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7-1 to 7-2-2015

Jul 02, 2015 -- 3:28pm


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MONDAY 6-22-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

BILL'S VANAGON UPDATE - WOW, JUST WOW! The camper is all reassembled, looking sharp, and BETTER than when I first got it in 1982. Check out the pics!- THANKS TO THE CREW AT LITHIA BODY AND PAINT  FOR ALL THIS INCREDIBLE WORK!



6:35 Eric Baxter, Lead Counsel for the Becket Fund For Religious Liberty. Atheists go after WW2 memorial in Montana named "Big Jesus Mountain". Legal arguments are next week in Portland.

7:10 Dr. John Hardin, from the Charles G. Koch Foundation. Discussing how you get more free-market programs and institutes in higher ed.

8:10 Les Beckstead, new board chair of Oregon Connections Academy. Good talk about online schools, advantages, etc.

8:35 Eric Peters, Libertarian "Car Guy", (great site - and we talk cars and reviews - and check THIS monster of a car which you can buy this weekend!


CHECK OUT THE FUN WE HAD ON THE WATER! (It's going to be 108 degrees this weekend - time to hit the lakes or river, huh?)


6-22 to 6-26-2015

Jun 22, 2015 -- 4:53pm

CHECK OUT THE FUN WE HAD ON THE WATER! (It's going to be 108 degrees this weekend - time to hit the lakes or river, huh?)

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Past Shows and commentary at BLOG ARCHIVES.

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MONDAY 6-22-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com





6:15 Dr. Jay Richards, - We kick around Pope Francis and the global warming rant.

7:10 State Rep. Duane Stark

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau


6:40 Journalist Jim Marrs, author of Population Control.

7:1o State Rep. Sal Esquivel

7:35 Dale Matthews and Mike Jones from

8:10 Will Reishman from Strategic Financial - 541-773-7774


7:10 Captain Dan Penland with Jackson County Sheriffs - Topic is the jail!!

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, Visiting Past and Present - Wild and Scenic River history - post is below.

8:35 Ann Coulter, author of "Adios, America, The Left's Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole". Autographed copies available at, and you can send a copy to your CONGRESSMAN, too!

The Wild and Scenic Rogue River

By Dennis Powers

Our nationally-known Rogue River has three distinct regions: the Upper Rogue, Middle Rogue, and Lower Rogue. Originating from the Cascade’s snowmelt and springs (including Crater Lake’s Mt. Mazama), the Upper Rogue flows to Prospect with the lake’s main tourist route winding with it. The Middle Rogue sweeps from Prospect to past Grants Pass. Located northeast of Grants Pass, tiny Merlin is close to the Lower Rogue that’s designated as the Wild and Scenic.

One of the original eight rivers included in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968, the Lower Rogue’s protected boundaries start at the Applegate River mouth (7 miles west of Grants Pass) as the east boundary and Lobster Creek (11 mile east of Gold Beach) as the west boundary, a total of 84 miles. This congressional act protected the designated sections by prohibiting development and leaving them unchanged for future generations. As a designated Wild and Scenic river, the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) jointly manage it. 

There are distinct sections within this boundary: the Hellgate (Applegate River to Grave Creek, 27 miles), the Wild Section (Grave Creek to Watson Creek, 33 miles), Recreation Section (Watson Creek to Blue Jay Creek, 10 miles), Scenic Section (Blue Jay to Slide Creek, 7 miles), and another Recreation Section (Slide Creek to Lobster Creek, 7 miles), all with different regulations.

The natural beauty of the Lower Rogue predominates: Sheer canyon cliffs meld with towering spires; Class IV rapids with huge boulders and boiling whitewater stretches; old growth firs and pines mix with oaks and maples; old miner cabins and remote ranches are seen; wildlife predominates. Elk, black bears, deer, and cougars are spotted on the hillsides, as eagles, blue herons, wood ducks, osprey, geese, and hawks fly overhead. Chinook salmon, steelhead, native cutthroat, and trout flourish underwater. Meanwhile, popular activities—but depending on the section--include fishing, scenic driving, picnicking, hiking, whitewater rafting, and even jet boat tours.

Featuring 33 miles of rapids, one of the most popular whitewater runs in the country is the Wild Section of the Lower Rogue. Most boaters take 3 to 4 days to float this part that from Grave Creek to Foster Bar, the take-out. The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest manages the Wild Section, and due to its popularity, floating this requires a prior, special-use permit during the high period from May 15th to October 15th.

The usage is regulated to protect the river corridor from overuse and provide a wild river experience. Approximately 120 daily visitors are permitted to enter the wild section. During the non-regulated season from October 16th through May 14th, boaters need to fill-out an “off-season” permit to be on the Wild Rogue. Nearly 13,000 people on average float this section during its five-month summer permit season.

The sights are unique and spectacular. After the Grave Creek put in, the first difficult rapids met is at Rainee Falls. At later Whisky Creek, a cabin built by placer miners around 1880 still stands. The Black Bar Lodge was named after a gold miner, William Black, and this site was actively mined until the early 1930s; built in1932, Zane Grey entertained his guests here. Continuing onto Foster Bar, his cabin is near Winkler Bar, midway through the Wild section.

Built by the Billings family before the turn of the century, the historic Anderson Ranch is at Mule Creek and operated by the BLM as a museum. Passing through various rapids, including Coffee Pot and Blossom Bar, different lodges as Paradise and Half Moon Bar are present. After more rapids and sights, there’s the Foster Bar takeout with Gold Beach some 35 miles away.    

The early pioneers named Blossom Bar due to the many azaleas that grew on the river’s north side. It has a deserved reputation as being the riskiest Class IV rapid over this section. While the great majority navigate this huge-boulder-strewn part, seven people have died since 2007--and all were wearing life jackets. Given the numbers of people who run the Rogue’s wild section, those with limited experience, and the potentially serious result from a mistake, one thanks the “river gods” that this number is not higher.

This part was impassable until the historic guide, Glen Wooldridge, began blasting away the boulders starting in the mid-1930s and for “many years” throughout the Rogue’s rapids, so that boaters could even pass through. As to Blossom Bar, Wooldridge first worked on the lower boulders, then onto the upper ones, by exploding large bundles of dynamite. With a friend to light the fuse, he rowed his boat up to a targeted rock, some as “large as a house.” The bowman then reached over and tossed the bundle above the boulder, where the current was slow and pushed against the rock. With the dynamite against it and underwater, Glen quickly rowed “the hell” away. To create a large hole in Blossom’s middle, he used a 50-pound box of powder to eliminate three.

Glen Wooldridge, of course, couldn’t do that now, and the currents sweep different rocks into the rapids in an ever-continuing remake. Even with the reasons to respect Blossom Bar, however, all of the rapids in this section--from Rainee Falls and Coffee Pot to past Blossom Bar--need to be navigated carefully. For that matter, one has to respect and be careful with the entire Rogue River to have a long life in enjoying its use.

Sources: “U.S. Forest Service: Lower Rogue River,” at Lower Rogue; “Bureau of Land Management: Rogue River Wild Section,” at Wild Section; Marta Yamamoto, “Rafting down Oregon’s Rogue River: Still wild,” Mercury News, July 11, 2013, at Lower Rogue (With Numerous Images); See “YouTube: Floating through Blossom Bar,” atBlossom Bar;Mark Freeman, “Another reminder of river’s dangers,” Mail Tribune, July 19, 2013, at 2013 Fatalities.     

6-15 to 6-19-2015

Jun 15, 2015 -- 10:51am


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MONDAY 6-15-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

CHECK OUT THE LATEST LITHIA BODY AND PAINT PHOTOS OF MY VANAGON PAINT PROJECT, paint is all done, looking sharp, and the reassembly begins!!





6:35 Fox News Political Insider host John LeBouttilier, and he breaks down the Bush and Trump announcements, could Hillary implode?

7:10 Tori Richards from, and she brings forth news of more gang green cronyism, this time in New Hampshire.

7:35 Lt. Budreau with Crimestoppers

8:10 Dennis Linthicum, the Dirt Road Economist, analyzes the secrecy of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

BILL'S GUEST FOR 06-15-2015

7:10 Wayne Allen Root, author of The Murder of the Middle Class. We talk about What Just Happened in Las Vegas Could Destroy the GOP.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers and Paul from Talent break down the 800th Anniversary of The Magna Carta!

The Magna Carta

By Dennis Powers

The Magna Carta's 800-year-anniversary is June 15, 2015—on that date in the year 1215, King John of England issued the “Great Charter” as a practical solution to the political crisis he faced in 1215. This decree established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the law. Although nearly a third of the text was deleted or substantially rewritten within ten years, and almost all the clauses have been repealed in modern times, the Magna Carta remains a cornerstone of the British and, in turn, through the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution.

Most of the 63 clauses granted by King John dealt with specific grievances relating to his rule. Buried within them were a number of fundamental values, however, that challenged the king's autocracy and continued for future generations. Most famously, the 39th clause gave all “free men” the right to justice and a fair trial. Some of the Magna Carta’s core principles are not only in the United States Bill of Rights (1791) but in many other countries' constitutions.

King John had to grant these rights. He had lost in 1214 the War with France (in France); his relations with the Church were in shreds, having been even ex-communicated by Pope Innocent III; and the barons had captured London in a civil war against the King. To keep his crown, he had to negotiate with the barons and that ended up with his decree of the Magna Carta.

Although King John agreed to the Magna Carta and the barons renewed their oaths of allegiance, this truce didn't last long. King John refused to implement the terms; the Pope declared it to be “illegal”; and the barons kept London. The Magna Carta was effectively dead, but it gained new life in the early years of the reign of the next king, Henry III. Henry was just nine years old when he succeeded to the throne. In 1225, on reaching the age of 18, Henry reissued a much revised version of the Magna Carta which was later enrolled on the statute book by King Edward I (his reign: 1272-1307) in 1297. 

Although the Magna Carta contained 63 clauses when it was first granted, only three of those clauses now remain part of English law. One defends the liberties and rights of the English Church; another confirms the liberties and customs of London and other towns, but the third is the most famous:

No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.

 Although England, of course, maintains the great importance of the Magna Carta, constitutional experts are not that sure as to this country. The four surviving original manuscripts of the Magna Carta are held by the British Library (two) and one each by Lincoln and Salisbury Cathedrals. It did  established the principle that everyone is subject to the law, even the king, and guarantees the rights of individuals, the right to justice and the right to a fair trial. However, experts maintain that these rights would have happened anyway and point to how long the Magna Carta was never in effect.

Others argue about our 1791 Bill of Rights (in which a 1297-year Magna Carta copy is in the National Archives in Washington DC) and that its basic principles are in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, created in 1948 just after World War II.

The first amendments to the Constitution were proposed by James Madison, one of the Framers, just 18 months after the Constitution was written and just barely a year after it was ratified (1787). Several states had called for greater protections for individual liberties. This was done, as the Constitution, by state conventions. It’s interesting to note that the Constitution (before the Bill of Rights) centered on the establishment of the U.S. government, its different branches, elections of senators and representatives, the powers of that federal government and branches, but did NOT go into the freedoms that we take for granted—now in the Bill of Rights (1791).

However, some 100 years before our Bill of Rights, England’s Parliament passed the 1689 English Bill of Rights that declared the rights and liberties of their people and created the present constitutional monarchy where the King or Queen largely only has a ceremonial position. Legal scholars argue that this 1689 Bill of Rights had as much an influence on the U.S.’s Constitution and Bill of Rights as the Magna Carta (in addition to continuing Parliamentary laws). The most important Articles of the 1689 English Bill of Rights are as follows:

A frequently summoned Parliament and free elections;

Members should have freedom of speech in Parliament;

No armies should be raised in peacetime;

No taxes could be levied, without the authority of parliament;

Laws should not be dispensed with, or suspended, without the consent of parliament; and

No excessive fines should imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

As one source stated: “Are the Articles of the English Bill of Rights sounding familiar?” In viewing our Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments), there is the following, amending the U.S. Constitution:

Amendment I: Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; rights of assembly and petition:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment II: Right to bear arms:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Amendment III: Housing of soldiers:
No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Amendment IV: Search and arrest warrants:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment V: Rights in criminal cases:
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb, nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.

Amendment VI:Rights to a fair trial:
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed; which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

Amendment VII: Rights in civil cases:
In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Amendment VIII: Bails, fines, and punishments:
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Amendment IX: Rights retained by the people:
The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X: Powers retained by the states and the people:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Sources: “Magna Carta: An Introduction” at The Magna Carta; The Independent, “Magna Carta: What is it, why is it still important today – and where can you see it?”, June 7, 2015, at Its Importance; see U.S. Constitution at  U.S. Constitution; see U.S. Bill of Rights at U.S. Bill of Rights. As to England’s Bill of Rights, see England's Bill of Rights.

6/8 to 6/12/2015

Jun 08, 2015 -- 7:40pm

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MONDAY 6-08-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

NEWS FROM THE LEGISLATIVE CLOWN CAR (Opinion...and some sarcasm)

It passes "Ban the Box". Means you can't ask an applicant if they're a felon on the job application, but can ask if they're a criminal during the interview. I understand the drive to get felons off the dole and at least "in the door" for a job interview, especially since the state and feds are SO creative at coming up with NEW the one in the SB941 gun background check bill. Lend a gun to your neighbor with no background check, it's a felony. Yep, we're going to need ban the box in the People's Republic, as eventually Al Bates wants all gun owners registered as felons. :-0

Meanwhile another bill passes to allow self serve gas at night in super-rural (under 40,000 people) counties. This is to make sure that rural folks can still get gas when the pumps close. Makes sense. When Linda and I stayed in Cedarville, CA at the hot springs, we were able to get gas at night at the card lock station on the corner downtown (Cedarville only has 300 or so people) Just for the record, I didn't set the pump, PT, or town ablaze.


Please call Cong. Walden's office today & tell him NO on Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track Authority for President Obama "Obamatrade" - 541-776-4646, and his DC office is 202-225-6730, Thanks, because this isn't about "free trade", it's global governance on steroids.


6:35 Professor Anthony Esolen, author of Life Under Compulsion: Ten Ways to Destroy the Humanity in Your Child.

7:10 Dr. Chuck Baldwin, pastor at Liberty Fellowship. We discuss the 501c3 church, why he went without the tax-exempt status, also the "Clergy Response Team", true or remor? He also has strong opinions on the "God wanted Jo County to Pass The Public Safety Levy" controversy.

8:10 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government - Say NO to Fast Track Authority!



This is going to look SO good!


7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau

8:10 Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation

8:20 Sara King Cole from Britt Festival

and 8:45 Local Financial Expert Joe Spurgeon - He's written a great new book on finance: Everything I Know About Financial Planning I learned From Fairy Tales.


Grants Pass Daily Courier reporting that the historic Wolf Creek Inn will stay closed, probably until next spring, and they'll have to find a new company to run the hotel for the state. What a beautiful place, but during this renovation they need to do some improvements. 1) Replace the mattresses. Worst sleep of our lives was on those historic mattresses, they're overdue for an update, and people expect a decent bed. Also: 2) The night manager needs to live at the inn. When we stayed there, obnoxious drunks were up and rowdy at all hours from the bar down the street, and there was no adult supervision overnight on site. Given that you have minimal security there (a historic old fashioned skeleton key type door lock) you have to increase management presence in order to increase guest comfort, and make it more attractive for tourists.

TELL 'EM HELL NO!, go there and tell Greg Walden, and the rest to VOTE NO on fast tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership. How dare this President require Senators to sign non-disclosure statements to view a far-reaching global governance and trade agreement. About the ONLY papers Congress should sign for this President are Articles of Impeachment.


7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel talks the Salem Legislative "Clown Car" Session.

7:35 Larry Pratt, Gunowners of America, Obama's minions want to strip free speech away from firearms.

8:35 Anthony Sacarro of Providence Financial Inc, we talk retirement savings, and be careful about how much help you give your kids going to college.



6:15 Curtis Ellis, WND columnist and runs Head there, sign the petition and (like above) tell 'em no way to fast track trade authority. Read More: Even More Surprises Within Obamatrade

7:10 Medford City Councilmen Chris Corcoran, and later, Councilman Kevin Stine discuss the firing of the Medford City manager, Travel Medford, and other issues.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers Visiting Past and Present:

The Lady of the Woods

(The Stone Woman of Crater Lake)

By Dennis Powers

During the winter of 1917 and following spring, reports of a discovered stone woman filtered into Crater Lake park headquarters. The naked figure sat against a large lava rock in near “full relief,” legs bent, one arm placed over her head as if shielding away danger. Surrounded by trees, the figure was located on the lake’s rim, 1.7 miles from the lodge. The media was incredulous at this find with story leads such as “Mummy woman found in woods” and “Ancient figure of woman discovered.”  

The discovery of the “Lady of the Woods” during the following years brought about remarkable theories as to how she had been created. Park workers speculated in 1919 that this was an effigy or petrification that could be older than the Egyptian mummies. Some thought this to be a natural formation. One legend explained the carving, or form, as the response to the loss of a loved one.

The true origin was revealed first to the general public in 1921 by a newspaper article. This account wrote that Dr. Earl Russell Bush--the official surgeon for the U. S. Engineers in 1917 and stationed in Crater Lake National Park during that summer--was the sculpturer. One year, Dr. Bush substantiated this in a letter.

He had time on his hands that October with “diminished responsibilities” toward the end of the 1917 season. Dr. Bush had persuaded the park blacksmith, William Ivy, to make a set of rock-sculpting tools. With some stonemason experience, he began his work. From Oct. 4th to Oct. 19th, the metallic sounds of “Clink! Clink! Clink!” penetrated the usually quiet hemlock forests on Mt. Mazama’s slopes.

He didn’t tell anyone about his work or visits into the woodlands. Curiosity and the persistent tapping of hammer and chisel against volcanic rock, however, eventually led a few to seek out the site. Although he was reassured by their praises, Dr. Bush pledged all to secrecy. The good doctor left for the East and his secret was well guarded. Park Superintendent Alex Sparrow was alone granted permission to let William Steel, the U. S. Park Commissioner, know the following summer about this. Thus, in 1918, Sparrow covered the stone chips with pine needles and took Steel out to see it. Told the truth later, he joined the others in their secret--that is, until four years later, when someone gave the story up and Bush later verified it. 

The truth concerning the “Lady of the Woods”--or “The Stone Lady of Crater Lake”--didn’t gain traction after the first revelation. A lengthy 1923 article--among other written stories--wrote that Samuel Hubbard (the then curator of archaeology at the Oakland Museum) thought the lady was the cast of an actual woman, engulfed by a volcanic mud flow that had poured down Mt. Mazama. He reasoned that the mud wouldn’t have been hot enough to destroy the body and quickly solidified. After a period of time, the body’s disintegration left a perfect mold, and a later volcanic mud eruption flowed into this mold, filling it completely and solidifying. Five months later, the Fresno Bee on October 24, 1923, broke the story of what had actually happened through Dr. Bush’s efforts.

By 1930, the interest in the "Lady of the Woods" had increased so greatly that it became necessary to construct a trail there from a point near the old office building. Marked by simple signs, the trail passes the south end of the Ranger Dormitory, over the creek crossed by a small bridge, and westward a few hundred feet to the actual site. Ask park rangers for the directions.

Over the years, the story has inspired poems, articles, and feature stories--something now to keep in mind if you see this symbol of the inspiration that one man discovered within the wilderness. Even now, she sleeps in the woods for those who can find her.

Sources: “Stone Woman of Crater Lake No Longer Mystery: Carving That Baffled Party from Bay Was Work of Dr. Earl R. Bush,” Fresno Bee, October 23, 1923, at Historical Background; see also, Richard M. Brown, “The ‘Lady of the Woods’ Revisited,” Nature Notes From Crater Lake: Volume 21, 1955, at Facts and More of the Story, and Peter Faris, “Rock Art Blog” at 2015 Blog on the Lady.


8:45 Brad Fay from Southern Oregon Public TV, and Viet Nam era local vet Dan Pinkham promoting the new series "My Story of Service", all about local veterans and their experiences. It's tonight, 9pm, and evern Monday night at 9pm for the next 16 weeks on KSYS, Channel 8.

6/1 to 6/5 2015

Jun 01, 2015 -- 4:27pm

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MONDAY 6-01-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com





Though to be fair, how long has Loretta Lynch been the A.G.? Around 6 weeks, that's all. If they had put Joe Biden's face up there? That's another story. 


Lithia is getting all the primer and block sanding done, getting a few more body parts in, and then that beautiful burgundy goes on the surface! Can't wait to go camping.


6:35 Watchdog.Org Reporter Eric Boehm - New Report on how Washington State places restriction on those Fed Stingray fake cellphone towers.

7:10 Supreme Court decision on free speech discussed with Rutherford Institute President and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People.

7:35 Dennis Linthicum, former Klamath County Commissioner, and blogs at The Dirt Road Economist website about liberty and freedom issues. Today he's talking about that new EPA water rule.

8:10 Britt Festival intern Tyler WIlliams tells all about their intern program, what he's learned, and Thursday they put on a show at Britt, the Portland Cello Concert. $20 tickets, available at the Britt office.

8:45 BUSINESS SEGMENT - Brent and Randall from Advanced Air and Metal.


BTW, I made several requests to U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley's office for the citing of the law and authority for Congress not telling us about the "secret" pages. Not a WORD...and yet the Senator is against this TPP fast track authority.


The identity released of the officer-involved shooting victim in East Medford last night. 40-year old James Anthony Morris of La Loma Drive. MPD responds Sunday night to reports of a suicidal man with a handgun in his home. They say he threatened to hurt himself and cops who tried to stop him. Anyway, Morris left the house on foot, and ended up shot by an MPD officer a distance away from the house out on La Loma street. Morris died later at RRMC. We don't really know much about who shot first, and other details. Chief George (in today's press conference) indicates he's frustrated with a lack of help in mental health treatment. Don't know if it would've helped here...a reported relationship breakup. It's one thing if you have several days or weeks of deterioration, but in a "snap" situation, all bets are off. We'll see what the Grand Jury has to say.


Great time last week out on Lost Creek Lake Thursday. Waterworld Boat & Powersport invited us up to play on their "toys", and videotaping it for a future TV/Web commercial.


6:35 Brian Walsh - Civil Rights Research Center, Brian Walsh has a new piece in today’s Washington Times in support of the bi-partisan move in the Senate, led by Senator Grassley, to address over criminalization and serious deficits with justice in the doling out of criminal charges. 

7:35 Kirsten Powers, FOX News contributor, columnist for USA Today and the Daily Beast. We're talking her new book (A GOOD read, btw) The Silencing:How The Left is Killing Free Speech.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers - "Visiting Past and Present"

The New Baseball for Kids: Extreme Sports

By Dennis Powers

Southern Oregon has its share of extreme sports enthusiasts from snowboarding and bungee jumping to extreme kayaking, such as 26-year-old Rogue River’s Chris Korbulic. He has launched over the thundering, tallest waterfalls in Oregon and California to finding the tallest falls ever boated, or most difficult whitewater, whether in Chile, Brazil, or Pakistan--and on film. (Tyler Bradt dropped 18 stories (186 feet) over eastern Washington's Palouse Falls in 2009 to break one of his “firsts” on the highest waterfalls kayaked over.) One of Korbulic’s closest calls was when he and two others were kayaking the Lukuga River in the Congo to be the first to boat this wild, uncharted river. A 15-foot crocodile bypassed Korbulic underwater and snatched the third man, all kayaking within mere feet of one another. The man’s body was never found.

BMX Champion, 14-year-old AlexSteeves (a freshman at No. Medford High School), has been riding since he was 2 and racing since he was 5. In 2014, he won the cruiser title for his age group at the USA BMX Grand Nationals, the largest BMX race in the world. The title came with a 7-foot trophy. Most riders average between 18 and 26 mph, depending on the size of the start hill, the length of the track and the size of the jumps—and he’s gearing up to try out for the U.S. Olympic Team.

Dating back to Roman gladiator times, high-risk sport events have been around for centuries. Every decade it seems that a new extreme sport raises the standard on what’s perceived as dangerous. In the 1970s, running a marathon seemed extreme, but now millions do it. The triathlon became the next, new extreme, followed by countless others, such as skateboarding, base jumping, kite surfing, huge-wave surfing, snowboarding, heli-skiing, bungee jumping, street luging, and even one inspired by Spain’s running of the bulls.

The impact of televising the “X Games” with the “Extreme Sports Channel”--plus social media--has increased the popularity of X-sports. Energy-drink company Red Bull has popularized events as the Red Bull Cavemen triathlon (mixing running, mountain biking, and kayaking) and the Red Bull Stratos (a space-diving event that in October 2012 featured a skydiver who jumped from nearly 130,000 feet).

At the same time, team sports as baseball (down 28% in 20 years to 10 million players in 2008), basketball (down 17% from its 1997 peak), softball (off 37% from 1987 levels), and volleyball (down 36%) are way down. In their place, skateboarding surged 49% to 14 million U.S. participants (2008); snowboarding now claims 7.2 million participants, up 51% from 1999; and mountain biking has an estimated 8.6 million participants, now the 2nd-most popular extreme sport.

Also increasing substantially is the severity and numbers of accidents. At the Mountain Bike World Championship in Scotland, 30% (52) of the 173 competitors in cross-country, downhill, and 4-by-4 events were injured--two serious enough to require hospitalization. A recent study reviewed data collected by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System between 2000 and 2011. Within this, the researchers looked for accidents from surfing, mountain biking, motocross, skateboarding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and skiing. They found that more than 4 million cases fit the description--and one out of every 10 injuries linked to these seven sports were to the head or neck. About 2.5 % were classified as severe (involving fractures) and skull injuries were the most common.

Skateboarding produced the most injuries (nearly 130,000 head and neck injuries over the studied 11-year period) with snowboarding next at 97,000 cases. Skiing and motocross were third and fourth with respectively 83,000 and 78,000 injury cases. And these figures will continue to rise with the increasing popularity of extreme sports. For example, now more than 14 million kids are skateboarding, which has grown nearly 50% since 1999.

Reaching for records also continues. For example, the world’s tallest bungee jump presently is 764 feet at the Macau Tower in Hong Kong--but this is only because jumps from the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado are no longer possible. Only allowed at the “Go Fast Games” of 2005 and 2007, the Royal Gorge Bridge is 1,053 feet high--and the highest suspension bridge in the world. Add rickety wooden planks with cracks that one sees straight down for over one-thousand feet. Then there’s the Stratosphere-Las Vegas Hotel jump--at 829 feet and costing a mere $199.

According to insurance companies, the most dangerous sports on earth are: street luging, heli-skiing (from helicopters), bull riding, big wave surfing, cheerleading, whitewater kayaking and rafting, among others. But if you want the latest extreme sports, try these:

. Xpogo: Modern pogo sticks now allow a rider to bounce upwards of 10 feet in the air and at the same time perform acrobatic maneuvers. There are a few thousand people in the international Xpogo community who even have an annual event, Pogopalooza.

. Street Luge: Now at the Winter Olympics, participants rocket down an icy track at tremendous speeds. Kids now do this on land, stretched out mere inches above the pavement.  

. Skishing: This unique sport is where the fisherman is swimming at the same time. If one hooks a sizable fish, you could easily be dragged a long, risky distance--unless it turned to you.

. Mountain Unicycling: If mountain biking isn’t enough of a challenge, try this with only a unicycle and rip up and down steep rocky tracks.

. Parkour: Participants run, roll, jump, climb, and vault themselves over obstacles--all while in continuous motion. There’s no equipment required besides decent shoes.

. Kite Skating: Similar to kite surfing, people fly with a large parafoil kite but wear a set of inline skates for off-road use; they sail over beaches or parking lots at speeds as high as 60 MPH.

. Extreme Ironing: Participants carry their ironing gear to risky places--just to set up and iron clothes! They iron on mountain tops or even while water skiing. It’s crazy, but true.  

Sources: Lauren Etter, “Extreme sports are more popular than ever, prompting questions about legal liability,” ABA Journal, June 1, 2014, at Background and Liability; Lola Jones, “Extreme Sport Growing in Popularity,” Extreme Sport, May 20, 2008, at Growing Popularity; John Erickson, “Extreme Sports Cause 40,000 Head And Neck Injuries Each Year: How Can Organizers And Parents Improve Safety?”, Medical Daily, March 16, 2014, at Increase in Severe Accidents; Jeff Barnard, “Kayakers recall moment of horror on calm waters,” Mail Tribune, December 22, 2010, at Crocodile Attack; Teresa Thomas, “BMX Champion: North Medford freshman brings home national BMX title,” Mail Tribune, December 29, 2014, at Max Steeves, BMX Champion.   



5-25 to 5-29-2015

May 26, 2015 -- 5:42pm

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MONDAY 5-18-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

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Linda and I had an OUTSTANDING day on Lost Creek Lake Thursday. Waterworld Boat & Powersport invited us up to play on their "toys", and videotaping it for a future TV/Web commercial. We drove and rode on a Benington pontoon boat (our fave), Wakeseter, & a fishing boat. But I gotta' tell you, this SeaDoo personal watercraft was as much fun as I've ever had burning fossil fuels.


NYT reports former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was paying off a man to keep quiet regarding sexually abusing him decades ago. Not good, if true. However, the MUCH larger issue (which mindless "it's the law" Uh-Merkan types will gloss over) is this: A free people should NEVER have to tell Big Brother why they're taking THEIR money out of THEIR bank account or spending THEIR cash no matter WHAT the denomination. This is the crime Hastert was popped for. This government gang-created fiction crime of "structuring" around the $10,000 reporting limits should be abhorrent to "free" people. It's why they want the surveillance state, it's why they want to ban cash. They want it all, AND the control. Call your lawmakers on this B.S. and

BILL'S GUESTS 5-29-2015

7:10 Bernard Cornwell, author of "Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles.

7:35 Eric Peters, Libertarian Car Guy - Read His EXCELLENT website, - Topics today include the airbag recalls, how the safety features cost you a lot of money in cars, and threaten their early retirement.

8:10 Ed, "Mr. X" analyzes the BLM meeting earlier this week, (County Administrator Danny Jordan calls, and adds clarity to the issues) and we discuss how the BLM has made some missteps with regard to coordination. Needless to say, the Resource Management Plan alternatives presented don't respect the O&C act, and shortchange the Jackson County people and government. Download this form, and submit YOUR comments to the BLM.


SB964 passes the Senate 29-1, reducing OMMP plants allowed at grow sites, and lets cities and counties ban medical dispensaries without a vote of the people...Which I thought was contrary to the earlier intent that the PEOPLE could vote to ban dispensaries, but not have to vote to overturn a vote of the Government first. Alex Rogers of Ashland Alternative Health is beside himself over this one. But it's not a done deal, could be kept bottled in committee, or die in the house.

But still, be honest (and in my case, cynical). You KNOW that once legal recreational weed (taxed) was coming, the poobahs were going to pull out the stops to screw the lid down on OMMP (untaxed) weed, right? It's not about medicine, it's not about your rights, it's not about the law, it's ALWAYS about the money.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 05-27-2015

6:35 Dale Matthews at, and it was suggested that some of the money be take from the roads reserve fund and used  for sheriffs patrols, now that the safety levy has failed....This was not well received.


7:10 State Rep Duane Stark updates the Salem Session craziness.

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau.

8:10 Loma Wharton and Rae Kopitka of the Liberators. They're asking for help in fighting the lawsuit that Sheriff Richard Mack has filed against them.

Here is the info for donations; Please reference "Mack case" LOMA AND RAE WILL ALSO look into Thanks again!
Thomas P. Carnes
Attorney & Mediator
Agarita Creek Farms
968 Braeutigam Road
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624  
712 East Jackson Street
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 227-5577


1647 Williams Highway
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 226-3337

My email to Sen. Merkley, since I couldn't make it to his event today. (I'll tell you what he has to say when/if it comes in)


I wanted to go see you at Crater today, but couldn't break away from the radio station work. My question is a serious one. You are against the fast track authority for President Obama on TPP, which I'm happy about. You and I don't agree on many issues, but we do on this one. Now then, could someone please cite the LAW and authority which has all you Senators scurrying around saying "We can't tell you what's in it, but it's bad"? What's the law and constitutional authority silencing you? Appreciate your help on this, as I know of NOTHING that can shut a Senator up from telling his constituents the truth.

Thanks in Advance,



Thanks to KevStir



05-18 to 5-22-2015

May 18, 2015 -- 6:37pm

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MONDAY 5-18-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

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Salem and your money is akin to the NSA and your information...THEY WANT IT ALL. Case in point: Rep. Tobias Read introduces bill to eliminate the kicker, put it in a rainy day fund. He should title it a "Bail Out PERS and our Union Cronies, PLEASE". You can guarantee with Dems running the show, we're going to have a lot of financial rainy days these coming years. Rep. Mike McLane, House Republican Leader has some choice words:


BILL'S GUESTS FOR 05-21-2015

6:35 Curtis Ellis is a political communications consultant and writer for WND, his website (where the anti-fast track petition is located) is OBAMATRADE.COM.

7:10 L.A. goes for a 15 buck minimum wage, Kevin Paul Scott, co-founder of ADDO Worldwide and author of the book 8 Essential Exchanges says this is a boneheaded idea.

7:35 Professor Joel Marks, tonight wraps his "Restoring America" event at the Medford Library starting at 6:30 tonight. Read his notes on this website.

Here's an example of what Joel's been doing. Thanks to KevStir

8:10 Joseph Rice of the Jo Co Chapter of the Oathkeepers - BLM stands down, what's next?

BILL'S GUESTS 05-20-2015

6:35 Bad County's Dale Matthews and Mike Jones -  Public Safety Levy goes down...AGAIN.

6:48 Jan Gaye, Widow of Marvin Gaye, AFTER THE DANCE: MY LIFE WITH MARVIN GAYE, A riveting cautionary tale about being in love with a legend, AFTER THE DANCE: My Life With Marvin Gaye is a searing memoir of love, drugs, sex, and old school R&B from the widow of soul and sex icon Marvin Gaye.

7:10 Devora Zack author of  Singletasking: Get More Done — One Thing at a Time.

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau


Much hand wringing comes from Governor Kate Brown, who wishes to attack the "housing crisis" in Oregon. What is the crisis? The fact that you need $16.61 an hour job to rent a typical 2-bedroom apartment. Her solution is to have you taxpayers borrow $100 million dollars to build "affordable housing" and raise the minimum wage to $15.

Note how centralized state land use planning, which restricts available land, and Gang Green's enviro policy, which destroyed natural resource wealth, aren't mentioned as contributing to a lack of housing and economic vitality.

How does the governor figure that by her command, a clerk handing out Wetzel's Pretzels (for example) is automatically worth $20 an hour in wages and benefits? Well, it's NOT worth it, so if the Grand Poohba gets her way,  expect an Oregon with even FEWER opportunities for gainful employment.

THIS JUST IN: Boy Scouts of America Bans Water Gun Fights. (Yes, I'm Serious) What's next, all scouts have to pee sitting down???


Yep, that's what a study seems to indicate.  The basics: Early pot smoking prior to puberty stresses the body, which leads to early puberty, which leads to stunting a boy's ultimate height up to 4 inches. So, is the Oregon future one of short boys shaving in 4th grade, but feeling "okay" with it?


6:35 Martin Yate, author of KNOCK 'EM DEAD 2015: The Ultimate Job Search Guide. This man knows his stuff about getting your resume' to the top of the heap. 

7:10 Liz Peek, and columnist. Regulating Bitcoin Legitimizes a Treacherous Business.

7:35 Will the public safety levy pass in Jo County? We talk with Dale Matthews at

BILL'S GUESTS for 05-18-2015

6:35 - Dr. NZinga Harrison, psychiatrist and medical doctor, and we discuss whether the Amtrak engineer could have "faked" the memory loss before the crash.

8:40 Frank Scarlotta from the Medford Rifle and Pistol Club. Sunday is another 200-yard "Varmint Shoot" at the historic Camp White Rifle Range in White City, behind the drag strip. be there Sunday at 9:30 for orientation, shooting starts at 10am!  BTW, this Wednesday, 5/20, 5pm, same location, is the practice shooting for Sunday's competititon.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers "Visiting Past and Present" - today it's the history of "spirits".

Ghosts, Spirits, and other Apparitions

By Dennis Powers

Ghost stories and spiritual adventures have been part of mankind dating back to the caves. This belief--or concept--is based on the ancient idea that a person’s spirit exists separately from ones body with a continued existence after death. Haunted locations typically connect with a happening in the ghost’s past, often where one died or a former home. Aside from actual sightings, signs of their presence range from strange noises, lights, odors or breezes to objects that move, windows that slam, and doors that open.

The Roman author and statesman Pliny the Younger recorded in the first century A.D. one of the first notable ghost stories in his letters, which became famous for their vivid account of life during the height of the Roman Empire. Pliny wrote that an old man’s ghost with a long beard and rattling chains was haunting his Athens home. Southern Oregon is no different.

A few of the memorable ones--and you will have yours as well--start with the Plunkett Center in Ashland. Southern Oregon University acquired the old structure in 1966 and uses it for alumni and development functions. It is also known as the Swedenburg House for the doctor who lived there from 1919 until his death in 1937. Several believe that a ghost resides there, including a professor, a group of students, their teacher, and the head of campus security.

From the beginning, the campus security guard in the 1980s had a strong sense that he was being watched when inside and decided to announce himself before entering. Later driving by the house, he and another guard spotted a woman that the porch light illuminated. She was sitting beside a window in a first floor office, but the apparition suddenly vanished. The men searched for her inside but found nothing. The building was empty and all of its doors locked.

The Oregon Caves is the setting for another famous presence. Couples who have stayed in or beside the infamous Room 310 report being awakened at night by the sounds of someone walking in the hall--or from actually inside the room. The tale goes that a young couple in 1937 was spending their wedding night at the hotel. After the bride caught her husband in an embrace with a hotel employee, the bride (named Elizabeth) took her life. Employees tell of strange occurrences in room 310: the room’s furniture will be rearranged, or on rare occasions, even placed out in the hallway. Guests have reported unpacking--and on returning from dinner--find that their bags have been repacked. On occasion, the baby grand piano in the lobby plays by itself.

The Oregon Vortex is another site for continued paranormal investigations. John Lister arrived in the early 1900s to conduct mining surveys, only to discover the strange anomalies in the magnetic fields at this Sardine Creek location. Famous for its strange effects--for example, two people can change place, and then become taller or shorter simply by that--Lister became obsessed with the place. Brooms seem to stand upright at an angle and balls roll uphill inside an old assay shed. After Lister’s death in 1959, numerous visitors tell of seeing him standing at the top of the sloping floor of the House of Mystery, the assay shed that rests at weird angles. Tour guides report the same sightings, but no one is around.

Gold Hill’s Beeman-Martin house is another ghost center. The wealthy Josiah Beeman built this fine home in 1901, and it still is standing, now as the center of operations for the Gold Hill Historical Society. Volunteers insist that the sounds they hear in an upstairs attic, the cupboards that slam, or furniture that changes is owing to the apparition of a friendly ghost that they named “Willie”. The spirit is either that of Bill Hay, who spent time there, or a handyman of the same name who died in a room.

From the green mists of the nearby Rock Point Cemetery to old structures in Grants Pass and the mining ghost towns of the present, the stories are abundant.   

Sources: “ History of Ghost Stories” at Ghosts and History; Jeff Davis’s “Ghosts and Critters,” at Plunkett House and Oregon Vortex Stories; “Gary Swanson: Ghosts in Southern Oregon’s National Monument,” at Oregon Caves Ghost Story. See also: Dennis Powers, Images of America: Gold Hill, Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing, 2010, pp. 42, 56.  





5/11 to 5/15 2015

May 11, 2015 -- 4:58pm

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MONDAY 5-11-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

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Interesting the internet rumor "spin" out there regarding the Sugar Pine Mine security operation, where the Jo Co Oath Keepers, with help from outside the area, are keeping BLM action away from the mine, pending the owner's hearing. There was a story out there that some oath keepers had threatened BLM officers. I would say to those people "put up your evidence", otherwise STHU. The Oath Keepers/Three Percenter types seem to be a pretty careful bunch. I ran into a couple of them at Welburn's the other day. If you want to know what's going on there, or offer help, go to I can imagine they must be disciplined and avoid provocateurs trying to stir things up. We're talking government agencies here, and you can figure they're not keen on people standing up for rights....and really meaning it.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 05-15-2015

6:35 Dr. Jay Richards, founder of The Stream. We discuss a lot of "social justice, anti-capitalism global warming bias" from some Catholic cardinals.

7:10 Katherine Paul - Organic Consumers Association -New plan for feds to take over labeling

8:20 Don Hurley, Kool 103.5 radio personality, and a juror on the Simonson murder trial this week.

8:35 Joseph Rice, Josephine County Chapter of the Oathkeepers. Update on Sugar Pine Mine security operation.







Congress passes the "Freedom Act" which officially enables the phone spying shot down by the court challenge to the "Patriot Act", but they're telling us it's actually lessening the spying. (they're lying) I've said many times that whatever the government name for the bill is, it will be the exact opposite. Patriot Act = Tyrant Act, Freedom Act = Slavery Act. Robert Romano has the straight story from Americans for Limited Government.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 05-14-2015

6:35 Charles Murray, author of BY THE PEOPLE: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission. Charles talks with Bill about how the system is broken, and the political process won't restore constitutional law. HOWEVER, the federal government has a fatal weakness: It can get away with its thousands of laws and regulations only if the overwhelming majority of Americans voluntarily comply with them. Murray describes how civil disobedience backstopped by legal defense funds can make large portions of the 180,000-page Federal Code of Regulations unenforceable, through a targeted program that identifies regulations that arbitrarily and capriciously tell us what to do. Americans have it within their power to make the federal government an insurable hazard like hurricanes and floods, leaving us once again free to live our lives as we see fit.

7:10 Jim Welsh, from Parents Rights In Education, the latest scandal from the Gervais School District, Condoms for 12-year olds? Yep!

7:35 Lt. Budreau with Crimestoppers.


Here's how the side looked when I first brought it in...I asked them to eliminate the RV ports underneath the stove chimney, since I don't use these.

So the ports are gone, patched, sanding continues.

Here's the front "Before", lots of damage, including one dent from a power pole hit.

Bumper removed, dents in the frame gone, and the dent is "like it never happened".

It's going in for paint, we're painting it a deep burgundy, with an off-white cream stripe, replacing the original white decal. It's going to look SWEET.


I have so many questions, help me out. Ted Cruz votes for cloture to give Obama Fast Track for the Trans Pacific Partnership monstrosity, so does Rand Paul, and Mike Lee, and all the other Republicans in the Senate other than McConnell. Dems vote no to kiss up to unions. Questions: Why would republicans give this power, "living document" power to this president, or ANY president? Why are we supposed to believe "Free Trade" is negotiated in secret with tens of thousands of pages and rules and regulations of anything and everything BUT trade? Why should we be considering for president anyone from this sorry group so eager to sell out to world government and corporate masters? Finally, why should we be surprised?

BILL'S GUESTS for 5-13-2015

7:10 Rep. Duane Stark

7:35 John Whitehead, constitutional attorney for the Rutherford Institute, author of Battlefield America, War on the American People.

8:10 Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government. He breaks down that monstrous abuse of power known as "Trans Pacific Partnership", and why Wyden, Merkley, and yes, Walden, all our congress folks need to just say no to this power. 

BILL'S GUESTS for 5-12-2015

6:35 Jilian Melchio, writing for National Review about "Why Is An Israeli BIllionaire Pouring Millions into the Clinton Foundation".

7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel - SB941, other issues and news.

8:35 Chuck Tatlebaum, Director of Tripp Scott PA law firm in Florida, and chair of the bankruptcy and creditor's rights department. Chuck discusses a huge increase in retail bankruptcy filings.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 05-11-2015

7:10 Sam Barnam - Building Safety Director and Chris Reising - Deputy City Manager for Development Services.

7:35 Kim Wallan, Medford 549C School District board candidate for position 5.

8:35 Mike Jones and Dale Matthews of, - are the public safety levy proponents "buying" Facebook support?

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers "Visiting Past and Present".

Wildlife Images

By Dennis Powers

J. David Siddon grew up in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley in the 1940s when it was still rural country, and he was able to bicycle to near wilderness and see everything from condors and hawks to snakes and lizards. Siddon later pursued a career as a writer, photographer, and filmmaker that typically centered on his fascination with wildlife, as he traveled the world filming for television productions that involved Disney or “Wild Kingdom.”

Loving the outdoors, he and his wife left the Southern California “rat race” in the early 1970s when they heard about seventeen acres of wilderness property outside Grants Pass and near Merlin on the “Wild and Scenic” section of the Rogue River (on Lower River Road). They bought the land sight unseen and later acquired seven more acres. With this land, they could do more than raise baby owls in the laundry room or golden eagles in a backyard, as done before moving to the Rogue.   

Obtaining the needed permits from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, he could care there for numbers of sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife. In no time, the public and law enforcement were bringing wounded animals to his place. Siddon found himself taking care of hundreds of animals each year and having to fund everything by himself.

With varying injuries, the wild animals treated included species from baby squirrels, raccoons, jack rabbits, bear cubs, and badgers to songbirds, hawks, bald eagles, herons, and owls. In addition to the yearly hundreds of baby animals brought in, the permanent “residents” augmented this when their injuries made them unable to return to the wild. In fact, two eagles--named Duchess and Phoenix--were there for over 30 years.          

With a flair for public speaking, Siddon appeared at places from television shows to school assemblies throughout the Pacific Northwest in telling his story. To help with finances, many of the animals appeared in commercials and films, including the Buick automobile series with his red-tailed hawk named “Happy” who flew over the cars.  

In 1981 J. David established it as a nonprofit facility with two important purposes: first, a place to provide critical care and rehabilitative services for injured wildlife; second, to provide education to the public. Wild Life Images accepts animals, birds, raptors (birds of prey), and even reptiles. Animals not accepted are opossums (a non-native species), coyotes (governed by livestock management regulations), and mountain lions (a risk to rehabilitate and release after developing human-comfort levels). 

In 1996, J. David Siddon lost his battle with cancer. His son, Dave, left his job of twelve years in Portland at the Oregon Zoo to take over the management and ensure the continuation of these dreams. With a limited paid staff, its 80 dedicated volunteers and local vet-donated services, the facility cares annually for more than 2,000 animals.

Over a period of 30 years it has released over 35,000 animals back to their natural habitat. Its release rate of intakes is near 50% each year--far above the national average of 33%. Wildlife Images doesn’t receive any local, state, or federal funding, but relies instead on individual donations of time, money, and services. It is a story that needed to be told.            

Sources: “Wild Life Images: A Message from Dave Siddon, Director” at History; “Wild Life Images: About Us,” at Background

05-04 to 05-08 2015

May 04, 2015 -- 7:44pm

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MONDAY 5-04-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

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Dropped by Lithia Body and Paint, and the work is progressing nicely! Dents all gone, side holes filled in, working on the new side sliding door, too. Almost ready for paint!


7:10 Captain WIlliam E. Simpson II, preparedness expert, author of "The Nautical Prepper". We discuss prepping for a Cascadia subduction zone quake.

8:10 Michael Campbell, candidate for Medford 549C School Board position.

8:45 Phillip Yates, ACCESS Inc, Talking about the Stamp Out Hunger Drive, just drop a bag of non-perishable food by your mailbox tomorrow, and it'll go to help feed the hungry in southern Oregon!


7:10 Larry Graves, Airport Manager for Josephine County. Update on the Drone program/lease issue.

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau.

8:10 Libertarian Car Guy/Journalist Eric Peters. Do you really own your car? Well, Maybe Not So Much.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 05-06-2015

6:15 Dale Matthews, Bad with discussion of Sugar Pine Mine's troubles. Oathkeepers say BLM is destroying records.

6:35 Hadley Heath Manning,Health Policy Director at both Independent Women's Voice and Independent Women's Forum.

7:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation - SB941 reaction

8:10 Retired educator Diane Anderson and Lisa Crume, concerned mom, both fighting Common Core in southern Oregon.


(Heavy Sarcasm ON) Time for another episode of "Know Your Communist Oppressors" starring State Senator Alan Bates, and Representative Peter Buckley. I'm your host, Bill Meyer, and Judy, you may ask the first question. "Thanks, Bill. If Islamic terrorists were to show up at SOU, like what just happened in Texas, and they wish to murder students drawing pictures of the prophet Mohammed,...According to SB941, which you both just voted for, how can a gun owner on campus help his fellow students avoid being murdered?

(Bates) "Judy, we're glad you asked. The gun owner can wait until the terrorist shows up with his firearm. Since there's an imminent threat clause in the bill, the gun owner can legally hand his extra firearm to the potential victim, who may then shoot the terrorist, but he must then immediately transfer the firearm back to the owner to avoid becoming a felon. Oh and he can NOT leave the area where the firearm owner is, as that would also make it an illegal felony transfer...Peter?"

(Buckley) That's right Alan, but I'd add that we'd prefer there not be guns on these campuses anyway...since we Comm-, er I mean Democrats are all about keeping you safe. I'd suggest the gun owner and the potential victim immediately leave the killing zone, visit the closest gun store, pay the 40-50 dollars for a legal background check and transfer, and then re-enter the campus after the medical examiner finishes tagging and bagging the other victims."

Stay tuned for future episodes of "Know Your Communist Oppressors"! (Heavy Sarcasm OFF)

Now that the bill is passed, the clock is no longer ticking and we can take our time in planning responses.

But one thing won't wait. As you know there are recalls underway for three of the supporters of this bill. There may be more in the future.  Please do all you can to support these efforts.

Val Hoyle Recall

Chuck Riley/Susan McLain Recall


Texas Councilman leaves his microphone on while he goes to the bathroom, here's what happened next:

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 05-04-2015

6:35 Investigative reporter M.D. Kittle of - Over a year and a half ago, reporter M.D. Kittle launched a now 197-part series about Wisconsin’s John Doe scandal entitled “Wisconsin’s Secret War.” The Milwaukee District Attorney’s office, led by a Democrat, launched a so-called “John Doe” investigative probe targeting conservative groups in Wisconsin, who were unable to defend themselves against leaks from investigators due to “strict penalties” for violating the terms of the secret proceedings. Essentially, the state prosecutorial team was launching a “tax-payer funded opposition-research campaign.”

7:10 Ed, "Mr. X", USFS "Listening Session" 5:30 to 7:30 today at the BLM building on Biddle. They're presenting timber "alternatives". It's about learning from your enemies, and demanding YOUR representation, rather than Gang Green Commies such as 1000 Friends of Oregon CLAIMING to be your representative.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers Visiting Past and Present

Drought and Southern Oregon

By Dennis M. Powers


Oregon's worsening drought triggered the SBA's federal disaster loan program in 13 Oregon counties, including Jackson and Josephine, with low-interest loans available for small, nonfarm businesses. Farmers are eligible for emergency aid under existing U.S. Department of Agriculture programs. California also recently declared a 25% cutback on all water usage, but exempted agriculture although this sector uses 80% of the water, contributes less than 5% to the economy, and is not restricted.

While Jackson County's precipitation total is slightly above normal for the water year, warm temperatures mean little rain has been stored in the form of snow. Mt. Ashland continued its infrequent openings this season after being closed during last year's drought. Disaster zones nationwide shows California, Nevada, and Arizona also are completely engulfed in drought.

As the fourth straight hot, dry summer is underway, Oregonians need to prepare for more acres on fire, less salmon, and more smoke-filled days. Environmental groups argue that this is due to climate change, compliant media writing: “From 1895 to 2011, average temperatures in the Northwest increased 1.3 degrees. Temperatures are predicted to climb 3.3 to 9.7 degrees (increase) by 2070 to 2099, as compared to 1970 to 1999, according to a 2014 National Climate Assessment produced by hundreds of experts guided by a federal advisory committee. 'The average temperature goes up and down, but the trend over the last 100 years has been up. We are in global warming,' states a Medford-based National Weather Service meteorologist. 'Ocean levels are rising and ice is melting. Globally, there are signs warming is occurring.'"

Okay, but is this due to Mother Nature or as environmentalists claim: fracking (ban it), industry (need more rules), fossil fuels (the country must quickly switch to electric cars and solar electricity), and private enterprise (which needs more governmental overview). As to agriculture, businesses and individuals will bear the brunt; for example, farmers should not be able to sell their rights to water in a drought, nor should reservoirs be constructed. The Snail Darter must be preserved. 

As to Oregon and here, our state has had milder winters than normal apparently due to an unusually persistent ridge of high pressure that causes air to flow around us to the north, where it cools off and then pummels the Midwest and East Coast with cold temperatures and snow. Normally high pressure ridges dissipate after a few weeks. No one knows exactly why this one has stuck around for so long, according to meteorologists.

Experts do maintain that the region's two years of back-to-back low snow years can't be specifically blamed on climate change. This has also been the warmest on record in most of the western United States, where climate change models are predicting that our region should have more rainfall and less snowfall. Thus, our water races to the ocean and not on the snowpacks of Mt. Ashland, Mt. McLaughlin, or other peaks.

Rainfalls have been heavy: Ashland this year recorded 4 inches of rainfall over 48 hours--its third-highest two-day total since 1892. Similar deluges in 1964 and 1996 triggered historic floods when rain fell on snow, causing rapid melting. The lack of a heavy snowpack kept the early February storm from producing another major flood.

Ashland's low snowpack forced the city to connect to Medford's water by completing the Talent-Ashland-Phoenix water line. Medford's water is from the Big Butte Springs system of Mt. McLaughlin, whereas Ashland relies on Mt. Ashland’s snowmelt flowing into Ashland Creek and collecting in Reeder Reservoir.

Meanwhile, we read: “If temperatures rise by 2.2 degrees (within 75 years), the Rogue Valley and mountains straddling the Oregon and California border will see a 300 to 400 percent increase in areas burned by wildfire, according to the 2014 National Climate Assessment. The Cascade Mountains to the east will see a 400 to 500 percent increase in acreage burned, the assessment predicts.” In the Pacific Northwest, this is to result in warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers. However, if you want this administration's funding, you better not go against this “collective wisdom”. And forget that we've had devastating forest fires before, such as the 2002 Biscuit fire.

We've had years of Mother Nature's climate fluctuations, dating back to the ice age.  Our area sustained record breaking heat in 1923--way before there were multitudes of cars and industries. The coldest year ever in Oregon was in 1916; the coldest temperature ever was at Seneca, Oregon (-54, on 2-10-1933), and the next day, it was nearly 100 degrees higher (when the arctic air flowed out of Oregon). 

Although Oregon's rainfall has been at 30-year averages this winter, the warm air kept snowpack averages far below the 30-year norm, as the precipitation did not become snow. The rain raced to the Pacific Ocean or seeped into the ground, gone before we need it most--now. Hydropower generates 45 percent of Oregon's electricity, so if the rainfall decreases now, this could become another issue. 

Notwithstanding the environmentalist mantra, Southern Oregon and this state has to manage its water differently. Rather than capturing snowmelt in the summer, we need to capture more rain in the winter and reserve it for the summer. Banning fracking, for example, only keeps us dependent on the oil-flows of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Russia. Wasting more money on government-sponsored “drought preparedness plans” (we already are in one) leaves one shaking their head. Will Oregon make the right decisions--or keep special interest groups in control, as our water flows less and right into the ocean, when we most need it?

Sources: Associated Press, Jackson among counties in drought program, March 23, 2015, Mail Tribune, at Drought Programs; Vickie Aldous, “The new normal under climate change?” Mail Tribune, March 1, 2015, at Climate Change?; Kelly House, “Oregon waits — and hopes — for more precipitation; Forecasters say we're likely in for third year of high fire danger, The Oregonian, March 28, 2015, at More on Drought.

04-27 to 5/1 2015

Apr 27, 2015 -- 3:51pm

JUST LIKE OBAMA, YOU HAVE A PEN AND A PHONE, TOO - CALL THESE DEMS NOW, TELL THEM YOU WANT THEM TO VOTE NO ON SB941 - The Gun Background Check Bill, which is really a "Gun Owner Registration Bill".


Rep Brent Barton  503-986-1440   
Rep Deborah Boone  503-986-1432

Rep Brian Clem  503-986-1421

Rep Betty Komp   503-986-1422

Rep Caddy McKeown  503-986-1409

Rep. Brad Witt 503-986-1431

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6:20 NYU Professor Jon Freeman discusses the season premiere of Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman tonight, 10pm on the Science Channel. The premiere tonight  asks, Are We All Bigots?

7:10 Rep. Duane Stark, 4th District, updates a slew of bills and legislative actions.

7:35 Crimestoppers

8:10 Kim Wallan, Medford 549C school board candidate, position 5.

8:40 National Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans Gregory T. Angelo  discusses the Supreme Court hearing on same-sex marriage.


6:35 Sid Leiken, Lane County Commissioner and considering running for Governor as a GOP nominee.

7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel discusses legislation, gives an update on the action.

7:35 Steve Richardson of Central Point, has a problem with a dog citation. Does he have a case?

8:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation - Gun Bills are moving SB941 to be voted on MONDAY.


BILL'S GUESTS FOR 04-27-2015
6:35 Dale Matthews and Mike Jones of, raise taxes, because God tells you so? Here's the video in question:
7:10 Professor Phillip Hamburger, Columbia Law School, and we talk about how much of the tyranical impulse of state, fed, and local government is often coming not from constitutional law, but through the insidious "Administrative Law", which Professor Hamburger says is not law at all. His book is "Is Administrative Law Unlawful".
7:35 Mike Campbell, candidate for Medford 549C school board. Read more about Michael.
8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers "Visiting Past and Present"
8:35 editor Justin Raimondo discusses his column "We'll Never Limit Government Unless We Ditch Foreign Interventionism".about how

The Water System of Medford (and Other Towns)

By Dennis Powers

Whether for drinking, washing, or cleaning, having sufficient potable water is vital to living regardless of era. Ashland relies on Ashland Creek that’s fed from the snow melt and watershed rain runoff from Mount Ashland. Cities such as Grants Pass rely on the Rogue River; living in an unincorporated area usually means depending on a well. Mt. McLoughlin is the water source for over 130,000 people today in Medford, Central Point, Eagle Point, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Talent, White City, and four rural water districts--all served by the Medford Water Commission.

Area residents first relied on wells for their water needs, but Medford in 1888 excavated a ditch from Bear Creek and built a storage tower as its first water system. Although a pumping station was added four years later, it was clear that Bear Creek water wasn’t clean enough for use. It was dirty, foul, and so unusable--owing also to dumped sewage from Ashland to Phoenix--that some residents preferred whiskey and forgetting about bathing. 

The question was whether Fish Lake or Big Butte water would be better. Unfortunately, the 31-mile pipeline from the Big Butte watershed would cost $400,000. Since the 22-mile, gravity-fed system from Fish Lake would be considerably less expensive, this alternative won out. In 1910, the wooden-stave pipeline was constructed for $254,000; but after the orchard-boom building frenzy of the 1910s and system inadequacies causing algae and near-putrid water (flowing in open flumes without filters or settling tanks), it became clear that Fish Lake was not working out. The city purchased the water rights at Big Butte Springs in 1915 for $15,000 after enduring water shortages and contaminated supplies.

In 1922, the voters approved the five-member Medford Water Commission as a city charter amendment. Three years later, the Oregon Legislature granted Medford the rights to all of the unappropriated waters from Big Butte Creek and its tributaries. Given this, the city’s voters approved a $975,000 bond measure to build the 31-mile pipeline from Big Butte Springs to Medford’s 10,000 residents. The commission decided to use high-quality steel coated inside and out with a very thin layer of a hot asphalt to prevent rust, instead of the unreliable wooden pipeline and flumes. On July 1, 1927, the 2-foot diameter pipeline began carrying water by gravity flow to the city.

The snowmelt on Mt. McLoughlin (9,494-foot elevation) percolates through the porous, volcanic soils to emerge again at Big Butte Springs (2,700-foot elevation) near the town of Butte Falls. The watershed consists of 56,000 acres of private and publicly-managed land with 75% managed by the U.S. Forest Service. The springs discharge high quality water that is consistently cold, clear, and low in mineral content. Collected underground, the spring flows require only minimal treatment for disinfection in meeting current water-quality standards. Consequently, the slogan of “A mountain spring in every home” came about to note the purity of the city’s water.

The Medford Water Commission in 1952 completed a 52-foot high, earth-fill dam of the Big Butte Springs water that created Willow Lake and stores the waters of Willow Creek, a tributary of the South Fork of Big Butte Creek. On land owned by the county, Jackson County developed the Willow Lake Recreation Area. There are facilities for camping, overnight stays, picnicking, and fishing with a paved boat ramp and a small, private resort located on the shore. Covering some 925 acres, the lake has nearly 4-1/2 miles of lake frontage.

Over the years, the commission signed agreements with the surrounding cities mentioned above to provide water to them. In 1952, a second pipeline from Big Butte Springs was built with the dam construction, and ten years later, chlorine added when bacteria traces were discovered in the water. The commission also obtained water rights to the Rogue River to supplement its needs during the higher requirement months of May to September. Built in 1968, the Robert A. Duff treatment plant near TouVelle State Park draws the Rogue River water.

The two, original pipelines still carry the important water, and the commission maintains the entire pipeline, including repairing small sections when needed. The question is still out as to when this 85-year-old-plus system will need to be replaced. For now, when the great majority of Jackson County residents turn on their faucets, they are drinking Big Butte Springs water from Mt. McLoughlin. 

Sources: “How Does Medford Get its Water?,” Mail Tribune, April 22, 2007, at Medford (and other Towns) Water Source; Bill  Miller, “From worst to first: The history of the City’s water system,” Mail Tribune, May 31, 2009, at History of System; “Medford Water Commission: Big Butte Springs” at Big Butte Springs; Damian Mann, “Pouring it on,” Mail Tribune, March 12, 2013, at Other Towns; Damian Mann, “Good to the Last Drop,” Mail Tribune, April 14, 2013 at Additional Background; “Atlas of Oregon Lakes: Willow Lake (Jackson County),” at Willow Lake.  

4-20 to 4-24-2015

Apr 20, 2015 -- 7:04pm

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BILL'S GUESTS FOR 04-24-2015
7:10 Greg Roberts wtih the Outdoor Report
7:15 Joseph Rice of the Josephine County Oath Keepers
8:10 Terry Welburn of Welburns Weapons, discussing the evils of SB941 on how it works in the real world.
8:35 Eric Peters, libertarian car guy, read his amazing posts on cars, freedom, big bad government on
Speaking in support of the Sugar Pine Mine demonstration of support
4/23/15 at the BLM parking lot in Medford.
BILL'S GUESTS FOR 04-23-2015
6:35 Dan Reed, NRA Lobbyist for Oregon, SB941 gun grabbing fight efforts.
7:10 Rick Barclay, co-owner of the embattled Sugar Pine Mine in the Galice Mining District.
8:10 Kevin Jackson, author of The BIG Black Lie, and Race Pimping; the Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism.

TESTIMONY in the house on SB941 going on all day. Get Your Testimony in. Meanwhile, even the supporters admit this idiotig gun owner registration bill will do NOTHING to deter crooks, but they'll strip YOUR liberty.
7:10 Hal Anthony from Behind the Woodshed, (his broadcasts are available at the link)  and Hal's with the Jefferson Mining District. We talk about the law issues in conflict with the BLM attack on the Sugarpine Mine.
7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau
8:10 Kevin Starrett - Oregon Firearms Federation, get involved on SB941...the fight isn't over.


6:35 Former Police Commissioner, City of New York (ret.), Bernard Kerik. His book, and a great talk about From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey from Correction and police Commissioner to Inmate #84888-054".

7:10 Former Councilman John Michaels in studio - Download your FREE copy of Lobbying Local Government With Effectiveness.

7:35 Dale Matthews, Mike Jones from with the latest on the Sugarpine Mine/BLM conflict. 

8;35 Liz Peek from the, and we discuss Rubio's chances. Why Marco Rubio Just Might Beat Hillary Clinton.


6:20 Chris Malagisi, editor of the Conservative Book Club
7:10 Jackson County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal talks pot tax policy, and why no tax for now.
7:35 John Whitehead, Rutherford Instute, Constitutional attorney and our talk is his new book "Battlefield America".
8:10 What's up with Sugarpine Mine? Dale Matthews at updates.

After today's broadcast, Linda & I dropped by Congressman Walden's office, talked issues, and toured the Capitol. Very nice meeting the staff and congressman.
This picture is a shot through  Greg's office window.  Wednesday a protestor pushing campaign finance reformed landed his gyrocopter out on this lawn. It's where the tire tracks in the grass are located. A few days earlier, another man committed suicide nearby. Sheesh!

It's the "Hold Their Feet to the Fire Event", and we're talking immigration, illegal crossings, border security, and how the fight's not over. It's put on by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and thank you to our local sponsors - Innsbruck Ridge at Vista Point, and Drakes Paint and Supply in Medford.
Lots of great guests today, including Peggy and Fred Davis, ranchers from Arizona, bring a real world look at the horror of being 25 miles from the South border.

Dropped my '82 Vanagon Diesel off at Lithia Body and Paint recently. It's been a faithful member of the family for some 22 years, but is extremely tired, dented, and faded. Lithia will start on the bodywork, and we're thinking about a dark blue, with an orange stripe to match the interior stock color. Pretty exciting to get this done...Of course the engine is still the 1584cc straight four watercooled Rabbit style diesel with a thundering 48 hp. Yeah, it's gutless, but gets us there!

4-06 to 4-16-2015

Apr 06, 2015 -- 7:16pm

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MONDAY 4-13-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

After today's broadcast, Linda & I dropped by Congressman Walden's office, talked issues, and toured the Capitol. Very nice meeting the staff and congressman.
This picture is a shot through  Greg's office window.  Wednesday a protestor pushing campaign finance reformed landed his gyrocopter out on this lawn. It's where the tire tracks in the grass are located. A few days earlier, another man committed suicide nearby. Sheesh!

It's the "Hold Their Feet to the Fire Event", and we're talking immigration, illegal crossings, border security, and how the fight's not over. It's put on by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and thank you to our local sponsors - Innsbruck Ridge at Vista Point, and Drakes Paint and Supply in Medford.
Lots of great guests today, including Peggy and Fred Davis, ranchers from Arizona, bring a real world look at the horror of being 25 miles from the South border.

Dropped my '82 Vanagon Diesel off at Lithia Body and Paint recently. It's been a faithful member of the family for some 22 years, but is extremely tired, dented, and faded. Lithia will start on the bodywork, and we're thinking about a dark blue, with an orange stripe to match the interior stock color. Pretty exciting to get this done...Of course the engine is still the 1584cc straight four watercooled Rabbit style diesel with a thundering 48 hp. Yeah, it's gutless, but gets us there!

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 04/13/2015
6:35 John Tamny, editor at Forbes, author of the VERY good new book Popular Economics; What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You About Economics, Forbes editor John Tamny uses pop culture to teach basic economics principles in a fun, straightforward way.
7:15 City Councilman Kevin Stine talking pot smell issues, Travel Medford, other City Issues.
8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, Visiting Past and Present. 

Dogs for the Deaf

By Dennis Powers

Roy Kabat worked with exotic and domestic animals in Hollywood for the movies and television. He trained the animals, for example, in “Dr. Doolittle,” “Swiss Family Robinson,” Elsa the lioness in “Born Free,” and the cougar for the Mercury automobile commercials. He also produced syndicated children's TV shows as “Chucko the Clown” and “Circus.” In 1971, Roy retired from the entertainment industry.                     

After moving to the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon, the American Humane Association (“AHA”) in Denver contacted him for his help. A Minnesota deaf woman had had a dog that had trained itself to let her know what was happening around her. As she lost more hearing, the dog alerted her to more events. After her dog died, the woman realized how much she depended on the dog for help and needed someone to train a new one. The AHA wanted Roy's advice. After spending two weeks in Denver, Roy returned to Oregon and started “Dogs for the Deaf.”

Beginning initially outside of Jacksonville, Roy began training 20 or more dogs of all sizes and types at a time, most saved from nearby Humane Societies, saying, “They're the dogs that otherwise might be put to sleep.” He trained “Hearing Dogs at Home” to alert an owner to important household sounds: buzzing fire and smoke alarms, ringing telephones, oven timers, alarm clocks, doorbell/door knocks, and name calls (sometimes even a baby’s cry). Once placed with their deaf partner, the dogs learned to respond to other sounds--a microwave, tea kettle that boiled dry, or washer/dryer--and take their hearing-impaired owner to the problem. For a “Hearing Dog in Public,” additional training was given for specific sounds such as a siren or honking horn, and to react so that the dog’s deaf partner was aware of the danger. 

Dogs in training initially are given food when they react properly to the noise of an alarm clock or telephone. But over the four to six months of training, they gradually are weaned from food to a kind word or pat on the head. By the 1980s, his nonprofit organization with the help of volunteers was delivering hearing dogs to deaf people throughout the United States. As the operation grew, Roy died in 1986 at age 65, but his daughter, Robin Dickson, succeeded him as its CEO/President.

In 1989, the facilities moved to its current 40-acre site at the base of lower Table Rock on Wheeler Road in Central Point. Placing hundreds of dogs over time free of charge to the hearing-impaired, the investment in just one is approximately $25,000. This includes the dog’s selection, initial veterinary care, training, placement, and follow ups for the team’s life. Dogs are also trained to watch out for autistic children, as well. “Career Change Dogs”--happy and healthy but not suited as a program dog--are adopted out as regular pets to area homes. Our region can be justifiably proud of his and this nonprofit’s accomplishments.  

Sources: “Dogs for the Deaf” at History (With Images); “Animal Trainer Roy Kabat Dies,” Los Angeles Times, November 7, 1986, at Roy Kabat's Life; Pet Meds Blog: Interview with Vaughn Maurice, General Manager, Dogs for the Deaf,” October 17, 2012, at More On Programs.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 04-10-2015
7:15 Dale Matthews from
7:35 Steve Buckstein from Cascade Policy Institute. "Government Imposed Minimum Wage Increases Don't Work For Small Businesses".
8:45 Steve Lightman, the new President of Harry and David.

REP. CARL WILSON talks ethics on the house floor!
6:35 Dan Gainor, VP of Culture and Media at the Media Research Center - Mainstream media editorial pages lambast RFRA at a 10 to 1 ratio.
7:10 Board Chair for the 549C School District Jeff Thomas - We discuss the controversial AP history text issue.
7:50 Crimestoppers with Deputy Chief Brett Johnson

6:35 - Roger Beckett, executive director of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University, Ashland, OH. In a nationally syndicated Op-Ed,  argues that teachers are being mistakenly blamed for U.S. high school students' pitiful understanding of our American history and unique form of constitutional government. Without this knowledge, he asks, how can we expect today’s students to exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship as adults?
7:10 Jackson County Commissioner Doug Breidenthal talks timber payments, and all sorts of other county issues.
8:35 - Joel Marks Adjunct Professor, Southern Oregon University(SOU), Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) & Rogue Community College Presents “AMERICA AT THECROSSROADS- A Constitutional, Economic and Cultural Exploration” starting This Thursday at the Medford Library–205 S. CentralLargeConference Room 6:30 to 8:30. Here's the lineup of classes Joel is putting on. 

April 9, 2015 - Making of America 

April 16, 2015 - Capitalism vs. Socialism 

April 23, 2015 - Principles/Philosophies of the Founders 

April 30, 2015 - Washington Creates America 

May 7, 2015 - Father of the Constitution 

May 14, 2015 - Founding Presidents 

May 21, 2015 – Restoring America

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 04-06-2015
6:35 Sen. Kim Thatcher talks the amendment she wrote to the SB941 gun bill.
8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers "Visiting Past and Present".

Chuck Butler and the Auto Dealerships

By Dennis Powers


A graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles with a degree in business management, Chuck Butler was a partner or owned automobile franchises in Southern California. Deciding that the opportunities were even better with a centering family environment in Southern Oregon, Chuck, his wife Linda, and children moved to Ashland. In 1976, he acquired Pitchford Sales, a small Ford dealership in town on Siskiyou Boulevard (where the Stratford Inn is now). The business had a tiny Ford showroom, two lube bays, and thirteen employees.

From that time on, he showed an ability--which he had to in order to survive, then thrive--to determine where trends and customer taste were heading in the highly competitive Southern Oregon car and truck market. Within three years, he brought in Peugeot and Alpha Romeo lines and moved his headquarters to just outside the Ashland city limits on the complex now on Highway 99 North. He acquired an Acura franchise and in 1988 built its facilities next door.

Knowing that Medford was the center of the regional car market, his next step was to establish a used truck center in 1993; after different locations, he moved this facility in 2001 to Crater Lake Highway. By 2002, his operations in Ashland and Medford had 150 employees and were selling 250 cars a month, nearly twenty times over the 13 cars sold in his first month at Pitchford Sales.

Chuck decided that he needed to diversify his product lines to include lower-priced imports. The quality of the Korean Hyundai and Kia lines in the mid-1990s were so low with declining sales volumes that Lithia Motors later relinquished these local franchises to Butler. He decided to take the gamble that these products would be improved, feeling also that the repair business would be a solid safety net. He was right.

He opened new Kia and Hyundai dealerships, initially pairing Kia with his Acura Ashland operation and establishing Butler Hyundai in Medford. As sales grew, he relocated Kia to Crater Lake Avenue with Hyundai. Owing to positive quality and warranty changes, the sales of Kia and Hyundai outpaced those of Ford and Acura, as these import brands became equals in the import field.

The severe economic decline in 2008 affected everyone’s business--and especially car dealerships. Butler’s operations continued, however, and are again flourishing. At the same time he was working his business, he spent considerable time volunteering in the community. He has served on the boards of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland Community Hospital Foundation, Oregon Cultural Trust, Southern University Foundation, and others, not to mention the San Francisco Region and Seattle Region Ford Dealers Advertising Association. He also has been in real estate development, property management, and numerous other businesses.

To succeed and grow his once small business, Chuck Butler had to visualize markets before they occurred and then navigate with them, just as other successful entrepreneurs have done in our Valley. He has also given back to his community for years.

Sources: Greg Stiles, “Butler Expands Presence,” August 6, 2002, Mail Tribune, at Different Dealerships; Greg Stiles, “Kia, Hyundai make unlikely titans,” Mail Tribune, August 26, 2011, at Relocations and History; See “Butler Auto Group: About Us,” at Operations and “Butler Auto Group: About Us,” at Community Involvement.

3-30 to 4-03-2015

Mar 30, 2015 -- 3:10pm

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MONDAY 3-30-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

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BILL'S GUESTS FOR 04-03-2015
6:35 Former Congressman John LeBouttilier, co-host of Fox News Channel's Political Insiders. (Must watch - Sundays 4:30 on FNC)
7:10 Sheep Farmer Glenn Archambault - talks land use challenge he's had with Jackson County
8:10 Mark Baird, President of a Water Rights Group in Northern California called 'Scott Valley Protect Our Water.' He is also the leading grassroots advocate and spokesman for The State Of Jefferson.


Excellent move on the expanded gun background check bill in Salem! - The vote is delayed until Monday, Kim Thatcher submits amendment, Oregon Firearms says:

The amendment would eliminate the proposed expensive, intrusive and inaccurate background checks that would be required for private transfers, and replace them with a system whereby only prohibited persons would be identified.

Although the details would need some fine tuning, how it would work would be this: If you are a prohibited person, your driver's license would include an indicator, just as it does now for corrective lenses or organ donors.

Non prohibited persons would have no change. If you wanted to transfer a firearm you would only need to see the back of the recipients driver's license or state ID card. If there is no prohibitor the transfer is made with no background check, no fee, no registration and no paperwork.

There will be no record of the transfer and no list of guns or gun owners.

Transfers at dealers would have no changes, except a dealer would have the advantage of knowing beforehand that a person was going to be denied and could save himself the time and expense of running the check.

Because of the speed at which bills and amendments are created, there is no question that there will need to be technical adjustments, but it does put the gun grabbers in an interesting situation. It basically gives them everything they have demanded (a way to prevent transfers to prohibited people) but without the registration they claim they were not seeking. (Of course they are lying about that so now what will they say?)

If the background check system is as easy and reliable as the anti-gun crowd claims it is, they should be totally on board with this idea. Monday promises to be interesting.

4-02-15 GUESTS
6:35 Dale Matthews, Bad, is the open meetings law "Optional"?
7:10 William Peter Blatty, famed author of "The Exorcist", screenwriter, and he's written a new final book, "Finding Peter, A True Story of the Hand of Providence, and  Evidence of Life After Death"
8:10 Ed, "Mr. X". delves into the research about why do the cities punish car drivers. (Medford, especially)

7:10 State Rep. Duane Stark of Central Point
7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau
8:10 Sharael Kolberg, author of "A Year Unplugged". Yep, she tells a fascinating story of having unplugged her family from all high tech. Read an Excerpt, and more info.
8:40 Hailey Ordal, St. Mary's High School Junior, suffers from Type 1 diabetes, and started a support group for this disease. Join her and a slew of medical experts on diabetes this Saturday at the Medford Library main meeting room, 1-4:30 pm.

FROM THE "BOY THAT'S A REAL SHOCKER" Department. Peter Buckley wants more of your money!


6:35 Joe Carter is a Senior Editor at the Acton Institute, an editor for The Gospel Coalition, an Adjunct Professor of Journalism at Patrick Henry College and a contributor to The Stream.   G.I. Joe vs. the Pentagon's Crony Industrial Complex.

7:20 James D. Cooper, director of the upcoming documentary "Lambert and Stamp" - Here's the trailer.

7:35 Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation talks about the universal background check bill - Fight this by CONTACTING YOUR LEGISLATOR.

8:10 Mike Farris an original co-author of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, constitutional lawyer and head of Convention of States Rather than a “right to discriminate,” as some critics charge, Farris argues that the Indiana law is a shield against the government encroachment on freedoms and the practice of our deeply held beliefs.

6:35 Dan Perkins, master writer and author of The Brotherhood of the Red Nile Trilogy, which centers around Islamic nuclear terrorism against the USA.
8:35 Bern Case, Jackson County Rogue Valley International Airport Director
8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers "Visiting Past and Present". We talk Tsunamis!

The 1964 Good Friday/Crescent City Tsunami

By Dennis Powers

The March 27, 1964, Alaskan (Good Friday) earthquake with an 8.7 Richter-scale (9.2 on the moment magnitude scale) spawned a major tsunami that traveled the entire Pacific Ocean basin. After causing multiples of death and destruction at Alaskan coastal towns, the oceangoing tsunami left for the U.S. coast, slamming with their worst effects into Crescent City. Located 15-miles south of the Oregon border, this small coastal town of 3,000 people suffered losses that exceeded the combined effects of all previous tsunamis on the Continental U.S.

The four main surges at Crescent City threw many people late at night into life-risking jeopardy. In the space of two hours, 11 people died, 15 others were missing, 60 injured, 30 city blocks devastated, 289 businesses and homes destroyed or damaged, as well as 21 large fishing boats capsized or destroyed (plus numerous smaller ones) with incredible destruction wrought under a full moon late at night.

When people thought that the second flooding was the last, sightseers and residents alike headed down to see for themselves. Two more waves caught them unaware, the last one 21 feet high when it steamed onto land. The surges leveled an entire downtown, and the fatalities would have been much worse had this occurred during the summer-tourist season.  

The destruction included ripped-out telephone, sewer, water, and gas lines with the bodies of dead animals scattered over land and sea. The bay was littered at its bottom and near solid in places with destroyed cars, boats, appliances, logs, and lumber, as cars and trucks bobbed up and down with the capsized vessels. Tens of thousands of logs from log farms up to Washington covered the beaches for miles in both directions.   

Owing to downed electrical wires sparking ruptured-oil tanks, a bulk tank farm with five, 50,000 gallon tanks and two adjacent oil and gas stations were ablaze. No food, clothing, pharmacies, banking, gas stations, or any amenities were available. Trees were uprooted, asphalt streets ripped out, and 3 million board feet of lumber strewn over land and sea, along with 1,000 wrecked cars, numerous shattered buildings, and countless fish.     

The tsunami then steamed past California to Mexico and coursed around the world two times before finally expending its energy. After the destruction, the city and coast had to rebuild, starting that next morning when 200 men and women just showed up with their crowbars, tractors, and raw hands to start cleaning up--although no official call had gone out. As the undermanned fire department fought to put out fires, the Red Cross set up facilities that cared for over 500 people.

City and county work-crews, state and federal forest workers, and state-conservation-camp prisoners arrived to help with the cleanup. Across the U.S., individuals donated money; the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and others sent in disaster relief; the military was called in; and President Johnson declared this a disaster area.

The stories of ordinary people who rose to extraordinary heights came out. The ocean surged over two fishermen at the Klamath River mouth, pummeling them 1-1/2 miles up the river; the U.S. Air Force later awarded posthumously the Airman’s Medal, its highest award for bravery under peacetime condition, for the acts of one Sergeant.   

The media nationally lionized others, including Gary Clawson, who swam through the tsunami to find a rowboat and save two drowning people, then rescued six others--including his father, mother, fiancée, and three friends--only to unbelievably be the only one who survived when the raging ocean swept the boat and its group through a 200-foot culvert underneath Highway 101, an iron grate plugged with debris at its end.

The sea rose over unsuspecting people just going about their lives.  One nationally followed tragedy involved a family camping by the sea in Oregon (Beverly Beach State Park, one-third down the Oregon coast from the Washington border). Four small children drowned, while their grief-stricken parents survived.

Food, clothing, electrical generators, potable water, and portable sanitation facilities were trucked in. From banks and supermarkets to newspapers and gas stations, employees and citizens alike joined together to restart these normal but essential services. The S.B.A. soon established an office for flood loans and disaster relief. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers arranged for private contractors to demolish buildings and rebuilt public facilities. Aided by federal disaster relief and urban development funds, new dock, breakwater, and boating facilities were built, along with a new downtown center called “Tsunami Landing.”   

In response, the U.S. Government later constructed its West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center in Alaska with monitoring devices along the U.S. Pacific Coast. However, experts feel that an offshore eruption of the nearby Cascadia Subduction Zone, or another Alaskan tsunami, could create a disaster of incalculable proportions. Not to mention that tsunamis have hit Crescent City a total of 34 times since 1934.

Although the 1964 disaster was by far the worst, this area is always a target for even the smallest ones. The March 2011, Japanese tsunami--for example--crossed the Pacific Ocean to sink 11 boats in the harbor, damage 47 others, destroy 2/3rds of the docks, and kill one sightseer. Who knows what the future will bring?  

Sources: Willie Drye, “National Geographic News: California Tsunami Victims Recall 1964's Killer Waves,” January 21, 2005, at 1964 Tidal Wave; “CBS News: Tsunami sweeps 5 to sea, rips out Calif. docks,” March 11, 2011, at Japanese Tsunami Effects; Richard Gonzales, “National Public Radio: California Town Still Scarred By 1964 Tsunami,” at The 1964 Crescent City Tsunami; See generally “West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center,” at Warning Center. Also, Dennis M. Powers, The Raging Sea: The Powerful Account of the Worst Tsunami in U.S. History, New York: Citadel Press (Kensington Publishing Co.), 2005.     

6:35 Amber Smith, Senior Fellow at the Independent Women's Forum AND Former U.S. Army Chopper Pilot, served in combat during deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan. We analyze the latest developments in the plane crash in France.
7:20 Congressman Greg Walden in studio talking timber, budget, sokme of his votes of late.
He's a brave man, sampling the office coffee ;-)
7:40 Dale Matthews from, more interesting developments for the economy. 90 jobs come from puttijng in a roadside marker? Well, that's the claim.
8:10 Eric Peters, libertarian car guy Go to his EXCELLENT site, and read up on how big brother's cars Won't LET you speed
More from BadCounty - Here's a recent video where they discussed bicycle tourism. Is this the right route? Dale wonders, but I figure a lot of these scenic bike paths are pretty narrow. Still, an interesting conversation here:

Looks like your calls to Salem are working - Minimum wage increase is dead. KMED News learns that Senate President Peter Courtney told The Medford/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, plus the Chambers of Klamath Falls and Grants Pass that he is NOT going to take on a minimum wage bill this session.
I figure Oregon legislature Democrats will react to the plane crash in France by writing another law. Look for "Pink" Floyd Prozanski to require Oregon commercial pilots to sign a statement PROMISING to "not intentionally crash the plane before they're allowed to enter the cockpit". Hey, It makes as much sense as low carbon fuel standards, and wage and labor laws that attempt to repeal the laws of economics "because we say so".

3-24 to 3-27 2015

Mar 24, 2015 -- 5:40pm

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MONDAY 3-16-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

6:35 Amber Smith, Senior Fellow at the Independent Women's Forum AND Former U.S. Army Chopper Pilot, served in combat during deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan. We analyze the latest developments in the plane crash in France.
7:20 Congressman Greg Walden in studio talking timber, budget, sokme of his votes of late.
He's a brave man, sampling the office coffee ;-)
7:40 Dale Matthews from, more interesting developments for the economy. 90 jobs come from puttijng in a roadside marker? Well, that's the claim.
8:10 Eric Peters, libertarian car guy Go to his EXCELLENT site, and read up on how big brother's cars Won't LET you speed
More from BadCounty - Here's a recent video where they discussed bicycle tourism. Is this the right route? Dale wonders, but I figure a lot of these scenic bike paths are pretty narrow. Still, an interesting conversation here:

Looks like your calls to Salem are working - Minimum wage increase is dead. KMED News learns that Senate President Peter Courtney told The Medford/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, plus the Chambers of Klamath Falls and Grants Pass that he is NOT going to take on a minimum wage bill this session.
I figure Oregon legislature Democrats will react to the plane crash in France by writing another law. Look for "Pink" Floyd Prozanski to require Oregon commercial pilots to sign a statement PROMISING to "not intentionally crash the plane before they're allowed to enter the cockpit". Hey, It makes as much sense as low carbon fuel standards, and wage and labor laws that attempt to repeal the laws of economics "because we say so".
3-26-2014 GUESTS
7:10 Chris Boucher of the Cannavest Corporation - we talk about the hemp industry, what's
7:35 Kevin Starrett - Oregon Firerams Federation. The Gun Bills are moving, contact the legislature.
8:10 Ken Monk discussing problem with his cousing and a JCSO arrest.

3-25-2015 GUESTS
6:35 Allen Kors is the Founder and CEO of Achieve Lending, the first ever search engine for education loans. Designed to help both traditional and non-traditional students find the best student loans.
7:10 Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams talkin' water bill testimony in Salem, how it affects KBRA.
7:35 Crimestoppers w/Lt. Budreau.
8:10 Melissa Henson,, we discuss that $325,000 FCC tv fine, cable choice.

Had O'Reilly on when I got home, and he was talking about how Ted Cruz probably won't be the GOP nominee. During the commercial break, a PAC ad was pushing the "Ten Year Republican Balanced Budget Plan". I laughed out loud. Critters think we're still that stupid? Any plan which looks out 10 years to work, will never work, and isn't designed to work. No Congress can lock a future Congress into anything. If you're serious, you balance within your term. No one's serious.

6:35 Dr. Merrill Matthews, resident scholar at Institute for Policy Innovation. IRS is downsizing, so the tax code needs downsizing. We also talk Ted Cruz's tax talk, too.
7:10 Big week for legislative moves, we get the latest with State Rep. Sal Esquivel.
7:35 Dennis Linthicum, former Klamath Co. Commissioner, blogs on his Dirt Road Economist Site.
8:10 Jackson County Sheriff Corey Falls.

03-16 to 03-20 2015

Mar 16, 2015 -- 3:55pm

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MONDAY 3-16-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com

6:35 Gary McDougal of the Heartland Institute, co-author of the 2015 Welfare Report Card (Oregon is #45, could be better)
7:15 Marty Rathbun, former 2nd in command of the Church of Scientology, and he's part of an HBO documentary premiering Sunday 3/29 at 8pm "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.
8:10 Mischa Popoff, former USDA-contract organic inspector and the author of the self-published book, Is it Organic?  Arctic Apples Could Be Better than Organics. (He has no inter ests in the Arctic Apple nor Intrexon)
8:35 Katherine Paul, Organic Consumers Association and she has a different opinion of the Arctic Apple, also discusses the state of Maine's GMO labeling issues.

King Obama floats the idea of mandatory voting in the "land of the free". (to go with your mandatory health insurance) Says it would be "transformative". Hmm, Soviet Union required voting, too. Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Greece, Honduras, and a few others still do. Remember, tyrants and police states LOVE mandatory voting, it's how they claim "legitimacy". e.g. "Uh, yeah, people like our system 'cuz 56% of the whole population voted for Presidential fascist "A" vs 44% for Presidential fascist "B". I doubt you're fooled by this, but count on the plan getting pushed.
I, for one, would like to tighten voting requirements. First people I'd disenfranchise? Almost anyone ever making it on "Watter's World" on O'Reilly's show...that segment be damn scary stupid sometimes. ;-0
BILL'S GUEST FOR 03-19-2015
6:35 Rachel Alexander, senior editor at The Stream. The Most Lavish Presidential Vacatios Ever.
7:10 James Wallman, Stuffocation: Living More with Less. Great talk w/James. Do you own your "stuff", or does your stuff own you?
8:10 Who's asking the tough questions about protecting humans from the rise of robots? James Barrat is, and he's done some amazing research in his book Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era.


Back in the 1980s, the brainbirds in Portland developed the idea that
they could manage Oregon’s economy by dictating the use of the
individual’s private property.  For them, it was axiomatic that they
could do a better job of that management than the individual who
happened to own it.  With great fanfare, they proudly introduced the
concept of comprehensive statewide land use regulation to be managed
by a Land Conservation and Development Commission.  (The infamous
LCDC.)  With a great deal of posturing and braggadocio they proudly
proclaimed that in doing so, Oregon was showing the rest of the nation
the way to guaranteed economic success.  They announced that Oregon
was leading the nation.  Of course, as is their wont when proclaiming
their leadership, they never look back to see if anyone is actually
following.  Fortunately for the nation, no one was.

We will skip the issue that such an arrogation of control by the
government is exactly contrary to the conceits of the political
theorist John Locke, and Madison and the rest of the founders that the
primary function of government is the protection of private property.
We will assume, arguendo, that such control is actually
Constitutional.  Our question is how has this worked out?  Is the
managed economy of Oregon leading the nation?

There is not an exact correlation but, in general, qualification for
SNAP (food stamps) is roughly equivalent to income at or below the
federal poverty level.  It follows that measures of SNAP participation
can give one insight as to the overall health of local economies.

According to the data published on the SNAP website, after 30 years of
brainbird guidance, Oregon has the highest percentage of SNAP
participation - 19.4% - of any state in the union.  That means that in
Oregon almost one out of every five people is existing on an income at
or below the poverty level.  (I am aware that the Oregonian has
claimed that two states are actually worse, but I’m running with the
stats published by SNAP.)  These are not exactly results that command
respect for leadership.  It is no wonder that no one is following the

Moreover, the gameplan announced for the economy was the preservation
of Oregon’s key industries: logging and agriculture.  How has that
worked out?  But for global warming and the migration of vintners
north from Napa Valley, we would have logging dead and agriculture
with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.  The only
upside to the Oregon economy is the success of Intel and Nike,
operating in two areas outside the control of the brainbirds.

After 30 years of trying, the brainbirds’ efforts can only be judged
to be an unmitigated disaster.  It is time to scrap comprehensive
statewide land use regulation.  Dissolve the LCDC.  Allow the counties
to return to localized land use zoning to whatever extent local
communities desire it.  Turn loose the free market and we just might
develop an economy Oregonians can be proud of.

Wouldn’t it be great if Oregon could secede from Portland?

It's a great lesson on how to discern truth in news reporting versus P.R.
BILL's GUESTS for 03-17-2015
6:35 Fox News Channel's John LeBouttilier, from "Political Insiders". Read more on his blog
7:10 Retired law enforcement crime prevention specialist Ron Kohl, we talk about protecting yourself from scams. He's conducting two FREE anti-fraud seminars, Friday, March 27th, 1:30pm and 6pm, at the Grove, next door to Ashland Police.
7:35 Dale Matthews, Bad - Why do thieves come to Jo County, to spread hate?
8:10 James Hirsen, attorney and media critic. Growth of Streaming has Big Media Worried.

BILL'S GUESTS for 03-16-2015
735 Mike Wendy, president of, and we talk the 400 page Net Neutrality Monster.
8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, "Visiting Past and Present", (wrestling, below!)
8:45 Lisa Kelly, president of the Greater Grants Pass Rotary. The 9th annual FIRST CRUSH event. Great food, fun, wine, and all for a good cause. Tickets are $40 in advance, and all the info on buying tickets is here.

The Most Successful Valley Sport--Wrestling

By Dennis Powers


Whether looked at now or twenty-five years ago, wrestling is the most successful sport of this region--whether at the high school, collegiate, or national level--although at times the best kept secret. A prime reason is Southern Oregon University’s (SOU) program that dates back to Bob Riehm, SOU’s head wrestling coach from 1969-1994, and then his successor, Mike Ritchey, who has coached for twenty years since then.

Bob Riehm turned the wrestling program into one of the top ones in the country with NAIA National Championships in 1978, 1983, and 1994. During his 25-year run as head coach, twelve of his teams won NAIA regional championships and 18 finished in the top eight at the national championships. Riehm coached 100 All-Americans and twice earned National Coach of the Year honors; the SOU Sports Arena in 2012 was formally dedicated as Bob Riehm Arena for his successes.

Riehm turned the coaching reigns over to Mike Ritchey in 1995, a four-time All-American on his teams, who continued the tradition of winning with scholar-athletes and grooming responsible individuals. Mike Ritchey’s Raiders in their 2014-15 season (14-2 in duals) extended their consecutive winning season streak to 45 years, competing against Division I, II, and III teams. During this streak, the Raiders are 431-140 (a 75% winning percentage) in dual meets.

With a fourth national championship in 2001 under Ritchey, these are the most for Raider sports. For the 2014-2015 season, his team achieved 2nd place at the Nationals, 2nd place in the National Duals, with six All-Americans and two national champions. A three-time National Coach of the Year, Ritchey has had ten top-five NAIA finishes, 11 conference or regional titles, and is a six-time Regional Coach of the Year winner. 

What Bob Riehm and Mike Ritchey accomplished, moreover, was setting up a network of past wrestlers, alumni, and coaching connections that continue to bring exceptional student-athletes into this program. For example, Dan Speasl was a three-time All-American under Reihm, and after graduation had a 30-year career at Crater High School. “Speas” was a teacher and not only the wrestling coach (among other coaching responsibilities), but later the Athletic Director and put wrestling on the map there.

Greg Haga followed Speasl, also played for Bob Riehm, and won a national championship in 1985 at 190 pounds. One of the most successful coaches in Oregon history, he guided the Crater High School wrestling teams to eight state championships in 20 seasons (four consecutive years from 2003 - 2006). Other area high schools with excellent wrestling teams (including several coaches who played under Riehm) are Eagle Point, Phoenix, Talent, South Medford, and Grants Pass, to name a few.

Nationally-recognized wrestling names from here start with the name Gutches. Winning three state high school titles at South Medford High, Les Gutches went onto Oregon State and won NCAA titles in 1995 and 1996. He received the Dan Hodge Trophy as the nation's top collegiate wrestler in 1996, was a three-time Academic-All American, and the 1997 world champion at 187 pounds. An OSU MBA graduate, he now is an executive with USA Wrestling.

Brock Gutches--nephew of Les Gutches--has similarly rose to prominence. He won his fourth consecutive NAIA championship with SOU at 174 pounds recently in 2015, and this was a historical achievement, being the only one at his weight class to win four consecutive ones. Brock won the NAIA Wrestler of the Year award, and the Most Valuable Wrestler at the National Championships. He also won the bronze medal at the 2014 ASICS University National Wrestling Championships in both Greco-Roman and Freestyle competitions, making him the only individual to medal in both styles. In July 2014, he captured third place in the U.S. World Team Trials--all of these matches being against Division I, II, and III levels.  

Nick Amuchastegui is a 2007 graduate of Phoenix (Ore.) High School and a 4-A state champion. He wrestled for Stanford, placed second for two consecutive years at the NCAA wrestling tournament (174 pounds), and won the NCAA Elite 88 Award for the second straight time as the NCAA Championship wrestler with the highest GPA (grade point). The list continues with three-time state champion Eleazar De Luca of Phoenix (Class 4-A) who won a 2013 Junior National Championship. There are more area wrestling successes, but we don’t have the space to name them all.

Sources: “SOU Athletics Hall of Fame: Bob Riehm” at SOU Athletic Hall of Fame; “Mike Ritchey--SOU Wrestling Coach,” at Mike Ritchey Background; see generally “SOU-Wrestling” at SOU Wrestling, as well as the archives at SOU's Wrestling Past;



3-09 to 3-13-2015

Mar 09, 2015 -- 10:04am

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MONDAY 3-09-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

ALL PODCASTS (last 90 days) on BillMeyerShow.Com



Oregon Man In Jail 900 Days but has committed no crime. He's a "material witness" in a murder trial. I had NO idea this kind of stuff went on.



6:35 Ron Hosko, former Assisitant Director to the FBI, and president of the Law Enforcement Officer Legal Defense Fund. We discuss the Ferguson uptick in violence, policing techniques.

7:35 Fred Starkey, expert on PERS, email me if you'd like a copy of his latest, "Oregon Grand Delusion II".

8:10 Eric Peters, Libertarian Car Guy and journalist. Read more at Eric Peters Autos website. Eric digs into Oregon's Tax By Mile trial program starting July.

3-12-2015 News of Note:

1) Kitzhaber/Hayes stench wafts over Salem as Gov. Brown slobber-kisses Gang Green Cronies, Signs Low Carbon Fuels bill, SB324, into law. Look for the real world to get more expensive in order to subsidize unicorn farts-powered transportation.

2) The Medford City council debated regulating marijuana gardens in Medford, including possibly regulating the smell. Hmm, seems a tall order, but whaddya' think about going into business producing charcoal filter odor-absorbing translucent tarps for the growers?

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 03-12-2015

6:35 Dr. Angelo Volandes thinks America's end-of-life care system is broken, so he wrote "The Conversation, A Revolutionary Plan for End of Life Care".

7:10 Dale Matthews with, where he has a video of Jo Co Commissioners discussing why they don't think they "need to discuss" salaries in public any longer.

8:45 Don Montgomery, Jackson County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Coordinator. A week from today, 3/19, they'll start a General Class Ham Radio license class. Free except for the $30 or so cost for the study manual. Great Hobby. Email Kirby Wheeler to find out more and sign up.



The drive to eliminate vaccine exemptions in Oregon is over. Senator & Dr. Elizabeth Steiner pulls SB442 due to rising public pressure. Had it passed, it would have ended vaccine exemptions with the exception of medical exemptions. Dr. Steiner said "There were very vocal minorities from both parties, and they began to wield some influence. This became much more about who's right and who's wrong rather than children's health."

I see the well-intentioned Doctor's version of "right and wrong" through the lens of individual liberty versus the collective hysterical Borg. You're told to be an informed adult, read the labels, etc. But if you read the vaccine label inserts, and decide the out-in-the-open stated risks are not worth the benefits for your child, then you're branded a "kook".

Government's lawful role is quarantine of infected individuals.


6:35 Andrew Bostom, Phd, author of Iran's Final Solution for Israel: The Legacy of Jihad and Shi'ite Islamic Jew-Hatred in Iran

7:35 Crimestoppers with Deputy Chief Brett Johnson from MPD

8:10 Christine Harbin Hanson from Americans for Prosperity. More American Businesses Closing Than Opening

8:35 Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America - VICTORY - BATFE backs away from Ammo Ban.

Heard the Hillary Clinton press conference today. Ooooh, was it one of those slo-mo PR train wrecks which sounded worse the longer it went on. Mitchell tosses a soggy softball, and Turkish Television gets first question. (?) but there was one really good set of questions from a male reporter: "Madam Secretary, State Department rules at the time you were secretary were perfectly clear that if a State Department employee was going to be using private email, that employee needed to turn those emails over to the State Department to be preserved on government computers.

Why did you not do that? Why did you not go along with State Department rules until nearly two years after you left office?

And also, the president of the United States said that he was unaware that you had this unusual email arrangement. The White House counsel’s office says that you never approved this arrangement through them.

Why did you not do that? Why did you — why have you apparently caught the White House by surprise?

And then just one last political question, if I — I might. Does all of this make — affect your decision in any way on whether or not to run for president?"

As to Hillary's answer, it was basically a b.s. version of "the government servers ate/captured my emails".


6:35 Curtis Ellis - Political Communications consultant, writer for, and he writes that we should tell congress to stop fast track free trade authority for President Obama. Write your congress critter on this by logging on

7;10 State Rep Sal Esquivel - Salem update and plenty of bad bills.

8:10 Will Reishman from Strategic Financial talking worldwide money/conditions.


Interesting weirdness bubbling up. City of Gold Hill meets today to reconsider last week's "install cameras in City Hall" rather than install them to watch over crime-ridden businesses. I'm a simple guy, so I say get rid of gov, or ANY employees who take down their pants in front of other employees, but what the heck do I know?

Meanwhile, a gym in Michigan throws out a "normal" (I know that's a loaded term these days) woman for complaining too much about a transgendered man (who thinks he's a woman) changing in the woman's locker room. How DARE she complain about a man in her locker room...after all, we ALL know that gender comes down to what I happen to FEEL I am today. 

Even more meanwhile, we get to vote on taxing marijuana in Jac Co tomorrow, measure 15-133. Tax the pot, and you enrich the Jackson County parasites. Don't vote to tax the pot, and get set for ALL the growers to vacate the cities which have taxes, and start growing ONLY in the county. Damned if you do, or don't, huh?

I don't smoke this stuff, but after all these stories, I'm ready to start!

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 03-09-2015
6:35 Tom Pyle, Institute for Energy Research, and we discuss Harry Reid's Gang Green grease from alternative energy getting spread around.
7:35 State Rep Mike McLane, HD 55,
8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, "Visiting Past and Present"

Lisa Rinna: The Medford Actress Who Made It

By Dennis Powers

Born on July 11, 1963, in Newport Beach, California, Lisa Rinna grew up in Medford, Oregon, after her family moved there. Her father, Frank Rinna, had graduated summa cum laude from the California College of Arts and Crafts; after working for the San Francisco Chronicle in the early1950s for five years as a staff artist, he freelanced on agency accounts for Chevron, PG&E, Pittsburgh Paint, and Harry & David. While working on Harry & David, he was offered the job of Executive Art Director, which involved moving to Medford. Frank retired in 1988 with his famed watercolors featured at the Britt and in different private collections.  

A cheerleader from junior high through high school, Lisa attended Medford elementary school, junior high school and graduated in 1981 from Medford Senior High school. While in high school, she acted in shows as “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Hair”. While there, she dreamed of “a more fabulous life.” She studied drama at the University of Oregon after high school, but dropped out after her first term when she was denied entry to the advanced acting program. 

She moved to San Francisco, where she pursued, and found, a modeling career. In 1986,she had her lips injected with silicone on a whim for that “pillowy” look, along with a “real big ‘boob’ job.” In 1987, she switched gears and moved to Los Angeles to become an actress, landing early roles on TV commercials, guest appearances on “Baywatch,” and appearing in low-budget movies. In 1989, Rinna appeared on her first TV show, “The Hogan Family,” starring Jason Bateman.

Her career took off in 1992 when she took on the role of Billie Reed on the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” This role earned her back-to-back Soap Opera Digest awards in 1994 and 1995, including “Outstanding Female Newcomer.” Following her departure from “Days,” Lisa moved to Fox’s prime-time soap “Melrose Place” in 1996. On “Melrose,” she played the scheming Taylor McBride; this character was also an instant hit and she soon met her future husband, actor Harry Hamlin.

Hamlin had graduated from Yale University with a BA in Drama and Psychology in 1974. He then attended the American Conservatory Theatre's Advanced Actor Training Program from which he was subsequently awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. Hamlin appeared in the 1976 television production of “Taming of the Shrew” and also had the title role in the 1979 television miniseries “Studs Lonigan”—but his big-screen break was the starring role in the 1981 Greek mythology fantasy epic “Clash of the Titans.”

Afterwards, his career faltered but he returned to television in two miniseries, “Master of the Game” and “Space” (based on the novel by James A. Michener). Following this, Hamlin's popularity skyrocketed when he starred on the highly popular NBC legal drama series “L.A. Law,” as the principled attorney Michael Kuzak from 1986 to 1991, during which time he was voted as People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1987. He decided to leave the series and tried to revive his movie career; however, this was unsuccessful and so far he has only starred in B movies and direct-to-video features. Lisa and Harry married in 1997.

In 1998, Rinna created a stir when she posed for a nude cover while six months pregnant (with daughter Delilah Belle; she gave birth to the couple’s second daughter, Amelia Gray, in 2001) in the September issue of Playboy magazine. She posed again and was again the cover model in May, 2009—this time in a skimpy leotard, suit jacket, lacy peek-a-boo bra, and fishnets.          

After “Melrose Place,” she hosted or co-hosted several TV shows, including “Soap Talk” for which she earned four Emmy nominations in the “Outstanding Talk Show Host” category. In 2006, Rinna joined the cast of the second season of “Dancing with the Stars” as one of the celebrity competitors. The appearance helped her (and Hamlin, who was on DWTS during season 3) land the lead role in Broadway’s “Chicago” in 2007—the same year she began her duties as the red-carpet commentator for the TV Guide Network at such events as the Emmy Awards.

More recently, Rinna has written three books, released a series of exercise DVDs, launched a fashion collection (Belle Gray by Lisa Rinna) on TV’s QVC, had a reality show with her husband (“Harry Loves Lisa”) for six episodes, served as Anderson Cooper’s co-host on his daytime talk show—and now continues as a lead in the “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

There is no question that Lisa has used her exotic looks, infectious energy, and savvy business acumen to become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood—and still visiting her parents who still live in Medford. 

Sources: Wikipedia, “Harry Hamlin” at Harry Hamlin; Clive Twitchell, “Britt-Poster Artist”, at Father (Frank Rinna); Bill Varble, “Medford's Lisa Rinna joins 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'”, Mail Tribune, November 28, 2014 at Overview; “Lisa Rinna Bio” at Lisa Rinna (Bio);and “Bio: Lisa Rinna” at More Lisa Rinna (Bio).      

I just think this is an AMAZING machine - H/T to Arline for passing this along.

Hunter Cmelo's family now has reliable transportation! Hunter is the 6-year old in Grants Pass put in detention because family car trouble was leading to excessive tardiness. I talked about it on my show last week, called up Lisa Kelly, and she and Dave agreed to help fix the family was too far gone. So David Stepp talks to his boss, Ron Sherrard, of Rapid Repo, who donates a beautiful Chrysler Minivan. Kelly's fixes up the van big time, Advanced Tire donates 2 new tires, Advanced Glass of Grants Pass puts in a new windshield, many folks donated funds to help, and voila, they're ready to roll! It goes to show what a caring community we live in!

3-02-2015 to 3-06-2015

Mar 02, 2015 -- 1:33pm

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MONDAY 3-02-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

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Hunter Cmelo's family now has reliable transportation! Hunter is the 6-year old in Grants Pass put in detention because family car trouble was leading to excessive tardiness. I talked about it on my show last week, called up Lisa Kelly, and she and Dave agreed to help fix the family was too far gone. So David Stepp talks to his boss, Ron Sherrard, of Rapid Repo, who donates a beautiful Chrysler Minivan. Kelly's fixes up the van big time, Advanced Tire donates 2 new tires, Advanced Glass of Grants Pass puts in a new windshield, many folks donated funds to help, and voila, they're ready to roll! It goes to show what a caring community we live in!
BILL'S GUESTS FOR 03-06-2015
6:35 Dr. Merrill Matthews, Institute for Policy Management resident scholar. More Americans benefit if Obamacare case is lost.
7:10 Matthew Whitaker, Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust Director talks the HIllary Email issue.
8:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation - Bad stuff in new anti-stalking law. Read more and fight it here.


7:10 Dennis Linthicum, former Klamath County Commissioner, and now blogging at The Dirt Road Economist.

8:45 - Great fun coming up this Saturday. Terry Welburn and Frank Scarlotta promote "The Varmint Shoot".  It's happening at the range near the drag strip on Kershaw road in White City. 10 Dollar entrant fee, there's 200 yard pistol shooting, .45 caliber and smaller, Varmint - any rifle in excess of 9.5 pounds, including sights and magazine fired from the bench or prone. Sporing rifle, 9.5 pounds or less, including sights and magazine fired from bench or prone. You have to be there no later than 9:30a to shoot, shooting starts at 10am, BBQ for shooters after the event!



BILL'S GUESTS FOR 03-04-2015
6:15 Prof William Jacobson from Cornell University of Law - We talk about Netanyahu's speech from yesterday. More on his Legal Insurrection Blog.
7:10 Rep. Duane Stark of Grants Pass - latest from the session.
7:35 Crimestoppers with Deputy Chief Brett Johnson
7:10 Automotive Journalist Eric Peters - Ya' Gotta head to his site for wonderful posts on cars, tech, freedom.




What if Republicans in Congress fought as hard and cared enough and defended Republican principles and limited government as strongly as they backed Israel today?

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 03-03-2015

6:35 Dale Matthews from Bad County Dot Com. Hmm, about those Mark VonHolle economic development contracts?

7:10 HD 3 State Rep. Carl Wilson of Grants Pass, Introduces bill to allow districts to opt-out of Common Core Curriculum

7:35 Attorneys William Frances and Pete Carini on why HB2936, which redefines Sobering Centers, could lead to some real civil rights violations.

8:45 BUSINESS INTERVIEW - Advanced Air and Metal, (541) 772-6866, and we talk about their amazing value on getting $20 Off Your First Year of A Planned Maintenance Agreement, 25% Off Of Filters, and so many other advantages. Call them today at 541-772-6866 to find out more.


How many water baloons to stop a .44 Magnum slug?



6:35 Johnathan Webb, of KI's Active Design - studies indicating sitting at work is killing us, and Johnathan's company designs SIT/STAND desks!

7:10 Cory Crebbin, City of Medford Public Works Director - The mysterious world of underground piping and infrastructure, and their efforts to make sure you don't pay too much to keep it all flushing and draining. A lot more complex than you would think!

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers "Visiting Past and Present", and we dig into the Vortex!

The Oregon Vortex

By Dennis Powers

An unusual place rests five miles up Sardine Creek from Highway 234 (which turns two miles later into Second Avenue when in Gold Hill). Calling it the “Forbidden Ground,” Native Americans avoided the area, as apparently did their horses, wild birds, and other wildlife. Despite this, the Grey Eagle Mining Company in the 1890’s built a gold assay office on the site and near their mine. The structure was plumbed level when constructed.

During a heavy rainy season in 1910, a mudslide carried the slanted-wood building down the hill where it slid against a maple tree. No longer plumb or level, the house is still there but rests at a weird angle. Now named the “House of Mystery,” balls inside roll uphill, people stand weirdly, and brooms angle on end. Outside the twisted house, people appear dramatically taller when they shift positions.   

John Lister was a geologist, mining engineer, and physicist. Visiting the area in 1913, the Scottish scientist was intrigued by what he saw. Named the “Vortex”--defined as a fluid or gas circulating around a core with its inside pressure being lower than its outside--Lister later bought the property. He developed it in the early 1920s, conducted thousands of experiments, and in 1930 opened it to the public.

Lister claimed the property was at the intersection of strange forces he named terralines, or energy that causes a repelling (anti-gravitational) electromagnetic field. The story goes that Lister became so frightened by his discoveries that before he died, he burned his notes. After his death, Maria Cooper's family in 1961 left their Gold Hill service station and motel to buy the Vortex. Then in high school, Maria twenty years later quit her job as a social worker to run it when her father became ill. She continued on for years.

The controversy also continues. Balls seeming to run uphill and a pendulum hanging at an angle can be explained by the crazy, skewed building. It’s argued that this effect is caused by the distorted perspective of not seeing the horizon but against the background of converging lines. When visual references are skewed sufficiently, people can actually feel dizzy--which they do. Outside, however, is another story. Photographs of people changing places (one taller than the other) evidence their changing heights, based solely on the new position. Trees grow in weird shapes; people shrink or grow as they walk, one way or the other.

Is this an optical illusion, caused by terralines, or due to a deep metallic core with different influences? The controversy continues today.   

Sources: “The Oregon Vortex” at Vortex; Jeff Barnard, “Woman Seeks Good Family to Take Over Mysterious Vortex,” Associated Press (as published in the Salt Lake Tribune, March 14, 2004) at Oregon Vortex.  


The above picture taken by Hunter's mom, Nicole Garloff of Grants Pass. Due to an unreliable car, Hunter has been late several times for school at Lincoln Elementary in Grants Pass School District 7. Because of tardies, Hunter had to sit behind the "wall of shame" at school lunch. Probably not the best call by school administrators.

UPDATE: HUGE THANKS to Lisa Kelly and Kelly's Automotive in Grants Pass and Medford for volunteering to donate $500 in car repairs to get the Grants Pass mother and father's car fixed. This is the family with the 6-year old boy, Hunter, who was shamed with lunch detention for being late to school several times. I'm kicking in cash to help, same with other KMED listeners.

2-23 to 2-27 2015

Feb 23, 2015 -- 5:44am

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MONDAY 2-23-2015 PODCASTS 6AM  7AM   8AM

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The above picture taken by Hunter's mom, Nicole Garloff of Grants Pass. Due to an unreliable car, Hunter has been late several times for school at Lincoln Elementary in Grants Pass School District 7. Because of tardies, Hunter had to sit behind the "wall of shame" at school lunch. Probably not the best call by school administrators.

UPDATE: HUGE THANKS to Lisa Kelly and Kelly's Automotive in Grants Pass and Medford for volunteering to donate $500 in car repairs to get the Grants Pass mother and father's car fixed. This is the family with the 6-year old boy, Hunter, who was shamed with lunch detention for being late to school several times. I'm kicking in cash to help, same with other KMED listeners.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 02-27-2015

6:35 Julia Seymoure from MRC, Soros money behind the Net Neutrality Takeover

7:15 Anabel Ascher, The Frugal Goddess, author of Whole Food at Half Price–30 Days to Healthy Eating Without Breaking The Bank

8:10 John Charles, Cascade Policy Institute - The Case of the Disappearing Backyard. (Land use policy run amok)

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 02-26-2015

7:10 Rich Richmond, founder of ministry, and Russian minister Vitalik Dudukolov, lives in Ukraine, and we discuss what's really going on there for Christians there.

7:35 Jackson County Sheriff Corey Falls

8:35 Nicole Garloff, mother of 6-year old Hunter, the Grants Pass Student noted at the top of this post.


Sing with me: "I'm Proud to be an Uh-Merican, where we used-to-be-quite- free" Tomorrow is the final big net neutrality takeover by the FCC. More than 300 pages of rules and regs. (which you aren't allowed to see) Even some Dems worried about this...making the internet "fair" will be a massive increase of government control and taxation. Brace for your internet permit in the "land of the free".

Perhaps I'm being impolite for noting that all those "Good Republicans" elected to the House could defund the FCC, too...Along with DHS immigration, and about 100 other federal agencies not authorized in the constitution. We're told to elect R's to rightly shrink the size of government, and repeal Obamacare, but somehow it's never the right know, there's an election coming'll make Obama look good, wait until we have a Republican in the White House, let the courts handle this, etc.

It's almost as if the party just tells us it wants to shrink government in order to get votes, but it doesn't really mean to. I know that's how it looks, but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation. <sarcasm OFF>

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 02-25-1015

6:35 Sean Noble with American Encore. In his latest column for, American Encore President Sean Noble discusses FEC Democrats’ plan it censor the internet and how it will only further bolster moneyed interests.

7:35 Crimestopper with Lt. Mike Budreau

8:10 Richard Greenberg, author of Raising Children Other People Want to Be Around. His website is Richard and I kick around this trend of cops cracking down on "free range parents', including investigating parents letting their children walk home alone from public parks.

2-24-15 Last Day for Radio Shacks in Medford - RIP

Just happened to drop by Bear Creek Plaza today, needing some solder, thought I'd see if RadioShack had any left during their shutting down sale. (Nope, had to go to Bi Mart)  It ends up that our local Radio Shacks closed for good today. I was the last paying customer, and they shut down when I left, starting to move out the fixtures. Got a huge box of cables, adapters, some cellphone b.s., parts, for about a penny on the dollar. It was like closing a door on a big part of my life. All those years building projects brought back all sorths of RS memories - The battery of the week club, 100 in 1 electronic kits, shortwave and ham radio gear, lifetime guaranteed gold pin vacuum tubes. Great memories of learning to build things. Radioshack may yet live on, being co-branded with some remaining Sprint stores, perhaps even a revived online presence.


6:35 Dale Matthews from - Problems with the county software, looks like they're going to cut their losses, but the taxpayers lose close to half oa a $600,000 investment.

7:10 House District 55 State Representative Mike McLane has an update on the latest legislative action.

8:10 Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation - Gun Bills are going to start moving Thursday, be vigilant.


Gov Kate Brown said it would be "speculative" to ask if she'd pardon disgraced Gov. Kitzhaber. (A simple "no" would have sufficed.)


6:35 Liz Peek from the Fiscal Times Dot Com, Obama's Immigration Setback is a Gift to the GOP.

7:15 Terrorism expert and former Army Lt. Colonel James Jay Carafano, author of of the new e-book Surviving The End: A Practical Guide For Everyday Americans In the Age Of Terror.

7:35 - David Beatty, former Jackson County Sheriffs Deputy

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, "Visiting Past and Present" segment

8:35 Mark Hutto with Jay Austin and Company Coin and Jewelry Exchange


The D’Autremont Brothers and the Old West’s Last Train Robbery

By Dennis Powers


The completion of Tunnel No. 13 beneath the Siskiyou Pass in 1887 allowed Southern Pacific to connect California and Oregon by rail. Located a short distance east of the historic pass, the grades on both sides of the Siskiyou Summit are steep. Some thirty five years later, the D’Autremont brothers saw this as the ideal location to pull off what’s considered to be this country’s last Old-West-style train robbery.

On October 11, 1923, the train was traveling from Seattle to San Francisco and cresting the Siskiyou Summit after its Ashland stopover. Awaiting the lumbering train was 19-year-old Hugh D’Autremont and his twin, 23-year-old brothers, Ray and Roy. They had heard rumors that the train was hauling nearly $500,000 in gold. They decided to stop the train at the 3,107-foot-long Tunnel 13, because it would be easy to get onto as it slowly chugged its way to the crest. The grade to the north of the summit is 3.67%, the steepest one on this trip.

Roy and Hugh jumped onto the train when it slowed to test its brakes, while Ray waited at the tunnel’s other end with the dynamite. They jumped onto the baggage car and climbed over the coal tender. Leaping down into the engine cab, Hugh with his gun drawn ordered the engineer to stop, which he did at the south end of the tunnel. As coal smoke began to leak into the cars, the passengers were upset, of course, but didn’t know what was going on.  

When the postal clerk locked himself inside the mail car, the twins packed their dynamite against one end and ignited the explosives. Not knowing what they were doing, the immense explosion destroyed the car, ripped open one side, and killed the clerk. Hearing the explosion and choking in the dense smoke, the passengers staggered towards the end of the tunnel and away from the wrecked track and train.          

The unfortunate brakeman managed to make his way out through the thick smoke, but his appearance startled the brothers. Ray with a shotgun and Hugh with a .45 semiautomatic opened fire and killed the man. Knowing that they didn’t have time or any money or gold in sight, the D’Autremonts shot and killed the train engineer and fireman, the only witnesses they believed had seen them. Wiping their feet in creosote to keep the bloodhounds from their scent, the brothers fled into the woods. Despite an extensive manhunt by local posses, angry railroad workers, Oregon National Guard troops, and even federal personnel, the brothers had managed to disappear.            

With four men murdered and mangled car remains, it was maddening to the authorities that this crime couldn’t be solved. It wouldn’t have been, but for a forensic scientist by the name of “The Wizard,” Edward O. Heinrich, who was pioneering in the use of forensic science to solve criminal cases. A scientist in a University of California-Berkeley laboratory, he received from law authorities the scant evidence left behind: a single pair of coveralls and inconclusive passenger testimony.

In a few weeks, Heinrich informed them that their “coverall man” was white, light complexioned, had light-brown eyebrows, a mustache, medium-brown hair, and was near 5-feet, 10-inches tall. He was a logger in the Pacific Northwest, left-handed, and very meticulous about his appearance. The man smoked and when caught, Heinrich said he would probably be wearing a new jacket and a bowler hat. When Roy D’Autremont finally was caught, he was smoking a cigarette and wearing the jacket and hat.          

Wizard Heinrich, also called the “Edison of Crime Detection,” determined that the “dirt” discovered on the overalls was not oil or grease, as the police had thought, but fir pitch from Douglas fir needles peculiar to the Northwest. The man with the coveralls was left-handed, since in swinging with his left hand, his right-side pocket would face the tree and collect wood chips, as found in that pocket. In a breast pocket, Heinrich discovered fingernail clippings, rolled-up cigarette butts, and mustache wax that indicated that this person was a vain man.          

The definitive clue found was a crumpled up, mail receipt, deep in a pencil pocket, and signed by Roy D’Autremont. The address was in “Lakewood, N.M.,” where the brothers and their divorced mother had lived in 1920. Although the D’Autremont brothers had left the area, assumed new identities, and started new lives, they were eventually caught. In 1927, Hugh was arrested while in the Philippines with the military; he had been fingerprinted when joining the Army. The twins were soon arrested in Ohio.          

The brothers were tried in the Jackson County courthouse in Jacksonville, convicted, and each one sentenced to life in prison. Paroled in 1958, Hugh died from cancer a few months later. Roy had a mental breakdown in prison and was given a frontal lobotomy; he died just a few months after his 1983 parole. Ray’s sentence was commuted in 1972 by Governor Tom McCall, and after working years as a part-time janitor at the University of Oregon, he died in 1984.

Sources: Finn J.D. John, “13 was unlucky number for train passengers, robbers alike,” Offbeat Oregon, April 5, 2009, at Train Robbery (With Image); Jeff LaLande, “The Oregon Encyclopedia: Siskiyou Pass,” at Siskiyou Pass; Bill Miller, “The ‘Wizard of Berkley’ & the D’Autremont brothers,” Mail Tribune, August 30, 2009, at Forensic Scientist Heinrich; Paul Fattig, “The (not so) Great Train Robbery,” Mail Tribune, October 11, 2012, at Film and Additional Information.


2/16-20 2015

Feb 19, 2015 -- 12:46pm

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Gov Kate Brown said it would be "speculative" to ask if she'd pardon disgraced Gov. Kitzhaber. (A simple "no" would have sufficed.)


In all seriousness, Oregon's Low Carbon Fuel Bill is nothing more than corrupt corporate cronyism at its worst. Rich urban liberals drive hybrids, subsidized by poor working southern Oregonians being forced to pay more for their liquid fuel. Eric Peters writes about this scam:

There is an episode of the TV show Top Gear involving a Prius hybrid and automatic weapons. God, I wish I could afford to do the same to a Tesla.

Unfortunately, I (and thee) are too poor to afford a Tesla. But that doesn’t mean we won’t continue to be forced to “help” Elon Musk build these mobile – just barely (and briefly) monuments to crony capitalism. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 02-20-2015

6:20 Got Secession? Historian Richard Engle writes a story delving into a serious "what if". Find out more about "The Last American President" and read a free sample chapter at

7:35 John Charles, President and CEO from the Cascade Poicy Institute discussing the real costs of Low Carbon Fuel Standards.

8:10 Greg Reeser, NRA Certified instructor, and Terry Welburn of Welburn Weapons and we kicked around safer ways of concealed carry.

Remember how measles was dealt with back in the bad old days?


Sen. and Dr. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, "Good" Portland Dem, sponsors SB 442, which would eliminate any non-medical vaccine exemptions. "Good" Repub Dr. Knute Buehler testifies in favor of it, too. So you stupid parents aren't smart enough to know what to do regarding YOUR child and vaccines, but I bet these same doctors would totally think you're smart enough to ABORT that child in the womb.

I miss the days when "science" was a process, rather than a politicized agenda forced upon people through threat of government violence. Whether it's vaccines, or global warming, or nutritional pyramids, it's all from the same rotten tree.

I'm old enough to remember when "Science" said it was perfectly safe for expectant moms to take Thalidomide for morning sickness. "Flipper babies"? Oh, so sorry. Vioxx? Science says perfectly safe. If you died of a heart attack, Oh, so sorry again. Science says "Stop butter, go low fat, no meat, and go on statins to stay healthy". So now we have an epidemic of fat diabetics inflamed on margarine-based processed carb crap diets with faded brains from the statin side effects. Oh, does anyone remember "Doctors recommend Lucky Strikes" for their patients?

Listen, I took my vaccinations, but the schedule for me was about 1/3 what Pharma shoves at kids these days. We're turning into a "whatever isn't prohibited is required" society, and that should concern everyone, no matter their take on vaccines.

Looks to me like both of the above noted doctors would agree with the late dictator Benito Mussoline: "Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state."

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 02-19-2015

6:15 John Wohlstetter, Senior Fellow at the New York- based (Herb) London Center and the Seattle-based Discovery Institute. He is the author of the issues weblog, Letter From The Capitol and began a bi-weekly podcast July 2013.

7:10 House District 55 representative Mike McLane, talks with Bill about the new governor, and the lingering scandal, and the push to push the Gang Green agenda through no matter what with the Low Carbon Fuels Standard.

8:10 Ron Gibson, interim chair and Hal Anthony, both from the Jefferson Mining District. What ever happened to the lawsuit filed against the Oregon power structure, including Kitzhaber, Sen. Bates, and others?

2-09 to 2-13 2015

Feb 09, 2015 -- 6:19pm

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Truth: Dems called for and got Kitzhaber to resign (imo) NOT due to noble "Thinking of the State of Oregon/Rule of Law/Trust in Government" issues, but simply because they had a harder left-winger in the wings. I wanted him to stay in office, fight, and ooze political puss all over the feckless leadership that circled the wagons and covered up for him all this time, but 'twas not meant to be.

Boy, does Oregon know how to push politicians down the 'ol cloaca. Gang Green scamming Johnny and Cylvia, Crazy David Wu in his tiger stripes, Bob Packwood grabbing behinds in DC, Former gov Neil Goldschmidt boinks an underage girl, Wes Cooley did his military version of a Brian Williams story...But Dennis Richardson??? HE was toooooo EXTREEEEEEEEME.

This state really does get the leadership it deserves.


7:15 Dr. Robert Miller, physician in academic and private practice for over 30 years and is the author of The Microcosm Within: Evolution and Extinction in the Hologenome. During that period, there have been spectacular advances in biology, medicine, genetics, and microbiology. Combining his unique observations about patterns of disease from medicine with current scientific discoveries in many other fields has lead to revolutionary insights in biology and evolution and encouraged his novel and provocative insights into our co-evolutionary journey with the microbial microcosm within each of us.

7:35 Ken Fawcett, Jackson County Republican Party Chair - Lincoln Day Dinner is next Saturday, David Horowitz is the keynote speaker. Only a few tickets left, and here's where you can get them.

8:10 KSFO morning personality and former meteorologist Brian Sussman - His new documetary "It's Easy Being Green, When You Don't have a Choice".

Here's the trailer!


"Awwwww Isn't That Cute?" BREAK




6:35 Dr. Merrill Matthews from the Institute For Policy Innovation. Yes, illegals Will Get Welfare from Obama's Amnesty.

7:10 John L. Casey, former NASA engineer, and author of the acclaimed "Dark Winter: How The Sun is Causing a 30-year Cold Spell".  You can head to and get it for less.

(H/T to Kevin Gee) County Commissioners discuss 2nd amendment protection proclamation last week. County Administrator Danny Jordan tells me that a proclamation is tentatively scheduled to be voted on NEXT Wednesday 2/18.


6:35  Julie Gunlock is the author of From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism is Making Us Afraid of Everything and How to Fight Back and she is the Director of Independent Women’s Forum’s Culture of Alarmism Project, We talk about the feds backtracking on "no butter".

7:35 Crimestopper with Lt. Budreau

8:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation - Status of numerous 2nd A protection county proclamations is the gun topic du jour.


BILL'S GUESTS FOR 02-10-2015
7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel breaks down the latest legislation worked on in the Salem session.
7:35 Author and speaker David Horoqwitz. David is the guest speaker at the jackson County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner happening Saturday, 2/21 at the Country Club. There are still a few tickets available. Go to the website for info and to purchase tickets
8:10 Will Reishman of Strategic Financial talks about the politically-managed jobs report, why Greece should repudiate its debt, other dollar news.

This whole Kitzhaber First Shackup-Gate gets interesting as Cylvia Hayes hires Whitney Boise for her criminal defense attorney. She's looking at tax legal problems at the very least. Mail Tribune opines that "Call for Resignation is Premature". Nope, sorry, MT, you are SOOOOO wrong. Calling for Kitzhaber's resignation is not the same as a criminal conviction. The governor, the CEO of Oregon, needs to not have the APPEARANCE of corruption, not just judged legally innocent of corruption, in order to lead effectively. The people's trust is clearly broken.
6:35 Dale Matthew from Bad VA services director gets a pretty big raise, but services are cut...
7:10 City of Medford's Public Works Director Cory Crebbin - We discuss repair and upkeep of the roads...quite a science behind the engineering. 
8:10 Toni Woolsey from Trail talks her opposition to the natural gas pipeline proposed to run from Malin to the coast.

2-02 to 2-06 2015

Feb 02, 2015 -- 12:14pm

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BILL'S GUESTS FOR 02-06-2015

7:10 Dr. Grazie Christie - board member of The Catholic Group. Really interesting op-ed on Real Clear "Kelvin Cochran's Religious Liberty, And Yours"

7:35 Former State Rep and gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson - His take on the Kitzhaber scandals of late.

8:10 Local Historian George Berry, and how a 1911 he purchased from an online firearms auction led to connections with not one, but TWO medal of honor winners.

Here's a photo of the 1911 from Jim Flynn, first Medal of Honor winner at Pearl Harbor.

And here's a great clip of Jim McGynty, who led Berry to the 1911 above.


(H/T to Lowell Nicolaus)


7:10 Sheriff Corey Falls talks the new management structure, patrols, crime, 2nd amendment protection proposal before the County Commission.

8:10 Ed, Mr. X, back on the case. This time following the lines of influence from Bill and Hillary Clinton's "Imagining America". Source article is worth your time:

"De-Imagining America, Because Our College Campuses Aren't Far Enough to the Left"

BILL'S GUEST FOR 2-04-2015

6:35 John LeBouttilier, co-host of Fox News Political Insiders. (Great show, Sundays, 4:30pm on FNC) Why Elizabeth Warren will Run in 2016

7:10 Rep. Duane Stark updates folks on the latest for the state session.

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau

8:10 Greg Roberts from discussing an interesting development regarding wolves never having really been eradicated here.

(From Progressives Today) KNOW YOUR ENEMY


BILL'S GUEST FOR 2-03-2015

6:35 Liz Peek, The Fiscal TImes.Com columnist, financial expert. "Forget Deflategate, Here's the Real NFL Scandal". NFL is a non-profit!

7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel updates the latest state legislature activity.

ARTICLE I WAS MENTIONING THIS MORNING - "World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out on What Really Causes Heart Disease"

BILL'S GUEST FOR 2-02-2015

7:10 County Administrator Danny Jordan on BLM road closures

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, "Visiting Past and Present"

8:35 Alex Rogers from Ashland Alternative Health - We talk about OMMP under attack in the legislature? Upcoming Medical Marijuana Business Conference info IS HERE.

The Greatest Male Southern Oregon Athletes

By Dennis Powers

This listing is based on athletes who went onto the professional or world level in their sport. Folks will debate this, including the women--but that’s the fun. With thanks to Tim Trower, Sports Editor of the Medford Tribune, considerations can be: the impact on their sport (i.e., Dick Fosbury with the revolutionary “Fosbury Flop”); who competed at the highest level (i.e., Les Gutches, a world champion); or who was the best in high school (numerous).

Sonny Sixkiller: Lettering in football, basketball, and baseball at Ashland High School, Sixkiller was the starting quarterback in 1970 for the Washington Huskies as a sophomore. He led the NCAA in passing as UW posted a 6-4 record, a vast improvement over its 1-9 record in 1969. Although missing four games as a senior in 1972, he finished his college career with 385 completions for 5,496 yards and 35 touchdowns, and held 15 school records. The Huskies posted consecutive 8-3 records in 1971 and 1972. Not selected in the NFL draft, Sixkiller had tryouts with different teams. Although he didn’t play in the NFL, he did for two years in the World Football League before it folded.

Andy Mauer: Maurer played football for Prospect High on the Upper Rogue River, earning All-American honors in 1966, and then for the University of Oregon. He played eight seasons as an offensive lineman in the NFL for different teams (Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, and the Denver Broncos). He played in two superbowls: Super Bowl IX as a member of the Vikings and Super Bowl XII with the Broncos. A coach for years with Cascade Christian High School in Medford, his football team won the Class 2-A State Championship in 2006.

Chad Cota: Chad Cota played football at Ashland High School and then the University of Oregon. A strong safety in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers drafted him in 1995; Cota played for the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts, and the St. Louis Rams over eight seasons before retiring in 2003. Named to the Carolina Panthers, 10-Year Anniversary Team as a safety, his interception in the end zone on the Steelers final possession preserved the victory to clinch the 1996 NFC West Division title.  

Jeremy Guthrie: Guthrie attended Ashland High School, where he excelled in basketball, football, and baseball, including the classroom where he was class valedictorian. After high school, he attended BYU before transferring to Stanford, where he was a starting pitcher. He started in the major leagues with the Cleveland Indians in 2004; in 2007 with the Baltimore Orioles through late June, he ranked 2nd in ERA and allowed more than two earned runs in just 1 out of 10 starts. He tapered off to end with a 7 - 5 won-loss record. Through the end of the 2014 season with the Kansas City Royals, his record is 83 - 100 (wins-losses) in 10 full seasons with a 4.23 ERA (earned run average per nine innings), and continues to play in the Major Leagues.

Kyle Singler: Singler attended South Medford High School and was a four-year letter winner in basketball, playing also football and baseball. He was all-conference first-team as a tight end and defensive back (2004), and an all-state quarterback (2005). South Medford won a 2007 state basketball state championship, and he was named the 2007 Oregon Class 6A Co-Player of the Year (sharing that with Lake Oswego’s Kevin Love, now with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers). The 2007 state championship game--Singler versus Love--resulted in the 58-54 title-game win. He was a first-team, Parade All-American and All-USA Today selection.  

            Playing four years for Duke, his team won the national NCAA championship in 2010, and he was named the NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player, as well as the 2010 Sporting News College Athlete of the Year. Singler helped Real Madrid defeat FC Barcelona to win the 2012 Spanish King’s Cup and is now playing full-time for the Detroit Pistons. He is currently averaging 7.3 points and 2.5 rebounds per game (23 minutes played) for the 2014-2015 year.

Les Gutches: Winning three state high school wrestling titles at South Medford High, Gutches went onto Oregon State and won NCAA titles in 1995 and 1996. He received the Dan Hodge Trophy as the nation’s top collegiate wrestler in 1996, was a three time Academic-All American, and the 1997 world champion at 187 pounds.

            Gutches again medaled in 1999, when he won the bronze in the world championships. Other first finishes in international competitions were at the 1999 FILA Wrestling World Cup, the 1999 Pan American Games, and the 1998 Goodwill Games. An OSU MBA graduate, he now is an executive with USA Wrestling.

Marshall Holman: Attending Medford High School, Marshall Holman’s last PBA bowling title was in 1996 at the PBA Ebonite Classic, eight years after he had last won a title. The first bowler on the PBA to surpass $1.5 million in earnings, Holman won 22 titles (11th all-time), including two U.S. Opens and two Tournament of Champions titles. Holman was a large draw when bowling was very popular on television and the alleys.

            He was the youngest-ever winner in the Tournament of Champions, topping the field in the 1976 event when he was 21 years old. He was a three-time winner of the George Young High Average award, and earned nearly $1.7 million on tour. Holman is ranked 9th on the PBA’s 2008 list of “50 Greatest Players of the Last 50 Years.”         

Dick Fosbury: At a 1963 track meet in Grants Pass, Fosbury (as a sophomore at Medford High) spontaneously created a high-jumping style of his own, totally fracturing what had been taught before. Leaning with his shoulder 45 degrees to the bar, he arched over on his back, and later broke the school record of 6-foot, 3-inches. The Medford Mail Tribune in 1964 gave a story lead of “Fosbury Flops over the Bar,” and so came the name of the “Fosbury Flop.”

            He placed second at the state championships in his senior year (1965) and ultimately perfected his head-first leap to twist and land full on his back. Fosbury won the Gold Medal at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games by clearing 7-foot, 4-1/4-inches, breaking the Olympic and American records. Top ranked in the world following his 1968 victory, Fosbury won his second NCAA title the next year, before placing second in the National AAU meet. His technique is used now by nearly all high jumpers, and he is a past president of the World Olympians Association.

Jonathan Stark: Stark grew up in Medford and attended South Medford High School. He played tennis for Stanford University, where he was a singles and doubles All-American in 1990 and 1991. He reached the NCAA doubles final in 1991. During his tennis career, he won two Grand Slam doubles titles (the 1994 French Open Men’s Doubles and the 1995 Wimbledon Championships Mixed Doubles). Stark reached the World No. 1 doubles ranking in 1994. Over the course of his career, he won 2 top-level singles titles and 19 tour doubles titles. His career prize-money winnings totaled over $3.2 million and he retired from the professional tour in 2001.  

Scott Lewis: Lewis was born in Grants Pass in 1965 and moved to Medford when he was 10. He played baseball in the Medford Little League, Babe Ruth, and Senior Babe Ruth leagues. After sustaining a broken neck in a swimming accident his junior year at Medford Senior High, Lewis came back to lead Medford to the 1984 state championship with a 10-1 record. On a scholarship, he played four years at UNLV and then played 10 years of professional ball, including five with the California Angels. His major league career for five seasons was 9-9 with an ERA of 5.01.

Bob Wolcott: Wolcott was an All-American baseball pitcher with North Medford High School (1992). He played all or part of five seasons in Major League baseball for the Seattle Mariners (1995-97), Arizona Diamondbacks (1998), and Boston Red Sox (1999). Wolcott had an overall 16-21 won-loss record with a 5.86 ERA before a shoulder injury sidelined him. Picked to start game 1 of the 1995 American League Championship Series against the Cleveland Indians, he rose to the occasion with the Mariners winning that game.

Jason Allred: Allred attended Ashland High School, and he and his brother were national whitewater rafting champions. He worked as a whitewater raft guide after college (Pepperdine). His biggest thrills in golf included winning the 1997 U.S. Junior Championship and competing in the British Open and U.S. Open. Out of 63 PGA golf tournaments, he has had two top-ten finishes and has made 23 cuts.

Sources: See Wikipedia, for example, “Wikipedia: Sonny Sixkiller at Sonny Sixkiller, through Bob Wolcott, “Wikipedia: Bob Wolcott,” at Bob Wolcott. Facebook pages also exist, for example, with Jeremy Guthrie. “Googling” the name brings the latest news.


Bill's Guests for 1-30-15

6:35 Dale Matthews at, and we discuss the video below.

Don't Laugh... (H/T to Dale Matthews)

7:10 Larry Pratt, Gunowners of America - Loretta Lynch another gun grabber?

8:10 Dr. William Forschten, author of "Day of Wrath". How would ISIS pull off a real attack on U.S. soft targets? This book explains it all.


1/26-1/30 2015

Jan 25, 2015 -- 12:45pm

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Bill's Guests for 1-30-15

6:35 Dale Matthews at, and we discuss the video below.

Don't Laugh... (H/T to Dale Matthews)

7:10 Larry Pratt, Gunowners of America - Loretta Lynch another gun grabber?

8:10 Dr. William Forschten, author of "Day of Wrath". How would ISIS pull off a real attack on U.S. soft targets? This book explains it all.



I love the Bud Ad for Superbowl, such heart...


BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-29-2015

7:35 Kevin Lamson from "Hearts With a Mission", and their Homeless to Hopeful Benefit run you can join in on Valentine's Day at Harry and David field.

8:10 State Senator Doug Whitsett discusses the big tax increases proposed at next week's session.



Greg Stiles at the Trib says Medford's Darigold plant closes next month, yes (you know it's coming) environmental regs - wastewater handling, employee and food safety. Perhaps these 29 workers can go to work for Gang Green's most-favored recreation industry? Yeah, rent the kayaks out on the Rogue...fair trade, right? So, is the old plant truly a danger, or does it not meet the ever-increasing requirements of the progressive fascist regulatory state? This means all harms are to be reduced to the point where no one stays in business, and only the biggest, baddest, most politically-connected firms can make a plant "pencil"


6:35 John Biver, political editor and columnist at, and his latest piece really nails it: American Conservatives' French-Bashing Is Mostly Psychological Projection.

7:10 Mr. X. talks of the BLM road closures

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau

8:10 Former Klamath County Commissioner Dennis Linthicum, read his new blog The Dirt Road Economist, and we discuss school choice week, and why it's so important for our freedom and republic (the restoring of it, that is)

8:35 Bill Macy from Avamere Health and Fitness Center promotes a new aquatics safety progrm they're offering in partnership with the Easter Seals Society to help autistic children learn water safety.



6:35 Michael D. Farkas, CEO of the Farkas Group, and his site is, we talk about whether 2 dollar gas means the death of the electric car. He thinks NOT!

7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel

7:35 Local scholar, author and lecturer Steven Scholl, who co-authored Muhammad: The Prophet of Islam. Steven speaks on this topic Sunday, 12 noon at the United Church of Christ in Ashland. (Free)

8:10 Will Reishmans from Strategic Frinancial talking the dollar news, Greek elections, Swiss currency moves, and why it matters to us.


Fed and State policies break our legs, then we're supposed to be grateful for them handing us a crutch? Medford City Council digs into a study it paid for detailing abject poverty in certain sections, low home ownership rates. The goal seems to be making things look bad enough to qualify for (wait for it, wait for it) FEDERAL GRANTS. You knew it was coming, didn't you?

This is what our local governments are reduced to...suckling pigs on rotting fed teats, and they never root for the root cause of the problems. Why are there such issues? How about the tens of thousands of pages of restrictions, land use, enviro lockups, licenses, permits, codes, wage laws, medical requirements, gang green push for "Recreaaaaaation jobs", AND a drugged out underclass. The governments will look ANYWHERE for a program, a grant, a subsidy, rather than doing what's needed: Reverse course and let up on the tyrannical boot.

If southern Oregon didn't exist, and people just showed up here, could they even build a southern Oregon today? I doubt it.

You'll be in ABSOLUTE AWE over what archer Lars Anderson can do...

Take THAT, Robin Hood. :)

BILL'S GUEST for 01-26-2015

6:35 Avi Davis, the editor of The Intermediate Zone and President of the American Freedom Alliance. His commentary on Israel and the Middle East has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and The American Thinker.

7:10 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts

7:15 Gary Bray - local author of The Republic of Texas 2022 . This story is a look at a world as it could be if the producers were not only trusted but encouraged, and the welfare state was to be replaced by a more self-reliant society. This is the age old battle between government control and free market forces.

7:35 Ken Webber, brother in law of Samantha Shilts. She and boyfriend Mark Pierce are wanted in the strangulation death of a North Carolina man.

8:35 Sandy Ficca, and we're talking of the next event in his "Use Your Gift Foundation" .

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, "Visiting Past and Present".

Rogue Valley Manor

By Dennis Powers

In the early 1950s, senior facilities did not exist as they do now. When the Reverend Ross Knotts--then pastor of the Ashland Methodist Church--couldn’t find an acceptable facility for his retired father, he decided that one should be built on Barneburg Hill in southeast Medford. An ecumenical group of Methodists, Episcopalians, and Presbyterians came together with him on this plan, and “The Manor” was incorporated in 1955. Different civic, professional, and other religious leaders joined together to push the concept into reality.

On November 4, 1961, the Rogue Valley Manor (“RVM”) held its opening ceremony, and the famed announcer, Paul Harvey, broadcasted his show from Medford’s KMED that day about the new “Barneburg Hilton.” Constructed on the highest hill in Medford, the city’s tallest building at eleven stories--turquoise-colored with two twin, higher ends--looks down over the Valley and was built by people of faith.

The Manor expanded afterwards to where it now includes three more multi-story buildings, apartments, private care suites, a healthcare center, nine-hole golf course, and other amenities. The facilities cover all of the needs of its senor citizens: independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care, private care, and even memory care for residents with Alzheimer’s. Among different awards received, Hospitality Design and Lodging magazine in 1999 awarded to RVM its Gold Key Award for excellence in senior living design.  

However, the story doesn’t end here. To focus on reaching a broader community, the Manor’s Board of Directors in the 1980s decided to form a completely new corporation to oversee this outreach effort. Incorporated in 1990, the new organization was named, “Pacific Retirement Services (‘PRS’)” with RVM as a subsidiary. Today, PRS develops, operates, manages, and markets numerous retirement communities throughout the U.S.

It is the 13th largest nonprofit provider of senior living services and care in the nation, serving approximately 5,000 residents with 3,200 employees. The communities owned outright are: Capitol Lakes (Madison, Wisconsin), Cascade Manor (Eugene), Hollywood Park Plaza (Portland), Mirabella-Portland, Mirabella-Seattle; Rogue Valley Manor, Trinity Terrace (Fort Worth, Texas), and the University Retirement Community (Davis, California).

In 2010, the Manor completed a $65 million construction project that included the Manor Terrace to the south (a five-story, 120,000-square-foot building). In 2013, differences arose between the RMV and its corporate parent, PRS, resulting in a settlement with an independent board of directors, a cap on PRS management fees for three years, and a credit back of certain monthly fees to the residents. The initial 1961 building is now undergoing an $8 million project to replace windows, change the building’s color, and add new air conditioning and heating systems.

Sources: “Rogue Valley Manor: History, Values, and Mission” at RVM History; Pacific Retirement Services, generally, at PRS and PRS Communities; Damian Mann, “Building the ‘Barneburg Hilton’,” Mail Tribune, April 14, 2013, at RVM Start (with Images)

1/19-23 2015

Jan 19, 2015 -- 5:50pm

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(from the video description) This was the documentary David Crowley was working on when he supposedly killed his wife, 5 year old child and himself. Friends, family and co-workers have said they do not believe it. That he was a great person, with a promising career and an extremely happy homelife. They believe he was murdered.



6:30 Actor Michael Raymond James, plays the part of Paul Revere in the 3-episode miniseries "Sons of Liberty", premiereing Sunday night at 9 on History Channel (Channel 49 on Charter Cable)

7:35 Terry Schofeld from Rogue River talks of the 2nd Amendment strengthening ordinance which he's submitted to Jackson County. He's working to apply political pressure in opposition to various gun grab bills that Democrats in the state legislature are planning on springing on we the people.

8:10 Todd Gaziano with Pacific Legal Foundation - Supreme Court digs into a Fair Housing case, discrimination issues.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-22-2015

7:10 John Whitehead,  constitutional attorney and founder of the Rutherford Institute - Big win for government whistleblowers, and we talk more on the surveillance state, and your civil liberties

7:35 Dale Matthews,, Commissioner Cheryl Walker blames Bad Co for Josephine County's lack of economic development...yes, really!

8:10 Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation, he's headed to Yamhill County - ordinance 011415 there would set a tone of not enforcing any further gun restrictions from Salem.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-21-2014

6:15 Rick Manning, president of Americans For Limited Government -, SOTU reaction.

7:10 Dr. Merrill Mathews, Institute for Policy Innovation, more analysis on post SOTU.

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau

8:10 Cevin Soling, author of "The Student Resistance Handbook". Interesting POV, that the current government school system is tantamount to child abuse, and it needs dismantled.

Stagnant air advisory in the Rogue Valley through next Tuesday - here's proof.

TAKEN TODAY ON PHOENIX BALDY MOUNTAIN - Beautiful above, fog and bitter cold below.


BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-20-2014

6:35 Dan Gainor, T. Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow at the Media Research Center's Business and Media department. Dan wrote a great piece on Townhall detailing the media hypocrisy shown over Tom Steyer, the liberal uber-billionaire who wants to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer in California. 

7:10 State Rep. Sal Esquivel, and we talk the upcoming session and the incredible 50 ways to tax the folks that the legislature will look at.

8:10 Ruth Broadman, president of the Jackson County Republican Women....Go to their website, and download the forest initiative we talked about, sign them, pass 'em around.


This story in the UK Daily Mail details the CIA involvement in murdering a U.S. screenwriter on their payroll. According to the sources, this screenwriter, Gary Devore, was ready to blow the whistle on the REAL reason for George H.W. Bush invading Panama. It was all about Noriega's "honey pot" photos he had of numerous American officials in trysts with women (and men). Can't wait to hear the "crickets" from the American lickspittle media. You think Bill O'Reilly will be "looking out for the folks" and setting the record straight?

Where I would disagree with conclusions of the story is that it's more likely the invastion had more to do with covering up CIA drug running connections, pretty much a secret out-in-the-open these days.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-19-2015

6:35 Rev. Steven Louis Craft, a member of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network. Interesting man, and we discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Legacy.

7:10 Jac Co Commissioner Doug Breidenthal, timber, timber, and the progress on getting control of all that public land.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, Visiting Past and Present:

The World of Asante and Ashland Community Hospital

By Dennis Powers

On November 15, 2012, Ashland Community Hospital (“ACH”) and Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center (“Asante”) announced ACH’s agreement to “partner” with Asante. ACH’s first choice of Dignity Health--the San Francisco-based, fifth largest hospital system in the country--withdrew its offer when final closing conditions couldn’t be agreed and it ran into community “residual resistance.” Some residents were concerned that its ties to the Catholic Church would restrict women’s birth-control access and the requests of dying patients for lethal prescriptions under Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.

With Providence and Asante in the final “pool,” Asante was the pick for cash-strapped ACH’s need for a financial rescuer. The Ashland City Council in February 2013 approved Asante’s letter of intent to “affiliate” with ACH and final approval was given in little over three months. (The City of Ashland owned the facilities that were under lease.)    

Ashland transferred its ACH ownership and the real estate. In return, Asante contractually agreed to continue operating ACH as a general hospital for the next 15 years; invest $10 million in capital improvements over the next three years; and assume some $8 million in debt with $6 million in pension obligations. It agreed to “make every effort” to offer employment to present ACH employees, and the hospital is one of Ashland’s largest employers with 400 employees (behind city government’s number of workers) and pays the highest average wage.

Asante’s takeover, however, is as important to its future as to the much smaller ACH’s survival. With both facing the rigorous complications of ObamaCare’s” legal requirements and changing Medicare/Medicaid regulations, Asante assured itself of one less Rogue Valley competitor and increased its patient base as the controversial “Affordable Care Act (“ACA”)” changed the ways the healthcare industry did business.     

Owing to lower Medicare reimbursements, a high Medicare/Medicaid payor mix, less economies of scale, stringent regulations, and uncompensated care, ACH had declining revenues and reserves for previous years. For example, ACH lost $4.2 million dollars in fiscal 2012; profitable Asante produced $515 million in revenue during its fiscal 2012 from its Medford, Grants Pass, and ancillary healthcare operations.  

Upheld by the Supreme Court in a controversial 5-4 decision, the laudable objective of the ACA was to expand health care coverage to some 30 million people by 2019. The provisions to force this greater good, unfortunately, is also debatable and complicated. Hospitals aren’t reimbursed per service provided, for example, but on changing regulations, such as the overall health of the population treated. Reimbursements can be withheld if a patient returns to the same provider for the same problem within a short time period--regardless of fault or severity of condition.

As hospitals absorb more of the financial risk of care, the size of an organization has become very important. A larger system adding on a smaller hospital should realize cost savings by reducing overhead (i.e., personnel and data systems that are combined). Leverage is gained when negotiating with suppliers and third-party payers. It’s believed that the debt Asante incurred from the acquisition can be erased over time by these economies of scale and reduced overhead; its acquisition is definitely a harbinger of the future. Becker’s Hospital Review detailed throughout the country more than 80 mergers and acquisitions of hospitals in one, three-month period alone.

Under ObamaCare, some one-half of its funding was intended to come from Medicare cuts over time, when practitioners and hospitals already are having cash flow problems from previous cuts and complex regulations. Doctors and hospitals must utilize very expensive databanks and software tools to provide the required quality of care--plus pay to maintain and update these expensive databanks. The large question: Will our system be able to adequately handle the large increase of patients, residents/citizens or not, who require medical care?--especially in a constantly changing political climate.   

As to ACH, its operations continued under Asante to lose money but at a decreasing rate: $3.6 million in fiscal 2013 (ending September); $1.5 million in 2014; and a hoped-for break-even in fiscal 2015. Among the changes put in place since the merger: a computer system that uses correct insurance codes; use of nursing assistants to free up higher-paid nurses; as support staff leave jobs, each position is reviewed as to its need; discount buying power under Asante; elimination of duplicated functions in marketing, technology, and the like; and an increased use of the surgical center due to a greater patient base, among other factors.

As to Ashland’s once community hospital, the sign outside reads “Asante--Ashland” but now under new management with little Ashland City Council influence.

Sources: “Asante: Ashland Community Hospital to Partner with Asante,” at, ACH and Asante; Greg Stiles, “Vital Signs: Asante examines big picture for smaller hospitals,” Mail Tribune, February 3, 2013, at Smaller Hospitals in Today’s Time; Sam Wheeler, “Ashland gives OK to Asante hospital merger,” Mail Tribune, June 5, 2013, at Merger Approved. Vickie Aldous, “Quick Recovery: Asante merger stanches Ashland hospital’s bleeding finances,” Mail Tribune, December 14, 2014, at After the Merger.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-16-2015

7:35 John Lenz (John from Jaspers) discussing the crushing minimum wage rules, mandatory sick leave, much more coming from the legislature. Asking for your help in fighting this in the legislature. If you could go to John's webpage, get the info, and touch in with Senator Bates and Peter Buckley to work on keeping this bottled up.

8:10 Becky Akers, Revolutionary historical novel author, blogger, fearless defender of liberty. Her last book, Halestorm (about Nathan Hale) was incredible, her latest is "Abducting Arnold", telling the truth about Benedict Arnold. To celebrate Arnold's birthday this week, Becky is offering both of her novels together at half price for a limited time. She's a FANTASTIC storyteller. 


1/12-16 2015

Jan 12, 2015 -- 5:24pm

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BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-16-2015

7:35 John Lenz (John from Jaspers) discussing the crushing minimum wage rules, mandatory sick leave, much more coming from the legislature. Asking for your help in fighting this in the legislature. If you could go to John's webpage, get the info, and touch in with Senator Bates and Peter Buckley to work on keeping this bottled up.

8:10 Becky Akers, Revolutionary historical novel author, blogger, fearless defender of liberty. Her last book, Halestorm (about Nathan Hale) was incredible, her latest is "Abducting Arnold", telling the truth about Benedict Arnold. To celebrate Arnold's birthday this week, Becky is offering both of her novels together at half price for a limited time. She's a FANTASTIC storyteller. 

MORE FROM BADCOUNTY.COM - Mayor calls pot dispensary owner a liar. Hmm.


Ashland Fire and Rescue gives away a 1990 reserve fire truck to the sister city of Gunajuato, Mexico, today. I'm reminded of a quote from Congressman Davey Crockett. A voter once told him to effectively go to hell after having cast a vote in favor of giving tax money to citizens who had suffered in a fire, and it was not expressly allowed by the Constitution. (Along with most of what Congress gives your money for these days)

Anyway, the constituent charged Crocket with "giving what was not yours to give". That's my belief concerning what AFR did. That truck had value, and taxpayers were forced at the barrel of a government gun to pay for that truck when it was first purchased. Go ahead, google "used fire trucks", and you'll find all sorts of 1990 fire trucks for sale, 20-40,000 bucks or more. (here's an example) It's not yours to give, Ashland Fire and Rescue....that's the TAXPAYER'S fire truck

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-15-2015

6:40 Bad's Dale Matthews - I lose the hamburger  bet, Jo Co Commissioners give 5K in lotto funds for a park, claiming it will help generate 117-to some 200 full time jobs.

7:10 Tom Giovanetti, president of the Institute for Policy Innovation, and we talk President Obama's plan to have government broadband internet everywhere.

7:45 Jo Co Commissioner Cheryl Walker responds to the 6:40a Bad County claims about park funding.

8:10 John Casey, retired NASA scientist, author of "Dark Winter, How The Sun Is Causing a 30-year Cold Spell". You can go to and donate at least $5, and get a free copy of the book, too!

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-13-2015

6:35 Neal McCluskey, Cato Insttitute, Free Community College Education?, No Thanks.

7:10 Sal Esquivel, state representative, plenty of bills dropping for the session, not many of them good.

7:35 Cliff Thomason, lead petitioner for a state initiative for local control of local lottery dollars. Read more at

8:10 Fred Starkey, Harbor Lights Investment, and today it's more talk on Fred's opinion that PERS can NOT be paid. Email Fred Starkey if you have any questions or comments.

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-12-2015

6:15 John Wohlstetter, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, author of the excellent Letter From The Capitol blog. John weighs in on the Paris attacks.

7:10 Dale Matthews, Bad County.Com, and a talk about an economic development grant requested in Josephine County...folks want to continue fixing up a park, claiming it will help generate jobs.

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, Visiting Past and Present

Southern Oregon’s Outdoors: And Not Heeding Its Warnings

By Dennis Powers

Our region is blessed with natural beauty and enjoying its outdoors. Despite the warnings of Mother Nature, however, people still find themselves in dangerous situations even when not on a rampage. Despite the swift currents and cold temperatures, people die every year when attempting to swim over the Rogue. Not knowing trails or losing direction, others become lost and die. Snowstorms catch people unaware. Kayakers sail into treacherous rapids or rafters dump into whitewater. Much of the deaths and injuries are due to simply not understanding the power and treachery of where they are.

Bear Camp Road is a prime example of what not do in winter—that is, travel over it. This is a rugged mountain road crossing the Klamath Mountains in Oregon. It’s the only route to the Oregon Coast between the California-Oregon border and Rogue River. A paved, one-lane high-mountain road with infrequent turnouts and a few gravel sections, numerous motorists have become stranded for days or weeks on Bear Camp Road or the gravel roads that branch away. 

The road made national news in late-November 2006 when James Kim, his wife Kati, and their two daughters tried it to make Gold Beach. They missed an Interstate 5 exit to their intended route, Oregon Route 42, and decided to take Bear Camp Road instead. Late at night they accidentally turned off it and wound up lost 16 miles down a side road. A snowstorm then trapped them.

After spending six days waiting for rescue, James Kim left their car to seek help. Believing that the small town of Galice was only four miles away (they were over 30 miles away), he left and after 10 miles of walking through high snow, turned into Big Windy Canyon. His body was later discovered there, a victim of hypothermia. Searchers found his family over a week after they were marooned.   

In 1994, a man traveling over Bear Camp Road died after becoming stranded for nine weeks. The victim, Dewitt Finley, was a camper salesman from Montana. Attempting to drive from Gold Beach to Grants Pass, he became snowbound. His body wasn't recovered until May 1995.

In March 2006, six members of an Ashland, Oregon family found themselves stranded in their snowbound motor home for two weeks. Their RV became snowbound on the spur road to the Calvert BLM Airstrip. After one week, two members of the group hiked out to find help, and BLM employees on a routine patrol came about them by accident.  

Whether on Mt. Shasta or the Crater Lake rim, not paying attention can have disastrous repercussions. Among dozens and dozens of missing, unaccounted-for-venturers, one snowshoer (Cam Parnell) rented snowshoes at Rim Village in May 2014. Searchers never found his body, but discovered tracks along the Garfield Peak trail, ending at a point where it appeared a cornice--or large overhang of snow--had collapsed into the lake. Melting snow and extremely dangerous terrain at that point limited search efforts.

Although severe weather conditions can occur year-round, Mt. Shasta is not a difficult mountain to climb. At least 50 people have died over time when climbing its slopes, however, due to falling rocks, becoming disoriented and slipping over the wrong side, or from hypothermia. Thousands of people reach the summit safely every year.   

You don’t even have to be lost in the mountains. Rachel Rice, a 46-year-old diagnosed schizophrenic, was last seen walking barefoot along Old Stage Road on Aug. 2, 2005. Rice was a lifelong Rogue Valley resident, a former honor student, and the mother of two who had struggled with a 20-year battle with mental illness. On the day the woman disappeared, she made her way to a friend's home off Old Military Road. The friend gave Rice shoes, a straw hat, a clean shirt, a bottle of water, and some chocolate. Over seven years later, a miner reported finding what he thought were human remains in a remote area that could be hiked into only from the 3000 block of Old Military Road. It was Rachel Rice. She had disappeared on a blistering hot summer's day; likely dehydrated and overheated, she probably had died from exposure.

Then, there is the Rogue River—and not paying attention. The early pioneers named Blossom Bar due to the many azaleas that grew on the river’s north side. It has a deserved reputation as being the riskiest Class IV rapid on the river’s 33-mile section between Grave Creek and Foster Bar. While the great majority of rafters and boaters navigate this huge-boulder-strewn part, seven people have died since 2007 in the last seven years. Given the numbers of people (up to 120 daily) who run the Rogue’s wild section, those with limited experience, and the potentially serious result from a mistake, one thanks the “river gods” that this number is not higher.

We think about near close-calls, even this writer when kayaking down whitewater. Still, the most unsafe activity of all is not when enjoying nature. Driving our cars remains the single most dangerous activity we undertake each day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), two out of three motorists will become involved in an injury accident during their lifetime. Each motorist can expect to be involved in an accident once every 10 years, and there is a 1 in 20 chance that the crash you have will involve a serious injury.

Still, enjoying our remarkable outdoors means paying even more attention to when you are there.  

Sources: Wikipedia, “Bear Camp Road,” at Bear Camp Road; “Crater Lake snowshoer who went missing in April still hasn't turned up,” Mail Tribune, Aug. 8, 2014, at Missing Snowshoer; Sanne Specht, “Missing woman's autopsy finds no signs of foul play,” Mail Tribune, January 20. 2013, at Missing Woman; Crater Lake Institute, “Crater Lake National Park News--Mishaps,” at Crater Lake Mishaps; “About.Com Climbing: Facts about Mount Shasta,” at Climbing Mt. Shasta ; Mark Freeman, “Another reminder of river’s dangers,” Mail Tribune, July 19, 2013, at Blossom Bar; “Drive Safely” at Driving Statistics



1/5-9 2015

Jan 07, 2015 -- 10:20am

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Funny...recall during the campaign when the GOP promised that when they controlled the Senate, they'd work on Fridays? You guessed it, they're technically in session today (Friday) but all the senators headed for the airport late Thursday!



John Kerry irritates (as usual) with his puffoonery concerning the Paris massacre, 12 at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine murdered by jihadists. Kerry says that "Freedom of Expression" will live in spite of this attack. This coming from the same putz who just signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. Kerry, and his ilk, desire to disarm people who want to LIVE, not just "express" freely. Note that Paris is yet another in a long list of "Gun Free Zones" under attack by jihadists and other criminals who ignore the gun-free memo.


BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-07-2015

6:35 Josh Bernstein from AMAC - We're Talking about the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, went into effect just before Christmas. How will this affect you?

7:10 Rep. Duane Stark of Central Point

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau

8:10 Bad County Dot Com's Dale Matthews - Josephine County Commissioner Simon Hare "Hosed" by Bias in reporting? Here's the clip:



Commissioner Colleen Roberts sworn in by Judge Mejia

Commissioner Rick Dyer was sworn in next

Followed by Sheriff Corey Falls!

Interesting reactions from some reports I've received from today's swearing in ceremonies - seems like many judges and outgoing officials, don't even try to hide their true feelings of incoming officials. The good old boy network seems "in a snit". (Pardon me while I shed a crocodile tear, or two ;-)

BILL'S GUESTS FOR 01-05-2015

6:35 Don Nielsen of the Discovery Institute, and former entrepreneur and member of the Seattle School Board. Has written a new book on education reform:  “Every School: One Citizen’s Guide for Transforming Education,” Nielsen delivers a blistering call to action to America’s politicians, educators, and parents: Reform or watch more generations of U.S. children fall behind.

7:10 Dale Matthews, public advocate, BadCounty.Com. Dale and Bill discussed the Dimmick Tower controversy. County contracts for the old hospital tower demolition, budget for 3 floors to be taken down...only problem is it was FOUR towers. (Close enough for gov work?)

8:10  Dr. Dennis Powers, and today's "Visiting Past and Present".

The Circle of Teran
By Dennis Powers

In 2003, hand surgeon, Scott Young, and his wife, Robin James, built their home on an 1,100 acre Ashland property on Butler Creek Road that they named the “Circle of Teran”. Robin is the daughter of the founder of the Raymond James investment/financial services company, and who also writes spiritual books under the name of “Sulara Young.” In “Messages from Mathias,” she channels the wisdom of one of her guides, Mathias. Her husband, Dr. Young, became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada, as well as head of plastic surgery at different Canadian hospitals—and is known to be a shaman. When in Ashland, he also was a plastic surgeon.

With sweeping Rogue Valley views, their 11,000-square-foot residence has 11 bedrooms, most with private baths and balconies; a commercial-grade kitchen; a great 10-sided, double-story room with a marble fireplace, interior balcony and giant stained-glass skylights; and a climate-controlled, glass-tropical conservatory where bananas, mangos and plumeria grow. Other features include ponds, a 5,000-square-foot barn with horse stables, a 200-foot-wide lavender maze (that takes 30 minutes to walk through), and windmill-and solar-generated power.

The property was named after a son, Teran, who died at childbirth—and took on spiritual dimensions. The two owners operated it as a spiritual retreat and follow the religious tenants of the Mexican Huichol Indians: Shamanism, including being in a trance-like state during rituals, is a way of life for the Huichol, including living in harmony with nature.

An ongoing debate ensued between the Youngs and Jackson County over the Circle of Teran’s status as a church, its proximity to Ashland’s urban growth boundary, and its location on land zoned for only farm use; disputes continued with the county over buildings erected without permits and spiritual workshops conducted in apparent violation of county codes.

State land-use laws prohibit new church construction on land zoned for exclusive farm use that lies within three miles of an urban growth boundary. This battle was still going on when the couple listed the property for as much as $10 million. In 2009, the state Land Use Board of Appeals determined that since golf courses and parks are allowed in these zones, religious organizations had to be treated the same as secular ones—and allowed them to operate a church there.

After years of unsuccessful listings with a series of real estate agents, they decided to auction the property. The high bidder at the July 1, 2014 auction made a $1.525 million bid for the hillside estate and its lands. And who was this? Ashland hotelier, Doug Neuman. While at the Medford airport, he had placed the winning bid over the phone and--to his surprise--won.

Doug and Becky Neuman own the Neuman Hotel Group, which includes Larks Restaurant, the Waterstone Spa, the Ashland Springs Hotel, Lithia Springs Resort--plus the Inn at the Commons (formerly the Red Lion Hotel in Medford) and the Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites (once the Windmill Inn, at the south end of Ashland).

The Youngs had invested about $8 million in their Circle of Teran Ranch, but newspaper accounts stated that they were not disappointed when it sold for only $1.5 million. By then, the couple had moved to Kihei, Hawaii, where Scott Young opened a new practice as Dr. “Genesis” Young and his wife, as a massage therapist. They continue their spiritual practices--and he is available for shamanic healings in person or by long distance telephone.  

Doug and Becky Neuman are considering uses for the property, such as a bed and breakfast and winery, as well as continuing the Youngs’ bee operation. The Neumans currently live in a European-style chateau on a 160-acre farm, where they grow cider apples, corn and a variety of beans, and don't plan on moving. Although the former owners did not eat meat, drink alcohol, or wear their shoes in the house, they gave the Neumans their blessings to do whatever they wanted with the place.

“The Circle of Teran features a great room with marble fireplace, interior balcony and stained-glass skylights.”

Sources: Damian Mann, “Ashland shaman claims land is sacred,” Mail Tribune, November 1, 2007, at Zoning Controversies; Janet Eastman, “Circle of Teran in Ashland auctioned for $1.5 million,” The Oregonian/Medford Mail Tribune, July 2, 2014, at Circle of Teran Auction; Teresa Thomas, “Surprise! You've bought a 1,120-acre estate. Now what?” Mail Tribune, July 17, 2014, at Successful Bidder; images are at Circle of Teran Pictures; see also, Dr. “Genesis” Young at Dr. Young and Sulara Young at Sulara Young (Robin James) and Website


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