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UPDATE: 12/28 – County release Sheriff Falls Documents

(click links to view or download)

1 – Sheriff Falls legal complaint from 2016

2 – Draft Investigation into Sheriff Falls’ Complaint

3 – Sheriff Falls Withdraws Complaint

4 – County Commissioners respond to the 12/27/16  Falls’ news conference


Tuesday, outgoing Sheriff Falls tells reporters one of the reasons he left was that he was treated in a demeaning way by Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan, Senior Deputy County Administrator Harvey Bragg and Jackson County Budget Committee members Craig Morris and Dick Rudisile.

County Responds: “In regards to Sheriff Falls’ allegations, in December 2015, Sheriff Falls made a complaint regarding discrimination and harassment. Upon receipt of the complaint, the County promptly hired an outside investigator to investigate the allegations in the complaint. The investigation resulted in a preliminary report and conclusion that Sheriff Falls had not been discriminated against or harassed, and made some recommendations for moving forward. Prior to the completion and issuance of the investigatory report, Sheriff Falls withdrew his complaint and stated that the investigation into his allegations need not be completed. “

Alright, I had heard rumblings and rumors about complaints filed by Sheriff Falls. The first week of December I submitted a public records request asking for any legal complaints filed by the Sheriff or Commissioner Breidenthal in 2016. 2 days later I was told I submitted it to the wrong department (administration) and they forwarded it to county counsel, which has not responded for about 3 weeks. Of course we now know that Falls complained in December 2015, and I asked for 2016 complaints. I won’t make THAT mistake again, but let’s be clear, I believe the county is playing games here…so much for transparency. They still haven’t responded to say they DIDN’T have records.

Now then, who should be the next sheriff? At this point I’m thinking we should look to an outside candidate.

UPDATE: 12/28 – County release Sheriff Falls Documents

(click links to view or download)

1 – Sheriff Falls legal complaint from 2016

2 – Draft Investigation into Sheriff Falls’ Complaint

3 – Sheriff Falls Withdraws Complaint

4 – County Commissioners respond to the 12/27/16  Falls’ news conference








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It’s hard finding stars for Trump’s inauguration – indicates the right must re-engage culture on ALL levels. GOP ceded much of the ground in music, Hollywood, and the arts in general to the cultural marxists long ago. The left strategically targeted the takeover of education and the arts, and has successfully indoctrinated millions over the decades, so there’s much work to do. That being said, I’d LOVE to see Ted Nugent tear ’em up in DC for Trump. Could he shred in a tux


6:35: T.J. Walker, spokesperson for Pure Grown Diamonds joins the show by phone. Industrial grade diamonds have been around for years. They put them in sawblades, drill bits and other such items. But now, gem quality diamonds are being grown in labs. T.J. Walker from Pure Grown Diamonds will tell you all about it.

Read all about it at: businessinsider.com, and you can also check out the diamonds at: puregrowndiamonds.com.

7:10: Cal Martin, a local development consultant, and opponent of Costco moving to Hamrick and Table Rock roads in Central Point, joins Bill in studio. Cal has been fighting the movement of Costco from the beginning. Bill and Cal will talk about the latest developments in his struggle.

8:10: Craig Richardson, President of the Energy & Environment Legal Institute talks with Bill. A new press release from the EELI tells of how the Rockerfellers, one of America’s oldest, and richest families is influencing climate change activism. Craig and Bill will discuss it.

Click here to read the release, and check out more at: eelegal.org.



6:15: Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center joins Bill. With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, is Hollywood, major television networks and big studios getting the picture about their increasingly left-wing programming and movies? Dan Gainor from the MRC says that they may be doing a bit of soul searching.

Read all about it at: newsbusters.org.

7:35: Lt. Kerry Curtis of the Medford Police Department, joins Bill in studio, for this week’s Crimestoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Dr. Joe Alton, disaster preparedness expert, and member of the Wilderness Medical Society joins the show. Dr. Alton is also author of the book:

The Survival Medicine Handbook: THE Essential Guide For When Medical Help Is NOT On The Way.” With terrorist attacks going on overseas, boosting your situational awareness is not a bad idea. Dr. Alton and Bill will tell you how.

Learn more at doomandbloom.net.

8:35: Eric Wood from Bonaventure Senior Living stops into the studio, for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” segment.



6:15: Lt. Col Sargis Sangari, head of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement joins the show. With the attacks in Berlin, and a Russian diplomat being executed in Ankara, Turkey, purportedly by ISIS, just what is next for Christians and other small groups in the Middle East?

You can learn more at: nec-se.com.

7:10: Judge Joe Charter from Jackson County’s Justice Court, joins Bill in studio. Is there an uptick in traffic fatalities in Jackson County? And what of the federal influence on policing and why are fewer tickets are being written in the county? All these questions will be discussed.

8:10: Dr. Herb London, President of the London Center for Policy Research, and co-author of the new book: “The Encyclopedia of Militant Islam,” comes on the show. What will happen now, in the wake of the Christmas market attack in Berlin, and the execution of a Russian diplomat in Ankara?

Learn more at: Londoncenter.org.



Hydrocarbon Man from Robert E. Bailey on Vimeo.

BILL’S GUESTS 12-19-2016

6:35 Eric Peters, automotive journalist with EpAutos.com – More attacks on the conservative thought and news from auto companies? BMW (has announced, along with other companies, including T-Mobile, that it will pull its ads – that is, das geld – from Breitbart.com because of the web site’s failure to toe the politically correct lines. READ MORE

7:10 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts

 7:15 NY Times best-selling novelist James Rollins, author of The Seventh Plague.  In THE SEVENTH PLAGUE New York Times bestselling author James Rollins takes us through a shocking historical mystery involving the travels of Mark Twain, the genius of Nikola Tesla, and the adventures of famous explorer, Henry Morgan Stanley while the world grapples with a modern day pandemic.   And as the unknown disease spreads from an Egyptian source, the question arises —are the mythical ten plagues of Moses starting again?  

 8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, visiting past and present:

Christmas Day: Past and Present–2016

By Dennis Powers

Christmas Eve and Day during our pioneer days were simpler and important, but difficult. Winters in cold cabins were tough, as storms and snowbanks weren’t that merry. Nor driving in a “one-horse-open sleigh.” Remote families cut down a small fur tree or decorated their small cabin with freshly-cut boughs. If a small tree fit inside, strung popcorn, small wax candles (a bucket of water kept handy), and red Madrone berries decorated it; the families sung Christmas carols or read from the Bible.

Starting days ahead, women cooked their special Christmas Day meal. They brought out preserved fruits and vegetables, cooked up fresh meat (ham, beef, or venison), and even made a plum pudding to age. Gifts could be homemade, such as carved wooden toys, sachets, footstools, and even corn-husk dolls. If the family had a good year, their children might find that Santa had left candies, nuts, or cookies in their stockings. 


If living in a small town like Golden or Gold Hill, people joined together. Children helped decorate the town Christmas tree at their church or gathering place. They cut out cardboard stars, wrapped them in silver tinfoil, and hung them to join the strung popcorn, dozens of tiny, different-colored wax candles, and small gifts on the tree. Larger gifts were underneath. 

On Christmas, the families attended church, returned home for the traditional meal, and spent the day visiting with friends and neighbors. A larger “city” like Medford could have a “Grand Christmas Ball.” One newspaper advertisement read: “A Grand Ball will be given in Byers’ Hall, Medford. On Christmas Night–December 25, 1885. A fine Supper and the best of Music will be provided. The services of a first-class caller have been engaged…A good time is anticipated. Come one! Come all! Tickets, $2.50.”

 When we fast forward now to the constant bombardment of carols, no matter where, today’s holidays have a commercial feeling. Although many families enjoy the festive and religious times, the stress of jobs, family responsibilities, parties, and how much to spend can lessen this. But have no fear, let’s look at the spirit of giving–and receiving–in a bigger, modern way. 

For example, luxury retailer Neiman Marcus continues its tradition of fantasy gifts. First published in 1926 as a 16-page Christmas catalog for its best customers, this year’s 90th edition continues its tradition. It donates a portion of the proceeds from most fantasy gifts to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation that brings “enriching art experiences to youth in communities nationwide.”

Its 2016 Christmas book has a range of “categories for all budgets.” This includes from a Cobalt Valkyrie-X private plane embossed in rose gold ($1.5 million) and “Week at Three English Estates Experience” ($700,000) to a private slumber party at the Neiman Marcus Flagship store in Dallas for twelve women (complete with facials, manicures, and private fashion presentations) at $120,000. The special car is an Infiniti Q60, Neiman Marcus Limited Edition for $63,000.

The Cobalt Valkyrie-X will be one of the fastest piston aircraft in the world when it debuts in 2017. The 350-horsepower engine powers the pilot and three passengers up to 230 miles per hour with a range of 1,150 ground miles. Futuristic looking with bent wing tips, “V” tail with two fins, and prop in the back, the package is complete with a 24/7 technical support for two years. It’s in rose gold with a black cockpit; the flight controls are rose gold and the interior seats are in hand-stitched, cream-colored leather. 

Transported by helicopter, the week at three English estates is for you and seven friends. You’ll stay in 900-year-old Alnick Castle and dine on food prepared by a Michelin-starred chef on this trip through the countryside. Then onward to Wilton House for polo lessons and its collection of vintage motorcars at the home of the 18th Earl of Pembroke. The last stay will be at the home of Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace. Built in the 1700′s, the 12th Duke of Marlborough will greet you to enjoy England’s finest food and drink.

For the Grammy Awards Experience ($500,000), you and your guest will travel in Mid-February to Los Angeles to stay at the Peninsula Beverly Hills (where guests are chauffeured about in Rolls-Royces). On Saturday, you will be at Clive Davis’ famous Pre-Grammy Gala. On Grammy Sunday, you-two will watch the rehearsals, experience a backstage tour, walk the red carpet, and see the awards–plus walking away with a one-of-a-kind gold Gibson Les Paul ’59 Reissue guitar.

For car enthusiasts, the Infiniti Q60 limited edition ($63,000) has a 400-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V-6 engine and comes in a Solar Mica (gold-leaf looking) color. With rear spoiler, white leather interiors, Bose sound system, and technologically rich (“backup collision intervention, lane departure warning/prevention with active lane control, and intelligent cruise control”), this edition is limited to 50. Last year’s was Ford Mustang’s 50th Anniversary edition with a 700+ supercharged horsepower engine that hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds–limited to 100–for $95,000. And 2014’s was the “100th Anniversary 2015 Maserati Ghibli S Q4” (same $95,000 price tag).

For this year, how about “His & Hers Island Cars” featuring Lilly Pulitzer designs ($65,000 each): These electric cars feature composite bodies, stainless steel fittings, electric motors, and a Bose sound system with Bluetooth capabilities. Pulitzer prints adorn each cars’ seats, the man’s version in custom green and woman’s in pink. The gift also comes with totes, towels, his swim trunks, and her caftan. Only 10 were built of each and “perfect for cruising around Palm Beach or an island.” 

There is the private “Quarterback Camp with Joe Montana” ($65,000) for you and three friends. You’ll train for a day in the San Francisco Bay Area with Joe Montana, the gift including a group photo, personalized football, and reviewing your video footage with Joe.

There are always less expensive gifts: For example, a “mattress with built-in lockbox” where you can stow your valuables away in a fireproof lockbox built inside a king-size mattress with matching foundation ($25,000).   

For the rest of us, we are simply happy to buy that new cellphone, watch, or even a skill saw and pay it off over the next year. Plus enjoying the holidays as you usually do with family and friends, while saying later, “Here’s to the next one and the New Year.”      

Sources: See “Legends of America–A Pioneer Christmas” at A Pioneer Christmas; Jim Dobson, “Neiman Marcus Christmas Book: Outrageous Fantasy Gifts for 2016,” Forbes, October 19, 2016, at Fantasy Gifts (2016); see also “Neiman Marcus 2016 Fantasy Gifts,” at Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts.        

 8:35 Buster Attebury, Karuk Tribal official, and we’re discussing the new tribal casino coming to Yreka.

BILL’S GUESTS FOR 12-16-2016:

6:40: Anthony Zaccarro, President of Providence Financial in Los Angeles, California joins the show. What is going to happen, financially in the United States under President Donald Trump in 2017? Anthony Zaccaro is here to give you his predictions for next year.

To see you can go to providencefinancialinc.com.

7:15: Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America chats with Bill. With the rise of attacks on police officers across the nation, and with groups such as Black Lives Matter at it’s core being stringently anti-cop, will Blue Lives Matter ever return to the U.S.?

8:10: Tom Harris, Executive Director for the International Climate Science Coalition chats with Bill. So, did Donald Trump ask Al Gore, who the worst climate changers were, and then hired them?

See more at: climatescienceinternational.org.

8:35: Bern Case, Administrator for the Jackson County Airport joins Bill in studio for today’s “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” interview.




By now you may have heard that Dale Matthews passed away. We used to talk often about his government accountability efforts that he posted on Bad County dot com. I called him up a few weeks ago, and had him on the air just because folks were telling me that he was in jail, in trouble, ALL sorts of rumors. Dale was that kind of a lightning rod, and I’m sure a number of officials felt the sting of his camera’s eye. I admired his tenacity. He backed off from the public meetings, telling me that he had lost most of his friends over the work. I’m saddened that he died alone. RIP, Dale. If only the mainstream media would be HALF the burr under the saddle of the powerful that you were, there would be less garbage slid by We The People. His was a long, lonely road.