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Feb 07, 2014 -- 5:47pm

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GOP says "NO IMMIGRATION DEAL" (opinion)

Yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner said immigration reform is probably not going to happen before the midterm elections in November. Ostensibly, he blamed it on not believing President Obama would "properly enforce" any immigration law that Congress passed. Of course the real reason is how immigration is the "hot potato" rift between conservative R's, and the RINO mainstreamers.

Meanwhile, the media is schooling the GOP to get in line with immigration reform "for our own good". Friday night, Fox's Bill O'Reilly says FNC poll indicates 68% want a "Pathway to Citizenship" for illegals.

I'd counter with: "We already have one. It's called go back home & apply".

One of the biggest lies uncritically repeated in the media and government is "The immigration system is broken". No, it's not. We don't even know if it's truly "broken", given the powerful have made the decision to not enforce existing law. It's folly to think that another phalanx of laws not enforced will all of a sudden cure the ills of not enforcing current laws. If I were to have any of the existing 12-20 million illegals on a "fast track to citizenship", it would be the children brought here by parents only. Parents and other relatives? Sorry, back of the line, MAYBE a green card.

That republican radio ad touting "secure the border, pay fines, learn English?" What a joke. Oh yeah, ACORN workers become the language cops, etc. My gut says Boehner's recent announcement is merely a head fake. Watch for it.


7:10 Dan Gainor, Culture and Media Institute, NBC covers gay law problems in Russia, ignores Christians mrdered and pushed out of Syria, other parts of the Middle East.

7:35 State Senator Bates talks Cover Oregon troubles, other legislative issues for the week.

8:10 Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation updates us on Thursday's hearing on Sen. Floyd Prozanski's gun bill, universal background check, registration. Testifying with Kevin was an amazingly passionate Manny Martinez, Cuban refugee, who has witnessed what happens when governments disarm the people. Watch it, please!


8:40 Dale Matthews at, and now JoCo government claims asking for documents about their meeting "rules", is "intimidating". Yep, looks to me like JoCo wants to selectively shut down Dale, for sure. Here's one incident Dale and I discussed.



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