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BILL’S GUESTS FOR 1-13-2017 Friday The 13th:

6:10: Jim Carlson, Managing Partner at Stillwater Technical Solutions, in Garden City, Kansas talks with Bill right off. President Barack Obama has announced that he is expanding the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. This is a move strongly opposed by many residents of Southern Oregon, and Northern California. Jim and Bill will talk about it.

6:35: Eric Peters, libertarian car enthusiast, journalist and founder of EricPetersAutos.com, chats with Bill. What is one crazy thing the President Donald Trump COULD do? Well, Bill and Eric will tell you all about it.

Check out Eric’s website for libertarian thought, as well as reviews of the latest vehicles on the roads! Go to: EricPetersAutos.com.

8:10 Nick Smith, from Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities checks in. With the announcement by President Obama that he will expand the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. HFHC has been a leading advocate against the expansion.

See more at: healthyforests.org.

8:35: Ron Hosko, former FBI Assistant Director and President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund talks with Bill. Are cops becoming less likely to engage in physical takedowns of suspected criminals because of the possibility of being accused of doing wrong?

Find out more at: Policedefense.org.


BILL’S GUESTS FOR 1-12-2017:

6:10: Madison Gesiotto, Regional Press Secretary for President-Elect Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee calls the show to talk about the coming inauguration next Friday.

6:35: Michelle Minton, consumer policy expert from the Competitive Enterprise Institute joins the show. Congress may be looking at using a 1962 law to ban internet gambling. Michelle Minton says that this is bad policy. She and Bill talk about it. You can read Michelle’s 2015 testimony on the subject right HERE. Check out more at CEI.org.

6:50: Luke Soderling, who will be a contestant on the survival reality show, “The Wheel,” calls the show.

The Wheel premieres this Friday night on Discovery at 10PM, and is the ultimate survival challenge! The contestants are not survival experts, but every day people who must survive in the most hostile environments South America has to offer, over 60 days. Luke Soderling will tell you all about it.

7:10: Ken Gire, co-author or “All The Gallant Men The First Memoir By A USS Arizona Survivor,” calls the show. The book is the firsthand account of Donald Stratton, an American sailor aboard the USS Arizona during the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.

You can pick up your copy of the book wherever books are sold. OR, you can click right HERE.

7:20: Duane Stark, Oregon State Representative calls the show to give a update on the upcoming season.

7:35: Mr. X, crack researcher and expert on all things that the Green Mafia wants to take away from YOU, leaves his secret bunker, and joins Bill in studio. Today, he talks about the REAL reason behind the Klamath River Dams. Has Jackson County cut themselves out of a deal that they created?

8:35: Terry Welburn, of Welburn’s Weapons comes into the studio for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” segment. Welburn’s Weapons is a sponsor of next week’s broadcasts from The Shot Show 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.









This is a winning submission for an art contest in DC. The painting is put up in a Capitol Hill Tunnel by Dem Congressman William Clay from MO. Then the fun begins. Rep. Duncan Hunter took down the painting last Friday and returned it to Clay’s office. Clay and members of the Congressional Black Caucus re-hung it yesterday morning. Later that afternoon GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn had taken it down. Clay put it back up. Then last night GOP Reps. Brian Babin and Dana Rohrabacher took it down, and Clay returned it to its spot yet again. Clay says it’s a matter of free speech, but Hunter claims the painting is “offensive” and therefore violates House rules.



BILL’S GUESTS FOR 1-11-2017:

6:35: Colin Hanna, President of Let Freedom Ring USA, talks with Bill about how China’s cyber attacks have harmed sectors of the U.S. manufacturing base. He talks about why one of the Trump Administration’s top priorities should be this.

Check out more at: letfreedomringusa.com. And, read the article about it, by Kevin Kearns on the DailyCaller.com.

7:10: Hadley Heath Manning, Health Policy Director at the Independent Women’s Forum chats with Bill. So, what SHOULD the GOP do about Obamacare, now that legislative power, and the presidency has shifted to them? Hadley writes on iwf.org, what she believes should happen.

See more at iwf.org. And, follow Hadley on Twitter: @HadleyHeath

7:35: Lt. Kerry Curtis with Medford Police joins Bill, in studio, for this week’s Crimestoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Capt. Bill Simpson, U.S. Merchant Marine officer and emergency preparedness expert joins the show from his secret hideway in the mountains of Northern California. Capt. Simpson has written a new article on WesternJournalism.com:

Are Climatologists Suffering From Brain Freeze?”

Bill and Capt. Simpson will chat about it. And, get tips and read more from Capt. Simpson at: Myoutdoorbuddy.com.

8:35: David McFadden, 2017 President of the Medford Rifle & Pistol Club joins Bill, in studio for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” segment.

The Medford Rifle & Pistol Club is a 2017 sponsor for this year’s Shot Show broadcasts. Check out more at: mrpc.info.



6:25: Dennis Morrow, Executive Director and counselor at the Janus Center Portland, chats with Bill, about a workshop that he’s hosting on January 21st. “Raising Healthy Boys to be Extraordinary Men,” will be for parents with young boys, teachers, counselors, and women who would like a successful relationship with men.

You can sign up for the workshop at: parentresourcectr.com/SignUp, or you can call: 541-488-4329.

7:10: Jim Keeter, Construction Project Manager for Hope Village joins the show. A certain tiny house will be known as “Dave’s Place,” in honor of Dave Forster, who was an advocate for the disenfranchised in the area. Dave passed away in 2014, and the house will be sponsored by his family.

7:35: Sal Esquivel, Oregon State Representative from the 6th District, talks with Bill about the upcoming session of the legislature, new legislation he’s working on, Governor Brown’s budget and more.

8:35: Matt Holte, from Day Electric joins Bill, live in studio for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” segment. Day Electric is sponsoring next week’s SHOT Show broadcasts from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Find out more at: DayElectric.com.



6:35: Chris Versace, investment advisor founder of Tematica Research, and author of the book: “Cocktail Investing: Distilling Everyday Noise Into Clear Investment Signals For Better Returns,” talks with Bill.

Get Chris’ book right here.

7:35: Dr. John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, talks with Bill about the Ft. Lauderdale airport attack, and how the baggage area of the airport was a gun free zone.

Read Dr. Lott’s latest piece on the subject, “Another Gun Free Zone, Another Mass Shooting,” at: The Daily Caller, and be sure to check out the Crime Prevention Research Center at: crimeresearch.org.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers returns to The Bill Meyer Show for the first Visiting Past & Present segment of 2017! Today’s topic: The New Year’s Flood of 1997. Have a look at Dr. Powers’ books at: dennispowersbooks.com.

Ashland New Year’s Day Flood of 1997

By Dennis Powers

 Jackson and Josephine County have experienced eleven major floods over the last century, the landmark event occurring in 1964, which set most of the high-water records for the region. The area later experienced in late-December 1996 and New Year’s Day of 1997 another destructive event, known as the “New Year’s Day Flood.” This impacted residents on both sides of the border in Oregon and California.

Similar to 1964, a warm rain followed weeks of heavy snowfall on the mountains, and the streams and rivers rose to 100-year flood levels, leading to flooding in both urban and rural areas. This caused multi-million dollars of damages to homes, businesses, and infrastructure in Southern Oregon alone (one estimate being as high as $50 million); more than 1,500 people were evacuated and over 1,000 properties damaged. In January 1997, President Clinton declared fourteen Oregon countiesincluding Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath countieseligible for disaster assistance.

Over 70 landslides occurred throughout Jackson County, but Ashland was hardest hit when Ashland Creek surged down to cut the town in half. With turbulent, muddy, dangerous waters, the swollen creek pounded through Lithia Park. When logs, mud, and debris clogged the culverts under Winburn Way at the entrance to Lithia Park, the massive tsunami-like flood leaped over its banks to flood the park and downtown plaza.

Residents awoke on New Year’s Day to discover that the currents had ripped through streets, caused massive infrastructure damage, and severed the main sewer and water lines with a 20-foot waterfall that thundered down where an important street once was. The prime arteries of Main Street and Lithia Way through the town were impassable, and traffic needed to be detoured to I-5 and over out-of the-way back streets.   

Depending on the area, running water and sewage service was cut for a week or more. Houses were flooded and people had to evacuate or scramble to higher floors. For days, residents put garbage cans out to collect rainwater, stood in line for drinking water from National Guard water trucks, and even pooled money to rent portable toilets for their neighborhoods. City residents couldn’t drink city water for a week and others didn’t have sewer service during most of January. Accounting for 1/3rd of the county’s losses, Ashland incurred $4.5 million in damages to its infrastructure, not to mention people’s homes, cars, and businesses. Nobody thankfully was reported to be seriously injured.

As Ashland rebuilt, the city and residents turned Lithia Park back into the centerpiece that it is today. Learning the hard way about natural disaster preparedness, the town created a Community Emergency Response Team (“CERT”) program and has trained hundreds of volunteers in emergency preparedness. Despite this, the risk of these type of disasters is always present over time.

Sources: Robert Plain, “Memories of major flood remain clear in Ashland,” Mail Tribune, February 16, 2011 (Updated), at Ashland Flood; Jackson County Emergency Management at Floods (including 1997).   

8:35: Dr. Steven Hyatt from the Retina & Vitreous Center of Southern Oregon joins Bill, in studio, for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” segment.



6:35: Mike Ciandella, research analyst for the Media Research Center comes on the show. There is one term that the mainstream media has not used for President Obama, that they’ve used for other presidents. “Lame Duck.”

Check out the full story at: Newsbusters.org.

7:20: Julie Kelly, owner of Now You’re Cooking in Orland Park, Illinois, cooking teacher and food policy writer joins the program. Julie is also a contributing writer for the Genetic Literacy Project. With the Obamas about to vacate the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama is taking her healthy lunch idea to the next level, with a far left activist organization.

Read Julie’s articles on NationalReview.com

8:10: Steve Buckstein, a founder of the Cascade Policy Institute talks with Bill. The minimum wage is going up, and it’s not really reported about what it does for the working poor. Steve Buckstein wrote a piece on cascadepolicy.org on the subject.

Read the entire article, and learn more right HERE.

8:40: Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America talks with Bill. California, in all its communistic-leaning splendor, has tapped none other than former Obama Attorney General, Eric Holder to sue the incoming Trump Administration.

Check out more at Gun Owners of America’s website: gunowners.org.



6:35: James Scott, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology joins the show. James has a new piece out, entitled, “Fake News is Old News for Nation State and Mercenary APT’s.” It’s a brief introduction to the reality of the adversarial usage of news and “fake news” in social engineering campaigns. It is intended to stimulate the reader to delve deeper into this aspect of the hyper-evolving cyber threat landscape by discussing how:

  • Victims are Predisposed to Interact with News Lures
  • High-Profile Lures Entice Global Victim Pools
  • Real News may be Weaponized
  • Even News of Cyber Threats may be Weaponized
  • Social Media Platforms are Weaponized Against Cyber-Hygiene
  • Cyber-Terrorists are beginning to Leverage News and Fake News Lures

You can read the entire blog right here.

7:10: Capt. Bill Simpson, a U.S. Merchant Marine officer, and disaster preparedness and survival expert chats with Bill. With the recent snowstorm, how can you be more prepared to deal with weather, or a natural disaster? Captain Simpson and Bill will tell you.

Read more from Capt. Simpson on preparedness at: Myoutdoorbuddy.com

8:10: Todd Gaziano from the Pacific Legal Foundation talks with Bill. Is there a way that President Trump can reverse President Obama’s Monument overreach? Todd Gaziano says “Yes!” An Obama administration official says it can’t be undone. Todd and the PLF says: “Not so fast!”

Check out the op-ed piece at WSJ.com.



6:35: Roy Beck, founder and President of Numbers USA, chats with Bill. Numbers USA is endorsing the nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to President Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet as Attorney General.

Read Numbers USA’s report card on Jeff Sessions HERE. And read Numbers USA’s endorsement letter Right HERE.

7:35: Lt. Mike Budreau, returns to the show by phone, for this week’s Crimestoppers case.

8:35: Melissa Hartwig, author of “The Whole 30 Cookbook,” chats with Bill. With over a million copies sold. This is no new fad, says author Melissa Hartwig, on her new book:

The Whole 30 Cookbook: 150 Delicious and Totally Compliant Recipes to Help You Succeed with The Whole30 and Beyond.”


SNOWMAGEDDON 2017 Wednesday morning on Delta Waters








6:15: Mark Smith, of the Law Enforcement Education Foundation is the first guests of 2017. 2016 was a deadly year for law enforcement in America. 140 officers have been murdered in ambush style shootings. A record number. Mark Smith will tell you why.

Learn more at: thetruthaboutpolice.com

7:15: Dr. William Forschten, author of the John Matherson series of books: One Second After, One Year After, and now with the final book of the trilogy: “The Final Day.” What would it be like if America was hit with an electromagnetic pulse attack?

You can get Dr. Forschten’s books wherever books are sold, or simply click here.

7:35: Mike Winters, former Jackson County Sheriff chats with Bill, about the Sheriff Falls situation and more.

8:10: Tom Mallams, Klamath County Commissioner, on his final day in office joins Bill, to look back on KBRA, Monument and Crater Lake National Wilderness status.

8:35: Brent & Randall of Advanced Air & Metal join Bill today for the “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” segment.



UPDATE: 12/28 – County release Sheriff Falls Documents

(click links to view or download)

1 – Sheriff Falls legal complaint from 2016

2 – Draft Investigation into Sheriff Falls’ Complaint

3 – Sheriff Falls Withdraws Complaint

4 – County Commissioners respond to the 12/27/16 Falls’ news conference


Tuesday, outgoing Sheriff Falls tells reporters one of the reasons he left was that he was treated in a demeaning way by Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan, Senior Deputy County Administrator Harvey Bragg and Jackson County Budget Committee members Craig Morris and Dick Rudisile.

County Responds: “In regards to Sheriff Falls’ allegations, in December 2015, Sheriff Falls made a complaint regarding discrimination and harassment. Upon receipt of the complaint, the County promptly hired an outside investigator to investigate the allegations in the complaint. The investigation resulted in a preliminary report and conclusion that Sheriff Falls had not been discriminated against or harassed, and made some recommendations for moving forward. Prior to the completion and issuance of the investigatory report, Sheriff Falls withdrew his complaint and stated that the investigation into his allegations need not be completed. “

Alright, I had heard rumblings and rumors about complaints filed by Sheriff Falls. The first week of December I submitted a public records request asking for any legal complaints filed by the Sheriff or Commissioner Breidenthal in 2016. 2 days later I was told I submitted it to the wrong department (administration) and they forwarded it to county counsel, which has not responded for about 3 weeks. Of course we now know that Falls complained in December 2015, and I asked for 2016 complaints. I won’t make THAT mistake again, but let’s be clear, I believe the county is playing games here…so much for transparency. They still haven’t responded to say they DIDN’T have records.

Now then, who should be the next sheriff? At this point I’m thinking we should look to an outside candidate.

UPDATE: 12/28 – County release Sheriff Falls Documents

(click links to view or download)

1 – Sheriff Falls legal complaint from 2016

2 – Draft Investigation into Sheriff Falls’ Complaint

3 – Sheriff Falls Withdraws Complaint

4 – County Commissioners respond to the 12/27/16 Falls’ news conference