, April 17, 2011, pg. 24 - 28. See also, “Seventy-One Pound Chinook,” at; For the sturgeon, see:

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