1-23 to 1-27-2017:

1-23 to 1-27-2017:

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BILL’S GUESTS FOR: January 27th, 2017:

6:35: Eric Peters, automotive journalist, and libertarian car enthusiast talks will Bill. So, will there be less regulations on cars with the new Trump Administration? Eric will tell you what he thinks.

For more from Eric, and reviews of the latest cars and trucks, go to: EPAutos.com.

7:20: Captain Bill Simpson, retired U.S. Merchant Marine officer and survival expert, with tips on MyOutdoorBuddy.com, calls the show. So, what is it like for an American to work in Mexico? Not as easy as one would think. Captain Simpson has firsthand experience, and will tell you all about it.

8:10: Garth Harrington, retired radio host joins the show, by phone. Central Art Supply has had some flooding issues in their basement, from a tree outside. And, what is the deal with Medford’s sidewalks? And, what would be a fair solution to end the crisis? Garth wrote a letter to the Medford City Council to get some answers. He’ll tell us, what happens now.

8:35: Teddy Abrams, Conductor of the Britt Orchestra joins the show to tell you about the 2017 Valentine Gala Benefiting the Britt Orchestra, with Morgan James.

Where: Inn at The Commons in Medford.

When: Saturday, February 11, 2017 @ 6PM.

For tickets to the event and more information, go to: Brittfest.org.


BILL’S GUESTS FOR: January 26th, 2017: Conspiracy Theory Thursday:

6:35: Gary Byrne, a retired Secret Service agent, and author of the book: “Crisis Of Character,” joins Bill.

An active Secret Service agent, by the name of Kerry O’Grady has been quoted as saying that she’d rather do “jail time, instead of taking a bullet for Trump.” Should this be the attitude of a person, charged with protecting the person who holds the nation’s highest office? Gary Byrne is here to discuss Secret Service protocol, and professional security are supposed to handle personal, political disagreements, and how dangerous it can be.

Here’s a video of Gary discussing security after the tragic, Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting. And, get Gary’s book right HERE.

7:10: Mr. X, crack researcher, and expert on all things Gang Green, policy consensus, sustainability, leaves the safety of his hidden bunker, and joins Bill in studio. Now that there’s a new President in office, Mr. X and Bill talk about what’s next in rolling back the Green Mafia’s plans to strip you of your personal freedoms, and install an Eco-Communist Utopia in Southern Oregon, then the world!

7:35: Colleen Roberts, Jackson County Commissioner talks with Bill. What exactly is going on, with 200 workers about to be laid off from the county? We’ll find out from Commissioner Roberts.

8:10: Mike Winters, former Jackson County Sheriff joins Bill, live in studio. Is it high time to bring back the High Tech Crime team in Jackson County? Sheriff Winters and Bill will talk it over.


BILL’S GUESTS FOR: January 25th, 2017:

6:15: Dr. Merrill Matthews, Resident Scholar for the Institute of Policy Innovation chats with Bill. Some Republicans are resisting President Trump’s call for spending cuts! And, what exactly will replace Obamacare? Bill and Dr. Matthews will talk it over.

Check out more at ipi.org.

7:35: Crimestoppers, with Medford Police Department’s Lt. Justin Ivens in studio for The Case of The Week.

8:10: Kevin Starrett from the Oregon Firearms Federation joins the show by phone. With the upcoming legislative sessions here in Oregon, some crazy gun control bills are on the table. Some of which have been written by Republican Representative Dr. Knute Buehler. Kevin and Bill will tell you all about it.

As always, check out more about Oregon gun issues at:

OregonFirearms.org. And, don’t forget to grab a copy of Kevin’s book: “Oregon’s Gun Laws: A Guide for Gun Ownership in The Beaver State.”

8:35: Dave Ray, Communications Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR talks with Bill.

What will Sanctuary Cities like Portland and Ashland do now, with a Trump Presidency? Dave will tell you all about it.

Be sure to check out more at FairUS.org.



First Tuesday with the Trump Admin, and the era of President Obama is swept into history’s dustbin. What O did through executive action, Trump undoes. Keystone XL back on, build the pipeline with American steel when possible, lighten up on auto regs.

Might we actually be able to someday buy a car WE want and can afford rather than one designed by Uncle Sam…the only kind you’re ALLOWED to buy? You can see a good portion of the folks actually able to be productive once again.

Meanwhile, a potential leader of the DNC, a white woman, Sally Boynton Brown, wants to “shut other white people down”. Doubling down on bigotry, stupidity, and delusion. Keep it up, DNC.

Note to moderate Dems: There’s plenty of room in the “basket of deplorables” for those who want to be productive…come on over.

BILL’S GUESTS FOR: January 24th, 2017:

6:35: Eric Rosenburg, an attorney who specializes in false sexual assault claims talks with Bill. With the recent “Women’s Marches,” that went on across the country, what of the men? Especially, those young men in the University system? Who looks out for them? The answer is Attorney Eric Rosenburg, and he shares a bit about it with Bill. Eric also serves on boards for:

SAVE: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments.

FACE: Families Advocating for Campus Equality.

Also, learn more about Eric and his practice at: RosenbergBall.com.

7:35: Oregon State Representative Sal Esquvel calls the show. Well, is there a way to pay for state services, and all the while eliminating your property taxes? Bill and Sal will talk it over.

8:10: Rachel Alexander, a columnist at The Stream chats with Bill.

How do we determine fake news from real news? After Monday’s first White House press briefing of the Trump Administration, Kellyanne Conway and Press Secretary Sean Spicer issued “alternative facts,” to combat the ones being perpetuated by the biased mainstream media. Rachel writes at The Stream, how CNN should change Its name to FNN, as she says that she’s made a career pointing out fake news stories from CNN.

Learn more about Rachel, and you can help her out in her fact checking endeavors via email:



BILL’S GUESTS FOR MONDAY, January 23rd, 2017:

6:35: Shawna Vercher, media strategist, and founder of Democracy Legacy joins Bill by phone. There’s scuttlebutt that says that President Donald Trump is toying with the idea of evicting the media from the White House. Could a move like this, be a threat to freedom of the press, or is it an understandable reaction to a media that was largely hostile to him, and seen as untrustworthy in the eyes of the general public? Read:

Trump May Kick The White House Press Corps Out Of The White House.”

Also: “Americans’ Trust In Mass Media Sinks To New Low.” And, don’t forget to check out: DemocracyLegacy.com.

7:10: The Outdoor Report with Mr. Outdoors himself, Greg Roberts from RogueWeather.com.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers returns to the studio for this week’s “Visiting Past & Present,” segment.

Mt. Ashland Ski Area  

By Dennis Powers

Mt. Ashland is on the Siskiyou Crestsix miles west of Siskiyou Passat 7,532 feet high. Ashland Creek starts there to flow north and with snow melt provides the city’s water supply, eventually cutting through Lithia Park. Over 300 inches of snow usually fall each year on the mountain, and the ski season is typically from early December to mid-April.

The Civilian Conservation Corps in the mid 1930s built a road from Ashland to the mountain, as well as a small ski slope along the road. Constructed 2,500 feet below the summit, this included a gas-engine-powered rope tow and a “warming” hut. The mountain became a popular destination during the 1950s for local back-country ski enthusiasts.

But residents wanted more. By 1963, the Mount Ashland Corporation (“MAC”) had raised the needed $120,000 (more than half provided by business man, Glenn Jackson) to clear trees, grade terrain, build better access, and construct a T-bar lift, rope tow, and four-story ski lodge. In 1970, however, three straight years of winter drought ruined snowfalls and ski runs. The MAC folded. The Southern Oregon College Foundation took over management after Jackson County residents financed the ski area’s purchase.

A local businessman, Dick Hicks, re-brought it in 1977. Six years later, a resort and real estate developerHarbor Properties of Seattlepurchased it. Although Harbor built two new lifts and installed night-skiing lights, the ski area again fell on hard times. Needing more money for another project, Harbor put it back on the market in 1991, saying that it would dismantle the chairlifts and move them to a Seattle ski area, if a buyer wasn’t found.

Residents began raising money again. From Rotary Clubs and kids knocking on doors to the media donating free ad space, the citizens in 1992 raised $1.6 million dollars, which with a $500,000 grant of state lottery funds (the Oregon Economic Development Fund), amounted to over $2 million. The City of Ashland received the donations, allowing these to be tax deductible. As the Mt. Ashland Association (“MAA”) had not yet formed, the City of Ashland was named on the U.S. Forest Service’s (“USFS”) special use permit; a lease agreement between the City and the MAA (the operators) was later executed.

Realizing the limitations of Mt. Ashland’s steep, short runs, the MAA in 1998 re-affirmed its plan for an expansion with two new chairlifts, two surface lifts, a 4-acre tubing facility, three guest service buildings (with a new lodge), 220 new parking spaces, plus more night lighting, utility lines, storm water control, and watershed restoration projects. As this dated back to an initial 1991 USFS approval, this all seemed well and good. Local conservationists objected, however, citing numerous concerns.

In 2000, the USFS issued its first draft environmental impact report (“EIR”) on the proposal. The EIR drew over 6,000 public comments, about half supporting MAA’s plan and half opposed. The USFS said it would prepare a new draft EIR to address the claimed problems, and four years later, the final EIR was issued with the USFS’s approval of MAA’s plans. Three environmental groups (including the Sierra Club) sued the UFSF, arguing that the EIR was still deficient. The prime arguments were that the expansion would cut down 72 acres of trees (less than 1% of the 9,477 acre McDonald Peak area); erosion and watershed damage (on a ski-area); and endangerment to species from the Northern Spotted Owl and Pacific Fisher (a weasel that eats porcupines) to mountain lions, black bears, and the Arctic Blue Butterfly.

The U.S. District Court rejected the claims, and the ski area began its plans to expand. The groups appealed to the 9th Circuit, however, which blocked the expansion in 2007 until certain EIR corrections were made. Even the City of Ashland got into the act, ending up in litigation, where a Jackson County judge ruled later that Ashland had unreasonably interfered with the rights of the MAA to operatein fact, the city had “revoked” the association’s authority to deal directly with the USFS on its expansion without permission. The City of Ashland was directed to pay $400,000 in settlement costs and legal fees.

The District Court held in late 2012 that another supplemental EIR had met the concerns of the 9th Circuit. The opponents soon announced they would appeal higher, along with “on-the-ground protests” if the plan moved forward. It didn’t. Next, the snowfalls didn’t cooperate. The park was closed in 2013-’14 (lack of snow), opened for only 38 days in 2014-‘15, and a $750,000 SBA loan was needed to keep the park afloat. In 2015-’16, the ski area had better snow conditions (and open for nearly three months). The snow conditions in 2016-’17 have been excellent in the typical, cyclical movements.

Despite the expansion roadblocks, the park was able to increase parking, install solar panels, widen several ski runs, and maintain restoration sites to prevent erosion from affecting watershed streams. It announced in early 2017 that a $1.4 million fund drive was underway to renovate the 1964-built lodge, replace the roof, and repaint the exterior, among other modifications.

Since 1991, two public bailouts, and city funds spent, the expansion plans are on hold and its controversies still continue. The park still operates, however, all on 220 acres with its 4 chair lifts and different ski runs.  

Sources: Jeff LaLande, “Oregon Encyclopedia: Mt. Ashland,” at Mt. Ashland (With Images); Paul Fattig, “Ski Area Wins Latest Round in Legal Battle,” Mail Tribune, August 18, 2012, at Expansion Legal History; Teresa Ristow, “The Big Push,” Mail Tribune, April 14, 2013, at Mt. Ashland History (1964-1992); Tony Boom, “Mt. Ashland posts record December,” Mail Tribune, January 10, 2017, at New Season Operating Results.