THURSDAY 08-30-2012 topics include Ryan's speech, investing in "no evil", helping the troops in Afghanistan, will Romney/Ryan "Man-up" to the financial problems if elected.

Aug 30, 2012 -- 3:30pm

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PICTURE OF THE DAY - H/T to Jeff Painter


6:35 Byce and Darin Thornton - Bryce is a life scout, now going for his Eagle Scout project, which is sending hundreds of "Care Packages" to military in Afghanistan. You know the drill, toiletries, candies, jerkies, things which make life more enjoyable. We're collecting them here at KMED, 3624 Avion Drive, also Valley Feed and Supply 112 S. Royal in Eagle Point. Rainey's Corner, 4865 Hwy 234 in Sam's Valley. We need it all by September 30th. More info at

7:10 Art Ally, President of the "Timothy Fund", a Christian-Based mutual fund which doesn't invest in "cultural polluters. Today we talk about Bill Gates' support of population controls. More on

8:10 Will Reishman, Strategic Financial, 541-773-7774. How are world finances, and will Romney/Ryan "Man-Up" to the problems if elected. Will's site where he posts articles of interest is


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