THURSDAY 09-13-2012 We discuss Mitt's dismal campaign, your opinion of the same, violence in the Middle East, the corrupting influence of federal grants on our local governments, Dr. Joel Wallach in studio - get healthy through nutrition.

Sep 13, 2012 -- 5:37am

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Welcome to "Vichy County", Oregon.

Yet another local government "winning" our money back at the trough of "Federal Pigsty Inc". (FAA Grant to Pay for Most of Airport Fixes) All these grants disgust me to the core, yet I'm probably in the minority. How will we ever regain a spirit of independence and generate wealth with this "go to Uncle Sugar" mentality? I know, I know, EVERYONE'S doing it, but that doesn't make it  right.

From the Trib article: "It's nice we're able to accomplish this without county general funds," said Commissioner John Rachor, who also serves as the county's airport liaison." Yep, that's all that matters.  Our area is such a suck-up to the fed funding fount. No wonder there's no real "going to the mat" over the lockup of natural resources for our economy. No wonder there's no real fight against federal police state encroachment. Our local government's silence and cooperation is bought and paid for via the federal grant.

Every grant we take has strings, makes us poorer overall (40 cents+ of every dollar is borrowed) reduces local control, and corrupts our local governments. These grants give the illusion of "something for nothing", and it grows government beyond which could normally be supported. If we had to live on our wealth generating capability, we'd be demanding REAL change. As it is, the County's take is "Hey, we're keeping the services going, and we're well-run, don't rock the boat - Uncle Sam might pull a grant - or worse."

This is  welfare for local governments, and just as in welfare which goes directly to individuals, it's corrupting to the core.

Obesity the NUMBER ONE threat to national security? So says the First Lady.

Meanwhile, NYC's city council votes 8-0 to approve Mayor Nazi Bloomberg's edict to prohibit the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. God Bless the U.S.A.


6:35 Fmr. Congressman John LeBouttlier, co-host of Fox News Channel's Campaign Insiders. John's Website is HERE. We talk about how all three of the hosts believe Mitt Romney's campaign is in serious trouble, and what can be done to correct course.

7:45 Rich Miniter, author of "Leading From Behind", breaks down the violence in the Middle East this week, and how the President's leadership "style" contributed to the carnage.

8:25 Dr. Joel Wallach, Naturopathic Physician, appearing TONIGHT, 6:30 pm at Kids Unlimited on Riverside in Medford. This appearance is free! He's the author of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", and his business is focused on people healing their bodies through proper nutrition.

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