TUESDAY 09-11-2012 We discuss the war on meat, Cow Creek Tribe goes to battle against the Coquille Tribe's plan for a Medford Casino, State Rep. Sal Esquivel, and Medford City Council candidate Curt Ankerberg goes to war against the good old boys.

Sep 11, 2012 -- 8:05pm

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Interesting - Infowars.com has this story about a 16-year old who produces a Ron Paul video decrying the police state. He does this for a school project, gets an A+, and then government agents "visit" him. Yep, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, advocating for liberty STILL means you're quite possibly with the "terrists". Read the Source Story.

What concerns me most about the U.S.A. post-9/11, is how we're fighting terrorists who would blow up and try and take down our country by treating ALL Americans like people who are trying to blow up and take down our country.


6:15 Dan Gainor, Business and Media Institute - he takes ABC to the woodshed over the pink slime meat story, says it cost the meat industry a half billion dollars and thousands of jobs.

7:35 State Rep. Sal Esquivel previews this week's committee meetings, and possible legislation on the way, weighs in on the Medford casino issue, too.

8:10 Curt Ankerberg, CPA, and candidate for Ward 1 Medford City Council. We talk the pool, taxes, MURA, fighting "the good old boy network", how he says the taxpayers are ripped off in the city, and what he would do about it if elected..


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