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This geologist testifies before the UK government a few years ago, and clearly illustrates how what you’re being told “just ain’t so”.  Worth the 15 minutes to watch.

 Bill’s Guests for 03-03-17

 6:35 Automotive journalist Eric Peters, EPAutos.com  Volkswagen officials facing 169 years in prison for the “cheating scandal”, and yet not one true VICTIM has been named. Read more at  http://ericpetersautos.com/2017/03/03/silence-of-the-lambs/

 7:10 – Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts of Rogue Weather dot com, report sponsored by Waterworld Boat and Powersport on Crater Lake Highway in Medford.

 7:35 Retired NFL Superbowl Champion Burgess Owens, author of “Liberalism – or How To Turn Good Men Into Whiners Weenies and Wimps. Burgess is the keynote speaker at the Jackson County Republican Party’s “Lincoln Day Dinner”, happening Saturday 3/18. (I’ll emcee the event) Get your tickets at http://www.jcrpcc.com/2017-lincoln-day-dinner/

8:45 Business Segment is with Bruce Tozer from Axium Gases Northwest. http://axiumgasesnorthwest.com

Open Monday through Friday, AND Saturday 9-noon. When you need industrial gases, oxygen, nitrogen, welding and more, Axium’s got them at 1322 Anteleope Road in White City.


I talked with Senator Alan DeBoer this morning about SB557, the Carbon Cap and Trade Bill. This is a clear and present danger to the Oregon economy. Download and read it:  SB557CarbonCapTrade

It’s a fake market solution for the state-created-fake-problem of climate change. It will destroy the poor, increase everyone’s cost of living, and grease the Green Commie Crony Capitalist types. More worrisome is the Senator is “Non-Committal” on how he’ll vote. His Capitol office number is 503-986-1703.

How about YOU, Nancy?

Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, March 2, 2017: Conspiracy Theory Thursday:

We kick off the show with:

6:10: Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business & Culture at the Media Research Center talks with Bill. Dan says that conservatives need to wake up. The liberal media has the money and the moxie to further their Left-wing agenda. The trend of money flowing to liberal nonprofit journalism outlets has no real counterpart on the Right, and Gainor, who oversees the MRC’s BuyingBias.org site, says the Right now has to fight the war on facts on two fronts: the Mainstream Media and liberal nonprofit outlets funding by big donors.

Read: “Liberal Journalism Is Flush With Cash And Conservatives Should Be Worried.”

7:35: Senator Alan DeBoer calls the show. Today, Senator DeBoer will tell you about the latest bills being debated in Salem, and other goings-on in the capitol.


Bill’s Guests For: Wednesday, March 1, 2017:

6:35: Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition joins Bill.

Are you a Climate Change skeptic? If you are, Bill Nye the Science Guy says that you are suffering from psychological delusions.He goes on to say that, environmentalists need to save climate change deniers from themselves.

See Fox News’ Tucker Carlson take on Bill Nye, and of course, check out more at climatescienceinternational.org.

7:35: Crimestoppers, with Medford Police Department’s Lt. Kerry Curtis.

8:10: Dr. Eric Fruits, from the Cascade Policy Institute talks with Bill. Governor Kate Brown wants to raise taxes because of a 1.7 billion dollar shortfall. But, Dr. Eric Fruits has a different idea from the governors’.

You can read and download Dr. Fruits’ summary and solution:

How Legislators Can Balance Oregon’s Budget – Without Raising Taxes.” And be sure to check out more at: CascadePolicy.org.


Bill’s Guest info for 02-28-17

 6:35 Captain William E. Simpson talks about Google’s apparent take down of the Natural News dot com website. Is this internet censorship when Google and left wingers gang up on business promoting alternative points of view. Read William E. Simpsons article now on Western Journalism.

 7:10 Mr. X, our anti-gang-green researcher is here, and we breakdown today’s Regional Transportation Planning Public Workshop happening at 2pm today, at Rogue Valley Council of Governments. They’ll be discussing federal grant stream funding of more than 830 million dollars for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users. It would be good to go there and not allow a fake “policy consensus of the stakeholders” to think that all we’re looking for is bike lanes and buses, and “carbon reduction”, as you can be sure SOCANN and other green groups will be all over this.

Some links to explore about this.

Purpose of the workshop

Here’s the plan


to Here

to Here

Strategic Assessment

How this affects Land Use

7:35 State Representative Sal Esquivel is on from the legislative session with an update.

It’s fun when the news types lose it…

FILE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD – Last week I had Steve the Marine with a legal segment on the President’s executive order on immigration. Download and read it here – SteveTheMarine_Immigration Order

Bill’s Guests For: Monday, February 27, 2017:

6:35: Melissa Henson, Program Director for the Parent’s Television Council joins the show. The use of profanity, and over-sexualized language and actions by teens on broadcast television has increased in recent years. Here’s a few examples:

On last week’s episode of Fox’s The Mick, there was a scene of eighth-grade teenagers in a bathtub, preparing for three-way sex.

Also, viewers saw teens smoking marijuana from a bong; a 16-year-old girl guzzling beer from a beer bong while her aunt dumped tobacco juice/spit into the funnel; and two 13-year-old boys were shown waiting in a bubble bath for a teen girl to join them for a threesome.

The larger problem is that broadcast networks are using teenagers and even little children to “push the envelope” with adult language and actions, and according to the Parents Television Council’s Trash-Talking Teens study, this is becoming more common.

Check out more at: ParentsTV.org.

7:35: Lisa Kelly, of the Rotary Club of Greater Grants Pass, joins the show, live in studio. The 11th Annual First Crush 2017 is coming up, and Lisa will tell you all about it.

Where: The Pepsi Building @ The Josephine County Fairgrounds.
When: Saturday, March 4, 2017, from 4 to 7pm.

For more information go to: firstcrushtickets.com.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired Professor of Business Law, comes into the studio for this week’s “Visiting Past & Present,” segment.

The Golden Rhoten Family of Giants
By Dennis Powers

John and Elizabeth Rhoten homesteaded on Kane Creek in 1860, near what would later become the town of Gold Hill. When their children were born, they grew tall–very tall–and became known as the “family of giants.” Although mother Elizabeth was a mere 4-feet, 9-inches (but weighing 250 pounds), father John was 6-feet, 8-inches, or one of the tallest men in the Pacific Northwest–and lean. They had ten children, five women and five men. All were over 6 feet, ranging from the tallest, Enos Rhoten, who was 6-feet, 11-3/4th (really 7-feet), to the shortest, Cynthia Ann, who was a mere 6-feet, 1-inch.

But the tall-giant, Rhoten brothers (Enos, Ed, and Al) were as well known in Southern Oregon for their ability to “sniff out” gold, no matter where it was located. From Sardine, Galls, Foots, Kane, and Graves Creek to entire sections of the Applegate and Rogue Rivers, they pocket-mined every river, stream, and area that was around.
Led by Enos in 1905, the brothers discovered the famous Alice Group, or Revenue Pocket, a few miles south of Gold Hill above Kane Creek. Knowing that the highly producing Braden Mine was nearby, they used pick, pan, and shovel to find “some color, dig a little hole, and then follow it up the hill ‘till coming to the pocket.” Looking down on Gold Hill at 2,600 feet, they found it; in less than two days, they dug out 5000 ounces of gold, worth millions at today’s values. All was quickly blown in wild spending sprees.

This wasn’t all luck, however. Enos Rhoten used a system–kept secret for years–to find the pockets. After coming across a sprinkling of gold particles, or nuggets, on (or under) a slope and knowing that the trail led from above, he’d take sample after sample on both sides as he worked his way up. Numbering where each was precisely found, Enos stored them in jars and assayed out how much gold was in each one. Once he worked up the trail and ran out of particles to analyze, he headed back down. Figuring where the strike was, he would dig deep until the gold pocket “magically” appeared.

With their new-found wealth, the brothers lived extravagantly until they had spent their find. One night, they were partying in a Medford saloon. When the tired owner said he was closing down, they tossed gold nuggets onto the bar and bought it. When morning finally came, the Rhotens handed the bar back to the shocked owner. Another time while nursing a bad hangover, Enos threw all of his gold nuggets over a Gold Hill dirt street, saying that the town folks needed it more than he did. He was known as a generous man.

When a Rhoten needed money, he’d head away, search for a week or two, and return with gold nuggets in his backpack. They used the gold as money–disdaining any conversion into cash or depositing at banks–and Enos carried his around in a glass jar. After another spending spree, they would leave again for the wilds and search for another find. When the surface gold pockets became harder to find and their luck ran out, Ed and Al worked in a local cement plant and later on an uncle’s hayfields.

Enos was the best of all at locating the gold, starting at age seven when he uncovered $150 worth. After making and losing several fortunes by the 1910s, he tried farming on 160 acres in the Applegate and running a general store. Losing interest, in 1915 he headed back to gold hunting until the late 1920s. After lying sick in a crude bed for three years in his old Kane Creek cabin, Enos died from a stroke at the age of 70 in 1931. Although his last days had been spent in poverty, he died with a smile on his face, having enjoyed the life he had lived.

Sources: “Enos M. Rhoten, Pioneer Miner of Rogue, Dies,” Medford Mail Tribune, December 13, 1931, at Enos Rhoten Obituary; Dennis M. Powers, “Rhoten Brothers Follow Gold Trails to Source,” Jefferson Public Radio: At It Was, May 10, 2012, at Finding Gold; Linda Morehouse Genaw, Gold Hill and Its Neighbors along the River, Central Point, Oregon: 1988, pp. 18-21; Gold Hill Historical Society, Nuggets of News, December 1992, pp. 1-4.