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Jan 16, 2014 -- 4:29pm

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Curt Ankerberg files a complaint last month with Medford Police, and he believes certain city council votes benefit "good old boys", and certain councilors should have recused themselves from voting. The example he brought up on today's show was Eli Matthews, who works for the Chamber of Commerce. (For the record, I have invited Eli on, so we're happy to get his side of it, if he so wishes.)

Curt asserts that Lithia interests are on the board of the Chamber, hence there is a thinly-veiled "influence" on the votes over The Commons, Red Lion, parking issues, etc.

Ankerberg also took aim at the big rezoning plan, and how councilmen Daniel Bunn's family would profit handsomely from the proposed zoning changes, boosting several "light industrial" parcels to "commercial" (more valuable) status.

We'll see where this goes, but in these cynical (justifiably imo) times, elected officials would do well to follow not only the LETTER of ethics law, but also the public perception "smell test" of their votes, and what they permit themselves to vote on.

I imagine this would mean politicians who work in banking, real estate, or other development-oriented businesses subject to council oversight, should be more aware of how their day jobs can color public perception of their government policies.

UPDATE: (Statment from Councilman Matthews)


Thanks for the email...

Statement: As you know I am always available to talk about real issues, currently I am running 12-15 hour days. Consequently, I have chosen not to give energy to these erroneous & strange conspiratorial claims. Yet, I would give a helpful recommendation to these type of people to please stop being destructive and divisive, but rather get involved in the process and serve constructively.


6:35 William Gheen from Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. William says Lindsey Graham inadvertently blows the whistle that he and people like him, (against amnesty) are "banned" from Fox News. Fair and balanced?? Go to the website for more.

7:10 Dale Matthews and Sandy Cassenelli (Site is BAD COUNTY DOT COM) More hijinks in JoCo government.

7:35 Curt Ankerberg, local CPA and citizen watchdog

8:10 John and Karin Dailey, organizing to get people involved in fighting the big rezoning issue w/the city of Medford.

8:45 Julian Cordle, CORE Business Services. Windows XP going away for good, better upgrade. 

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