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Mail Tribune reporting today that regular unionized teachers are calling substitutes and asking if they're "supporting them", or in other words, not going to work if the main group goes on strike.  Funny, when the Mafia does stuff like that it's called "intimidation".  Here in Medford, it's "Labor Policy", I guess.

There is SO much delusion between the negotiating parties. The government schools here are putting out an arguably inferior product. We're number 40 or 44 in student accomplishment, depending on who you talk to.  If a private sector business had this kind of track record, it would have closed shop years ago. 

Current total compensation in the current contract is just a bit less that $93,000 for an average teacher. 549C wants it at $101K right now, rising to $105K total by 2015. You MUST use total compensation, otherwise the teachers whine about low salaries, conveniently forgetting the millionaire pension for PERS Tier 1, in addition to the gold-plated benefit package. 

In this economy, it's a good deal. Naturally the teachers are trying to hold on to the delusional early-retirement quit at 57 and sponge off taxpayers for insurance until Medicare's age 65. Knock it off, guys.

The proposed district plan looks like a big pay increase, from 93 to $101,000 total compensation. The reason for this is the district wants the "6% PERS pickup", which it has been paying, to fall on the employee. Good for them. This is what the board did with administration's big pay raise last year. Give them a salary boost, but from now on, the 6% extra contribution comes from the worker. Effectively, they'll get it back, when taking the "millionaire's pension."

BTW, I call it "millionaire's pension" because in the private sector, most Tier 1 retirees would need AT LEAST 1 million dollars in the annuity plan to guarantee spinning off their lifetime retirement. Last time I checked my retirement? Oh, wait, there's nothing like that there...But people like you and me work forever to guarantee PERS folks. It won't end well, if the strike over these delusional benefits.

Hold fast, and stick to your guns,  549C board. If you truly care for the kids, and you want to hire more teachers, and decrease class size, you must  hold current salaries and benefits growth in check.

I admit it, I'm a train "geek". Here's a wonderful video from "Abandoned Steve", who took some great shots at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum in Strasburg, PA.

There's such a raw, industrial beauty to these old machines.

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