11-21 to 11-23-2016

11-21 to 11-23-2016

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6:15: Paul Batura, VP of Communications for Focus on The Family chats with Bill about his book:

Chosen For Greatness: How Adoption Changes The World.”

A collection of heartwarming stories of 16 well known adoptees, including the late Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs, country music icon Faith Hill and the late 38th President of the United States Gerald Ford.

You can get Paul’s book right here at Amazon.com, or anywhere books are sold.

7:35: Crimestoppers with Medford Police Department’s, Lt. Kerry Curtis joins Bill in studio for The Case of The Week.

Click here for the Case of The Week.

8:10: Dr. Merrill Matthews, Resident Scholar from the Institute for Policy Innovation joins the show.

President-Elect Donald Trump promised that he will repeal the “disaster,” known as Obamacare. But, now, even some top Republicans are saying that they like some parts of the plan, including pre-existing conditions. Dr. Matthews and Bill talk it over.

See more at: ipi.org. And, read Dr. Matthews piece on Forbes.com:

The Preexisting Condition Provision Must End For A Republican Replacement Plan To Work.”



Unsettling that Trump demurs on going after Hillary, don’t you think? Perhaps part of a bigger plan, but I’m not convinced at this time.  Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway says “Look, I think he’s thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the President of the United States, and things that sound like the campaign aren’t among them.”

Oh-Kaaaaaay, but there’s a lot in governing that sounds like the campaign, that’s why they call them campaign promises. To go from “Lock Her Up” to “I won’t pursue charges”?

I’m hoping this is merely telegraphing that President Trump won’t be directly involved. Hints of this are in the story’s final statement: “Trump’s decision not to pursue charges against Clinton would not prevent congressional Republicans from opening investigations and referring them to the Justice Department for charges.”

BILL’S GUESTS FOR 11-22-2016:

6:15: Lance LoRusso, attorney and former law enforcement officer, chats with Bill. Lance is author of the books:

When Cops Kill: The Aftermath of a Critical Incident,” “Peacemaking,” and “Blue News.”

Is there a slowly escalating war on law enforcement in America? Lance LoRusso says, yes. He and Bill will talk it over.

See more at lorussolawfirm.net.

7:10: Dr. Christopher Gildemeister, Head of Research Operations for the Parents Television Council joins the show by phone.

In a new study of primetime broadcast television, the Parents Television Council found that the networks are increasingly creating and airing programs in which teenage and even child characters use overtly sexualized and adult language.

During the study period of February-May 2016, language used by child and teen-aged characters included: (bleeped) “s**t” and “s**tting,” (bleeped) “f**k” and “f**king,” “erections,” “boobs,” “penis,” “masturbating,” “nymphomaniac,” “ass,” and more.

Find out more, and read the study itself at: ParentsTV.org.

7:35: Sal Esquivel, Oregon State Representative calls in, to chat with Bill about the Legislature’s next session, Sanctuary Cities and other issues effecting you.

8:10: Jim Welsh, with Parent’s Rights in Education

Parents Rights in Education has caught wind that the resurrection of the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference has begun. What does this mean for your young schoolchildren, and what can you do to fight against it?

See more at parentsrightsined.net.

Documents we discussed (you’ll be shocked at some of this )

K-12 proposed Sex-Ed Standards

K-12 Sexual Health

Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence Prevent 2




6:35: Tyler MacInnis, Policy Analyst for the Oregon Center for Public Policy talks with Bill this morning.

Why exactly is Oregon one of the states of the Union with a high level of food insecurity? A new report from the Oregon Center for Public Policy says why. Tyler MacInnis and Bill will talk it over.

Read the report at: ocpp.org.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself, from RogueWeather.com himself calls in to bring to you, The Monday Outdoor Report, powered by Water World Boat & Powersport.

7:15: John Anthony, founder of the Sustainable Freedom Lab joins Bill on the phone.

Is HUD gaining even more control on American cities? John Anthony and Bill will talk about it.

Read John’s article on the subject right here, and check out other things at sustainablefreedomlab.org.

8:05: Scott Lloyd, financial advisor with Edward Jones in Beautiful Downtown Jacksonville calls in to bring to you, The Edward Jones Monday Market Report.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Scott you can click right HERE. Or, give Scott a call at: 541-899-1905.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, joins Bill live in studio for this week’s “Visiting Past & Present,” segment.

Films made in Southern Oregon

By Dennis Powers

Southern Oregon has had its share of feature films, independents (“indies”), and made-for-TV filmed here. In the 1975 film, “Rooster Cogburn,” John Wayne played the one-eyed, alcoholic, out-of-shape federal marshal who met and was won over by Katharine Hepburn’s tough, New England schoolteacher character. The river float scenes were filmed on the Rogue, and dating back to this film, John Wayne made Deer Creek Ranch, located one mile west of Selma, his private hideaway.

In 1960, the television show “Route 66” televised two episodes set in Grants Pass, Merlin, and Wolf Creek. As Marshal Matt Dillon in “Gunsmoke,” James Arness dove into the cold Rogue River waters while escaping outlaws; this series was the country’s longest-running, prime-time, live-action drama that ran for over 20 seasons. The 1994 film, “The River Wild,” was filmed on the Rogue and with film stars Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep.

Despite these well-known features, it turns out that the famous cliff-diving scene in the 1969 film, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” did not happen at Hellgate Canyon. The Rocky Mountains provided the cliff and river scene with the precipice duplicated on a Hollywood soundstage. The filming of two stuntmen jumping from a crane into a water tank was combined with a painting of the river and bluffs on glass.

Jacksonville with its turn-of-the-century buildings has been another favorite. For example, “The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid,” was filmed there in 1970 and released two years later. Universal Pictures had the town appear like the 1870s where Jesse James and his gang had tough problems robbing a bank, including where an outlaw was locked inside the vault. Planks were laid over concrete sidewalks, telephone poles removed, and streets covered with dirt; when the producers asked for extras, needing only 200, thousands of area residents showed up with many in western garb. In addition, a prior remake of “Last of the Wild Horses” (1948) and a made-for-TV rendition of “Inherit the Wind” (1987) were also filmed in that town.

Owing to a favorable movie-making climate, more Indies are being filmed in this area now and with well-known actors and actresses. The great majority of the near–forty productions filmed in part or their entirety in Southern Oregon within the last ten years are Indies. Two recently made were “Redwood Highway” and “Night Moves.”

In late 2012, crew members in the movie, “Night Moves,” came to eat at Porters restaurant in the historic Medford downtown railroad depot. Liking the setting, one of the members approached a co-owner and asked if they could shoot a scene there. Porters agreed and later could add a film credit to its list of TV commercials. The movie is about three eco-terrorists who conspire to blow up a dam, and the production was filmed from Roseburg to the Applegate Valley, Medford, and Ashland. “Night Moves” features Jesse Eisenberg, who had the starring role as Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in the box-office hit, “The Social Network,” as well as Dakota Fanning, who has appeared in dozens of movies including “War of the Worlds.”

“Redwood Highway” is about a woman (Marie) who was living in a retirement community in Southern Oregon, but embarked on an 80-mile journey on foot along the Redwood Highway to the Pacific Ocean. Premiered in 2013, Marie is played by Shirley Knighta Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe winnerwho was twice nominated for an Academy Award. Tom Skerritt, who acted in “Alien,” “Top Gun,” and “A River Runs Through It,” is in a supporting role. The locations ranged from Cave Junction and downtown Grants Pass to the Applegate River Lodge, Talent, and Ashland.

With the outdoors and amenities of this area, the snap of a scene set with the shout for “Action!” is being heard even more.

Sources: Bill Miller, “Hellgate Canyon Rogue River landmark is a Hollywood favorite,” Mail Tribune, June 21, 2009, at The Hellgate; Ryan Pfeil, “The Stars Were Out,” Mail Tribune, October 23, 2012, at “Night Moves”; Nick Morgan, “Redwood Highway,” Mail Tribune, May 23, 2014, at “Redwood Highway”; for more, generally, use an Internet search engine.



6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, and columnist for NetRightDaily.com chats with Bill.

President-Elect Trump is quickly filling spots on his Cabinet. Are they good choices, or not so good choices? Bill and Rick will kick it around.

Be sure to check out American for Limited Government at: getliberty.com.

And, read Rick’s articles on: NetRightDaily.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself, from RogueWeather.com himself calls in to bring to you, The Monday Outdoor Report, powered by Water World Boat & Powersport.

Greg and Bill also discuss the sudden and looming departure of Jackson County Sheriff Corey Falls.

7:35: Liz Peek, columnist for FoxNews.com, and TheFiscalTimes.com, talks with Bill.

Is the liberal media’s attacks on President-Elect Donald Trump, actually helping the future 45th President to succeed? Well, Liz and Bill discuss it.

Read Liz’s article at FoxNews.com:

Yes, President Trump will succeed. Here’s the incredible reason why.

Also check out: LizPeek.com and follow Liz on Twitter: @LizPeek

8:05: Tom Cook, financial advisor with Edward Jones in Beautiful Downtown Eagle Point, calls in to bring you The Edward Jones Aloha Friday Market Report.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Tom, you can click right HERE. Or, give Tom a call at: 541-826-1886.

8:10: Sandi Cassanelli, former Josephine County Commissioner joins the show by phone.

Is the Josephine County Board of Commissioners granting too much power to the county’s code enforcement officer? We’ll find out when Bill and Sandi discuss it.


VERY IMPORTANT READ – Catherine Austin Fitts – U.S. Presidential Election – The Productivity Backlash If the Trump election reflected a backlash, it was the backlash of the productive against the subsidized, particularly the richly subsidized. READ MORE.

ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT READ – Eric Peters – What It Costs – a chilling breakdown of the EPA fatwa against VW.

POLITICAL PROSECUTION? – Judge Vance Day Indicted



6:15: Jim Palmer, Marketing Director for BuyDirectUSA.com talks with Bill. With so many products being made overseas, and sold in the United States, what products can you still get, that are still Made In USA? Jim and Bill will talk it over.

Check it out: BuyDirectUSA.com.

7:10: Mr. X, crack researcher and aficionado on all things Gang Green, sustainability and policy consensus joins Bill in studio.

Bill and X will be talking about changing the county charter. Multnomah County’s charter says “body politic” first. Jackson County’s says: “Agent of The State” first. It’s all about legal terms this hour, and Mr X. and Bill will talk it over.

7:40: Dr. Steven Greenleaf, aka “Steve The Marine,” talks with Bill today.

With Portland, and the other liberal strongholds in Oregon, pretty much ruling the electorate. Could an Electoral College style system work on a statewide level, like it does nationally? Steve and Bill will talk about it. Here’s his letter to Secretary of State elect Dennis Richardson:

Stephen M. Greenleaf, M.D.; J.D.

(Radio Name: “Steve the Marine”)

1850 Crater Lake Drive Apt. 23

Medford, OR 97504



November 15, 2016

Dear Secretary Elect Richardson:

Republicans have lost the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential contests. In two of these the Republicans gained the White House through the Electoral College. After President Bush won in the Electoral College in 2000, liberals started a campaign for: “The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”. You can find the details on Wikipedia. At first blush this would seem constitutional because of this language in Article II, section 1 paragraph 2: “Each state shall appoint, in such a manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of Electors…..”. Initially we see two problems. Firstly, it violates the spirit of the Constitution. Remember, the founders and framers did not trust democracy. Secondly, this would amount to current legislatures binding future legislatures, which can only be done by amending the respective constitutions, which legislatures cannot do on their own. 2


Even more importantly, is the little known “Compact Clause” of Article 1 section 10 paragraph 3: “No State Shall, without the Consent of Congress,……, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State…”. The Secretary of State is in charge of Oregon elections. As soon as the Democrats start talking about eliminating the Electoral College through Compact, slap them down with this information.

Semper fi,


Steve the Marine

8:05: Scott Lloyd, financial advisor with Edward Jones in Beautiful Downtown Jacksonville calls in to bring to you, The Edward Jones Thursday Market Report.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Scott you can click right HERE. Or, give Scott a call at: 541-899-1905.


BILL’S GUESTS for 11-16-16

6:35 John LeBoutillier, co-host for Fox News Channel’s “Political Insiders”. Read BOOT’S BLASTS

7:10 Nick Card, newly elected chair of the Jackson County Republican Party.

7:35 Crimestoppers

8:10 Kevin Starrett – Oregon Firearms Federation – time to crank up his fundraising. Hillary wasn’t elected, but Kate Brown was, and her 2nd A stance is worse than Hillary’s.


Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff (???, I guess this is a sop to the establishment), Steve Bannon of Breitbart for Chief Strategist in the Trump administration. THAT has “The Merk’s” progressive panties in a wad. Senator Merkley issues a press release about the dangers of a “white nationalist” in the White House. I would question his judgement on such matters, given that many of the same whites who elected Zero twice, flipped parties this time around. Also, Merk’s been fine with Communists, enviro-thugs & progressives out to destroy all the founding principles and culture of the country during the Obama years. Someone should remind him that “Elections have consequences”, especially when you’ve been drunk on arrogance, hubris, and overreach.



6:35: John Leboutlillier, former New York Congressman and co-host of Fox News Channel’s Political Insiders, on Sundays at 4pm PST, talks with Bill.

The election is over, and the country is on its way to a new president, with new ideas in Donald Trump. While Trump’s victory is being celebrated, John will tell you why conservatives should maintain caution.

Check out John’s blog: Boot’s Blasts.

7:10: Nick Card, the new Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Party calls the show. Nick and Bill will talk about what’s ahead for the GOP in the county.

Find out more at: jcrpcc.com.

7:40: Crimestoppers with MPD’s, Lt. Kevin Walruf, live in studio.

For all the details on The Case of The Week, you can click right HERE.

8:05: Tom Cook, financial advisor with Edward Jones in Beautiful Downtown Eagle Point, calls in to bring you The Edward Jones Aloha Wednesday Market Report.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Tom, you can click right HERE. Or, give Tom a call at: 541-826-1886.

8:10: Kevin Starrett from the Oregon Firearms Federation chats with Bill.

Oregon, or rather, Portland, Eugene and Salem voted in, who is ostensibly Hillary Clinton to be Governor of The Beaver State, in Kate Brown. So, what now becomes of your 2nd Amendment rights here in Oregon? Kevin and Bill will talk it over.

Check out more at oregonfirearms.com, where you can also get Kevin’s book:

Oregon’s Gun Laws: A Guide for Gun Owners in The Beaver State.”



6:35: Dave Ray, Media Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform joins the show.

Sanctuary cities across the land, L.A., San Francisco, Portland et al, are saying that they will defy the Trump Administration’s efforts to crack down on them. Will Donald Trump as President be able to make good on his promise to cut off all funding to these cities?

Check out more at: FairUS.org.

7:35: Kim Wallan, Medford City Councilor-Elect for Ward 4, and current City Councilor Kevin Stine join Bill, live in studio.

8:05: Scott Lloyd, financial advisor with Edward Jones in Beautiful Downtown Jacksonville calls in to bring to you, The Edward Jones Tuesday Market Report.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Scott you can click right HERE. Or, give Scott a call at: 541-899-1905.

8:10: Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition talks with Bill.

President-Elect Donald Trump is seeking to pull the United States out of a global accord to combat climate change. Will he be able to do it? Tom and Bill will talk about it.

See and read more at: climatescienceinternational.org.

Check out Tom’s article in the Washington Times:

Climate Change Skeptics Must Hold Trump’s Feet To The Fire.”



7:05: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors, from RogueWeather.com The Monday Outdoor Report, powered by Water World Boat & Powersport.

7:10: Brad Fay, Director of Content and Operations from Southern Oregon Public Television, and filmmaker Elena Miliaresis Tonight, on SOPTV, Elena Miliaresis’ documentary, “Local Focus: Families at War, will air at 9pm. From SOPTV.org:

In Local Focus: Families at War, host Julie Akins will discuss the problems local military families face with documentary filmmaker Elena Miliaresis. Akins will also talk with several local families who have experienced active duty firsthand and the stresses of having a family member far away while life goes on day in and day out thousands of miles from the battlefield.

If you can’t catch the film tonight, SOPTV will be holding two free screenings of the film, with a chance to meet the director Elena Miliaresis, and to participate in a discussion forum.

WHERE: The Varsity Theater in Ashland.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 15, 2016. First showing is at 3pm, followed by the second showing at 6pm.

7:35: Eric Peters, Libertarian car enthusiast, and founder of ericpetersautos.com talks with Bill. With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, will there still be Green subsidies for electric “Turduckens?” Bill and Eric will talk it over.

See more at ericpetersautos.com.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers “Visiting Past & Present,” segment. Check out Dr. Powers’ website: dennispowersbooks.com.

Hollywood Lives in Southern Oregon

By Dennis Powers


Past celebrities who have lived or been identified with our region are Ginger Rogers, Clark Gable, John Wayne, Zane Grey, Rose Maddox, and Kim Novak, to name a few. Jim Belushi built an expensive house on the 13-acre former Elks picnic grounds near Eagle Point with 1,800 feet of river frontage, along with his commitment to helping the Holly Theatre finalize its renovation funding needs.

Rumors abound as to who lives here, such as that Johnny Depp lives (or lived) in Kirstie Alley’s former home that she owned in the Applegate. It’s easy to see why Hollywood’s celebrities would choose to live here–with our rural setting, ease of movement, lack of congestion, and freedom from autograph seekers. They usually choose the anonymity; for example, Jim Belushi had owned his Rogue River land for two years before the story broke that his construction of his retreat complex was also the subject of a reality TV show named Building Belushi.

The Rogue River, of course, is a favorite area. Kim Novak, who’s probably best known for her role in Vertigo, lives on a ranch with her veterinarian husband along the river where the couple raise llamas and horses. Ginger Rodgers bought a 1,000-acre ranch near Shady Cove in 1940 before moving to Medford in the early 1990s.

Patrick Duffy lives along the Rogue River near Eagle Point and is routinely spotted around this area. Duffy was working as a house painter when he landed the role of “Mark Harris” in the TV series Man from Atlantis (1977). Two years later, he won the role of “Bobby Ewing” on Dallas (1978), which he starred in from 1978-1985/1986-1991 and has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies since then. Director/producer Howard Koch (The Odd Couple; Plaza Suite; Airplane!; Maverick; Hawaiian Eye; and more) had a place on the river near Duffy’s.

Jack Elam was nearly a fixture at Omar’s Restaurant in Ashland. His genre was generally playing the “bad guy” in 1950’s westerns. Among his performances were co-starring with James Garner in the western comedies Support Your Local Sheriff (1969) and Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971). In an interview, he guessed that at least 300 of his movies and TV appearances had been westerns. In 1997, he had been inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame after moving to Ashland from Santa Barbara.

Bruce Campbell was known for his role as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi’s hit Evil Dead film series in the 1980s; he is probably best known for his role as Sam Axe, the former Navy SEAL and covert agent, on the TV series Burn Notice. Campbell lives in Jacksonville and is also frequently seen around town and in Ashland.

Annette O’Toole has worked consistently in TV and film for more than thirty years. Among her credits are 48 Hours with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, Superman III (Clark Kent’s boyhood girlfriend), It (the Steven King novel made into film), among others including the TV series Superman for six years (as Superman’s mother). She is married to Michael McKean (Spinal Tap) since 1999 and both were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song in the film A Mighty Wind (2003). McKean has appeared in some 100 movies and television shows, including as Lenny on Laverne and Shirley. They live part of the time in Ashland.

Plus more: In 1992, Kevin Hagan moved to Grants Pass and continued his acting career until his death in 2005; he was best known for his role as the kind Doc Baker on Michael Landon’s Little House on the Prairie (1974-1983), along with roles on Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Lost in Space, and others. Steve Reeves–the bodybuilder who won the titles of “Mr. America,” “Mr. World,” and “Mr. Universe” by age 25–also starred in 18 films (i.e., Hercules) and lived in the Applegate area.

Nationally recognized country singer, Rose Maddox, lived on a ranch near Ashland; her brother, Don Maddox, and surviving member of the Maddox Brothers & Rose team, owns and still works the ranch. In the 2000’s, he was “rediscovered” as an artist.

Emmy-nominated writer, Sam Egan, lives in Ashland. He is probably best known for his five seasons of work on Showtime/MGM’s The Outer Limits, as the Executive Producer of the series which ran on Showtime and the Si Fi Channel. Before his five seasons on The Outer Limits, Egan produced and wrote CBS’s Northern Exposure. Included in Egan’s many writing and producing awards are nominations for an Emmy and four Gemini’s (Canada’s TV awards).

Rocker Steve Miller owned a house, recording studio, and huge barn (to house his tour bus) in the Williams area for ten years (1976-1986). He was there when he released his mega 1970’s hits such as “Fly like an Eagle.”

Robert Clouse was a hard-working director who was probably best known for his two most successful films: Enter the Dragon (1973) and Game of Death (1978). He worked in cinema due to the fact he was completely deaf. Clouse used assistant directors who verified that actors had delivered their lines correctly–and he died in Ashland in 1997.

And there are more…

Sources (Not All): Chris Conrad, “Role Call,” Mail Tribune, April 17, 2011, at Actors and Actresses in our Valley; “Celebrities in Southern Oregon–Sure,” Mail Tribune, October 17, 2010, at More on Celebrities.


8:45: Dr. John Hyatt from the Retina & Vitreous Center joins Bill, in studio for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway,” segment.

Find out more at: retinaandvitreous.com.



OR GOP chair calls for Portland mayor to resign, calls the coddling of Commie rioters in PDX a “dereliction of duty”, asks the Dem Party to join in condemning the anti-Trump riots. Good for him. I’m tired of pols who treat the snowflakes and thugs like toddlers deserving a hissy fit rampage. Be a man, and restore order, Charlie, or get the hell out. On a side note…what happens the first time the PDX parasites pick the wrong person to beat, and the worms get their heads blown off?

BILL’S GUESTS FOR 11-11-2016

6:35 Nick Adams, author of Green Card Warrior: My Quest For Legal Immigration In An Illegals’ System. Adams is the Founder and Executive Director of FLAG, The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (www.flagusa.org).

7:10 Commissioner Doug Breidenthal and Jim Carlson of Stillwater Technical solutions. Discussion centers around Jim’s presentation to the commission, wants to be hired to consult on fighting the expansion of the Cascade Siskiyou monument.

BILL’S GUESTS for 11/10/2016

7:10 Hubert Smith, former CASA worker, discusses what he says are problems in local family court.

7:35 Rep. Duane Stark joins the conversation on foster parenting/family court.



#1 election lesson – Tell voters a tax will cost them $600 per person/year and even the staunchest Oregon commie discovers “limited government”. #2 lesson – A lobotomized chimpanzee with a “D” next to his or her name is still a guaranteed win in statewide elections. (with the exception of Dennis Richardson)


6:35 Megan Barth, proprietor of ReaganBaby.com and we’re discussing where the election wars lead next. Paul Ryan’s days numbered?

7:10 Secretary of State Elect Dennis Richardson

7:35 Crimestoppers with Lt. Kevin Walruff

8:35 Medford City Council President Dick Gordon, and we’re talking the convention center study…just in, and the general take is that a convention center wouldn’t work for Medford.

Hillary’s pretty busy with Google right now…