TUESDAY 02-04-2014

Feb 03, 2014 -- 6:26pm

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Interesting recent interview with NSA leaker Edward Snowden. It's not getting a lot of play in the United States, and is reportedly being taken down by YouTube. He has some strong words for just what the surveillance Feds are really doing.


6:35 President Obama's proposes to raise taxes on the oil and gas sectors. What's the real eEconomic impact of oil and gas sector versus renewable energy sector? Guest is Jack Rafuse – Former White House energy adviser and current principal of the Rafuse Organization http://www.jackrafuse.com/

7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel on the session, gun bill, what's up in Salem.

7:35 Dale Matthews, Bad County.com, Jo Co working to make it tough to see videos of their public meetings.

8:45 BUSINESS SEGMENT - Richard Rogers, American Hearing Aid Systems, 3512 Excel Dr. Suite 111 in Medford, call 541-772-4365 and set up your free hearing exam. Topic today is how waaaaaaaaaay more folks know someone is losing their hearing before they "get it".

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