THURSDAY 06-14-2012 We talk about an OSU prof fired for the global warming stance, the threats to Christianity, Curt Chancler with an update on his constitutional beefs, Will Reishman on the craziness in the money world, too.

Jun 14, 2012 -- 6:11pm


Early today I was discussing a story not getting a lot of play in the MSM. Dr. Nikolas Drapela from OSU was fired a number of days ago from the chemistry department. Sure appears he was canned for NOT going along with the human-caused global warming scam. (It's big research business at OSU)  The "Watts Up With That" blog has the whole story, and here's Dr. Drapela's presentation from a few years back. Yep, it makes a lot of sense.

GUEST INFORMATION for 06-14-2012

7:10  Darrow Miller, author of Emancipating the World. He says Christianity faces two powerful threats—Radical Islam from the east, and the moral relativism of atheism here at home. Miller explains why Christians must rethink and restore the Church’s fundamental mission—the Great Commission—in response to these threats.

7:35 Curt Chancler, U.S. Observer newspaper, and we continue to flesh out his drive to get a jury trial in county land use matters.

8:10 Will Reishman, Strategic Financial, (541-773-7774) and the latest on the money issues of the day.

8:45 Rogue River Lodge, on Hwy 62 just past Shady Cove. Newly remodeled (to the tune of more than 1 million dollars) Amazing food, Plated buffet dinner on Sundays, and this Sunday it's a special Father Day BBQ lunch. HERE'S THE INFO.

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