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The Bill Meyer Show. Friday, June 2, 2017: Live from The Armory in Grants Pass.

The Armory is located at 202 McDonald Lane in Grants Pass. Phone: 541-916-8202.

The Guests:

6:10: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government talks with Bill about President Donald Trump, pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Change Accord.

Read more from Rick, and other great writers at NetRightDaily.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com, calls the show to bring you The Water World Boat & Powersport Outdoor Report.

7:15: Kate Laskey, Executive Director and Pat Fahey, Board Jember of Josephine County Community Libraries joins Bill in studio, to talk about the passage of the library measure in Josephine County.

7:35: John Charles, President & CEO of the Cascade Policy Institute, talks with Bill. The CPI has released a statement regarding President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Change Accord.

See more at: CascadePolicy.org.

7:50: Chris Luz, Mayor of The City of Phoenix chats with Bill.

The Phoenix City Council is meeting to talk about one lane v.s. two lanes on Main Street running through Phoenix. Should the street be put back the way it was before? Public comment is most welcome at this meeting. If you can’t attend the meeting in person, you can email Mayor Luz right here: Chris.Luz@phoenixoregon.gov.

When: Monday, June 5, 2017 at 6:30 PM.

Where: The Public Works Facility at 1000 South B. Street in Phoenix.

8:10: Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel joins Bill in studio. So, what happens now that the big Josephine County public safety levy has passed? Sheriff Daniel will tell you what happens.



All the leftist, globalist, crony climate change priesthood’s heads are exploding in an orgy of media carnage today. We’re told that streets are flooding, people of color will DIE, life on the planet is OVER. All over a non-binding agreement that let the 3rd world “pollute” and transferred 100’s of billions to the 3rd world. Best line of the speech – “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, Not Paris”. Whew…world communism has been delayed…for now. All I can say is the proper folk’s heads are exploding, meaning Trump did the right thing. BTW, Pittsburgh’s mayor says he’ll follow the climate agreement. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh residents (my hometown) elect moron commies to plunder them. Sucks to live in Western PA, I guess.

Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, June 1, 2017:

6:35: Lauren Fix, “The Car Coach,” automobile enthusiast, author and journalist joins Bill on the phone. There’s a bipartisan bill on the table that would give carmakers more CAFÉ credits from the government. Lauren Fix, “The Car Coach,” will tell you about how increasing government regulations are killing the American car industry, and how, while our government is pushing hybrid-electric cars, China is seeing a huge demand for SUV’s.

Learn more about Lauren at: LaurenFix.com.



7:10: Jim Welsh, from Parents Rights in Education returns for a follow up to Tuesday’s show. Read the article that’ll tell you all about it:

Oregon Health Authority Uses False SS#’s to Enroll Medicaid Applicants.”

7:35: Tom Harris, the Director for the International Climate Science Coalition talks with Bill. Tom wrote an article in the Washington Times, that deals with the Fairbanks Declaration and how the White House may take the exact opposite position, on climate change, than it’s supposedly following. This is all before President Trump will decided whether or not, to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

See more at: ClimateScienceInternational.org.

8:35: Chris Dennett comes into the studio to talk about Medford Beer Week.


Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, May 31, 2017:

6:35: Dr. John Zmirak from The Stream, talks with Bill. The chat today is “cultural appropriation.” Two white women, in Portland, started their own business. A taco truck. The two women were shouted down by Portland’s social justice warriors, saying that white-owned businesses hamper the opportunity for people of color to open businesses, by cooking their own cuisine. Read Dr. Zmirak’s article on the subject.

Read more from Dr. Zmirak at: TheStream.org.

7:10: Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum talks with Bill. So, are there some “sneaky,” taxes on the way to take more of your hard-earned money? Senator Linthicum will tell you.

7:35: Lt. Kerry Curtis of the Medford Police Department drops into the studio to bring you the Crimestoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Tom Martin, President of Martin Investigative Services talks with Bill this morning. We all know what infidelity is. Cheating on a wife or husband right? One term that most people rarely hear is “financial infidelity,” which is really any financial dishonesty in a marriage. Tom will tell you all about it. Keep your eyes out for Tom’s book:

Seeing Life Thorough Private Eyes: Secrets from America’s Top Investigator to Living Safer, Smarter and Saner.”

8:45: Mike G from the Britt Festival joins Bill in studio, to give you the low-down on what to expect at Britt this year. For more information, check out: Brittfest.org.



“Comic” Kathy Griffin apologizes for posing with fake, severed, bloody Trump head, says she “went too far”. Threats of a Secret Service investigation may have sharpened her mind, but in today’s political climate, only losers like Medford’s John Roos do time for threatening the President. Truth be told, Griffin would probably have more access to commit mayhem than some guy in his wifebeater tee shirt ranting on social media in southern Oregon, 2500 miles from DC, but that’s our Animal Farm “JustUs” system for you.


The TDM (Trump-Deranged-Media) focus on Russian “back channel” communication is a real head scratcher. Back channels are part of responsible state craft, and have been aspects of presidencies pretty much forever.

One of my favorite books detailing this truth is Douglas Horne’s “JFK’S War With the National Security Establishment”. Horne makes it clear that one of the reasons we DIDN’T go to nuclear war during the missile crisis was the prudent, confidential back channel communications between JFK and Nikita Kruschev.

So WaPo and the other TDM would have you believe back channels with Russia saved the world and were great to have in 1962, but are a threat to democracy today? The reporters pushing this narrative are fools at the least, treasonous bastards at worst.

Bill’s Guests for: Tuesday, May 30, 2017:

7:10: Greg Roberts, from RogueWeather.com brings you The Tuesday Outdoor Report.

7:15: Jim Welsh, from Parents Rights in Education joins Bill. Is there a state agency that is helping teens to break the law? Jim will tell you all about it.

8:10: Bern Case, Medford Airport Director joins Bill in studio to talk about the start of American Airlines flights from Medford.

8:35: Caleb LaPlant from the Grants Pass Rotary comes into the studio to tell you about the 2017 Grants Pass Balloon & Kite Festival.


Bill’s Guests for: Friday, May 26, 2017:

6:35: Jenny L. Cote, award winning author and speaker talks with Bill. So, is it more difficult today to get kids interested in history? Jenny, in an op-ed piece on FoxNews.com, tells a few ways how to get kids into history.

Check out Jenny’s book: “The Voice, The Revolution & The Key,” which will be released on August 15th. But you can pre-order it too.

Go to Epicorderoftheseven.net to learn even more.

7:10: The Outdoor Report with Mr. Outdoors himself, Greg Roberts from RogueWeather.com.

7:35: Dr. Joel Salinas, author of the book: “Mirror Touch: Notes from a Doctor Who Can Feel Your Pain,” talks with Bill. Are there people out there that can actually FEEL the pain of others? Joel Salinas says yes. He talks with Bill about it.

Check out Joel’s book right HERE. And, learn more about Joel at JoelSalinasMD.com.

8:10: Rachel Alexander, a former prosecutor and Senior Editor at The Stream, chats with Bill.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to write the Seth Rich murder off as just a conspiracy theory,” according to a new report by The Stream’s Rachel Alexander, a former prosecutor. Two more voices have spoken up claiming inside knowledge have stepped up this week – first, Kim Dotcom, a friend of Assange and founder of Megaupload, said he was involved with Rich transferring emails to Wikileaks. Second, an anonymous source says many in D.C. know Rich leaked emails, including the SEIU. Then, in the biggest development, Wikileaks all but admits the leaker is Rich: Assange mentioned his sources take incredible risks and used an example of a 27-year-old DNC staffer who was shot in the back. The Seth Rich case is an example of amateur sleuths doing the investigating the mainstream media won’t.

8:20: Capt. Bill Simpson, retired U.S. Merchant Marine officer survival & emergency preparedness expert, and contributor to MyOutdoorBuddy.com talks with Bill. Siskiyou County Counsel Brad Sullivan has submitted his resignation. So, what exactly is going on? Captain Bill will tell you about it.

Read more from Capt. Bill at: MyOutdoorBuddy.com. You can also catch Captain Bill at WesternJournalism.com.

8:45: Meghan Walkup, Executive Director at The Springs At Anna Maria joins Bill for today’s edition of: “Whose Busness Is It Anyway?”


Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, May 25, 2017:

6:20: David Garrow, Author of the book, “The Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama,” talks with Bill. David’s book is the most, in-depth look at the man who would become the 44th President of The United States.

Is the Barack Obama that we got for President, the same Barack Obama from Chicago? David will talk about it.

8:10: David John Oates, the discoverer and founder of “Reverse Speech,” calls the show. So, do people and politicians tell the truth subconsciously? David says that you might be able to find out by playing their speech in reverse. Check this out: davidoats.com/reversespeech/.

See more at DavidOats.com.

8:35: Carolyn Birch, General Manager for your Medford Rogues, joins Bill live in studio.



I suggest a “Shopping Cart Exclusion Zone” for downtown Medford. Homelessness isn’t a crime, but stop coddling derelict behavior. Alba Park is still “occupied territory”, the city faces a lawsuit in connection with trying to exclude dirtbag behavior. We saw a string of 6 or 7 carts sitting by the park just the other day. What to do? Forbid the use of shopping carts on the streets. There is no constitutional right to push a stolen shopping cart with all your S#!% through the streets and parks in downtown Medford, or any other city around here. There are also no businesses downtown that use carts. Should be an easy fix, don’t you think? I’ll be suggesting this to my city councilors.

Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, May 24, 2017:

6:35: Dave Ray, Communications Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform talks with Bill about President Donald Trump’s border wall budget.

Read FAIR’s take on the budget: “Mexico Must Be Paying for the Border Wall, Because Its Not In President Trump’s 2018 Budget.”

7:35: The Crimestoppers’ Case of The Week with Lt. Justin Ivens of The Medford Police Department, live in studio.

8:10: Dr. Merrill Matthews, Resident Scholar at The Institute for Policy Innovation talks with Bill. Ford’s CEO was ousted from the company, because of a decline in sales for their small to mid-size cars. You know? The ones that the Green Mafia wants us to buy?

Read the entire article for yourself right here: “Ford’s CEO—Another Casualty to Obama’s Green Dreams.”


Bill’s Guests for: Tuesday, May 23, 2017:

6:35: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government talks with Bill. President Donald Trump’s budget will be released today. Rick will give you his take on it.

See more at GetLiberty.org. And, you can read more from Rick at: NetRightDaily.com.

7:35: State Representative Sal Esquivel calls from Salem for a legislative update.

8:10: Kevin Starrett from the Oregon Firearms Federation joins the show. Well, another big gun grab bill is in the works. Kevin will tell you all about it.

Get more at OregonFirearms.org.


Bill’s Guests for: Monday, May 22, 2017:

6:35: Dan Perkins, Islamic historian, Terrorism analyst and author of The Brotherhood of The Red Nile Trilogy talks with Bill about President Donald Trump’s speech from Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

Dan is also a contributor at ReganBabe.com, The Daily Surge and The Hill. And, pick up Dan’s books as well, all you have to do is click HERE.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather.com, brings you the Monday, Water World Boat & Powersport Outdoor Report.

7:15: David Cross, Director of Marketing for Azure Farms, calls the show to give you their side of the story in the crisis the farm faces.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law and local historian joins Bill in studio for this week’s edition of “Visiting Past & Present.”

This week:

The Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventure

By Dennis Powers

Creating a business from a dream, Lindsey Rice-Meilicke rode her first zip line in Maui in February 2010 and decided one could be built on her and her husband’s property in Southern Oregon. Her husband, Jason Meilicke, liked the idea.

He didn’t join her on the Maui zip line, as Jason has been paralyzed from the waist down after breaking his back in a four-wheeling accident his high school senior year. However, his excavation-construction expertise and business with Lindsey’s planning were assets.

The zip line would be constructed on the couple’s 80-plus-acre property in a wooded area located high above Gold Hill, off Old Stage Road when first driving to Jacksonville. On a clear day, one can see the Table Rocks and Crater Lake Rim from the property.

Eight months later the land use permit was approved, and the life-long Rogue Valley residents ran with their idea. Jason began the construction of the course and lines. Without outside capital, the couple built it and a business. Once completed, Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventure had five zip lines, four of which are accessible to those in wheelchairs with the use of one arm.

Having such ADA-friendly zip lines is, of course, unusual. However, the course is quite adventurous, given its 2,700 feet of zip lines and the fifth one being the longest in the Pacific Northwest at 1,300 feet. The Meilickes worked with a national-consulting firm in training their guides.

The tour starts with a shuttle picking up guests presently at the Laurel Hill Golf Course outside the Gold Hill Exit 40, who are then driven three miles up to the Meilickes’ private property. The guides use a “4×4” named the “Dirt Taxi” to transport those guests that want to skip the hike between zip line platforms, and the complete tour lasts about three hours.

A fascinating aspect of the Meilickes’ property is its being the location of the historic, 19-Century Braden gold mines. One of the largest gold mining claims in Southern Oregon, these produced more that $300,000 in gold in the late 1800s and early 1900s. At today’s gold prices this would be approximately $25 million, and a short briefing at the entrance of a mine shaft is usually given.

The Meilickes’ ZipLine Adventures in its first 1-1/2 years of operation had over 8000 guests that zipped the course—and the years later have been as successful. The views from above the tree tops are spectacular from lower Kane Creek to Mt. McLaughlin, Mt. Thielson, and our regionnot to mention the thrills.


Bill’s Guests for: Friday, May 19, 2017:

6:35: Ryan Hukill, the father of a Crater High School teen, who was asked to remove his “Pepe The Green Frog,” hat, because it was “insensitive.”

7:10: The Water World Boat & Powersport Outdoor Report with Mr. Outdoors himself, from RogueWeather.com, Greg Roberts.

7:20: Lee Green in studio, and Tom Lowell via phone from the Great State of Alaska, both from JC Concerts talk with Bill. This Sunday, George Bugatti, a Vegas headliner who sings in the style of Sinatra & the Rat Pack era of music. Tickets are still available, just go to JCConcerts.org.

7:35: Dr. John Zmirak of TheStream.org talks with Bill, about an apparent Spiritual battle that President Donald Trump is facing, amid the human battle that he is currently waging. What can the average person do to help President Trump? Read Dr. Zmirak’s article: “Trump is Under Attack. And, Not Just by Human Critics.”


Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, May 18, 2017:

6:35: John Leboutlillier, former New York Congressman, and former host of Fox News’ Political Insiders makes his return to the show. Well, regarding the James Comey debacle, Boot will tell you what his former colleagues are saying are saying about the issue.

Read John’s article on TheHill.com: “25 Thoughts GOP lawmakers really have about Trump firing Comey.

And, you can read more from John right here at: Boot’s Blasts.

8:35: Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson talks with Bill. Secretary Richardson is making waves with an audit alert. He says that hundreds of millions of Oregon taxpayer dollars are going to people on the Oregon Health Plan that don’t actually qualify for the plan.

8:45: Julie Fletcher, with Southern Oregon Goodwill joins Bill, live in studio to discuss the changes which are coming to the Grants Pass store.


ELECTION, “It’s about the TAXES”


It was a good election for plundering taxpayers. All the money measures in Jackson and Josephine county are passing. Public safety in Jo Co leads by 5 percent. Fire District 4 gets their grant replacement tax $, Talent approving 3 cent diesel tax, Jo County goes for library, fire, animal shelter, general GP operating levy. Rogue River does the School HVAC improvements, etc. This is why I was pushing for increased voter turnout…libs and gov growers use these low turnout elections to grow government.

Still, some good news on the GOP front, Wright, Messer on the 549C board. Kevin Keating on RVTD, Natalie Richie on RVTD. Emily McIntire in Eagle Point – that’s an interesting one where she brought up the problems with the IPADs in schools issue.

Was really pushing republicans this time out not because GOP means perfect, but there is usually more attention paid to financial responsibility…especially on the school board. No, I don’t think the school management should’ve given raises to rank-and-file when they’re bleeding $$ into PERS and massive medical benefit costs. We don’t have unlimited piles of cash to spend…Keep fighting.

There’s a reason I look askance at former educators on school boards. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s about fighting entrenched interests. The teachers union has plenty of rep and heft and power in the process, so I err on the side of boards looking out for taxpayer and children’s interests.

Sometimes the unions and the board have mutual interests, but not always.

Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, May 17, 2017:

6:35: Mischa Popoff, former USDA Contract Organic Inspector, and author of the book, “Is It Organic? talks with Bill.

A Sherman County farm is being threatened with quarantine to prevent the spread of noxious weeds. So, Mischa Popoff wants to know why the DA of the USDA’s National Organic Program hasn’t weighed in yet?

You can get Mischa’s book right HERE. He’s also the Policy Advisor for the Heartland Institute, which you can check out right here. And, read more from Mischa at: IsItOrganic.ca.

7:10: Eric Peters, automotive journalist, libertarian thinker and the force behind EricPetersAutos.com joins the show.

So… There’s a think-tank out there called RethinkX, who believes that you and everyone else, will probably not own a car by the year 2030. Let Eric tell you why, and what he thinks.

And, check out EPAutos.com, for more libertarian thought, and reviews of the latest cars.

7:35: Lt. Kerry Curtis of the Medford Police Department comes into the studio to bring you the Crimestoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts talks with Bill. The commissioners have sent a letter to “The Merk,” Senator Jeff Merkley, which is essentially a shot across his bow, regarding the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument protection policy.

8:35: Russ McBride, from Southern Oregon Veterans’ Benefit joins Bill in studio. The SOVB played a large hand in the Love For Larry event. Russ will also talk about their upcoming Southern Oregon Military Appreciation Tournament 2017.




Bill’s Guests for: Tuesday, May 16, 2017:

6:35: State Senator Dennis Linthicum of Klamath Falls talks with Bill from Salem. Is the State of Oregon becoming the next Flint, Michigan with it’s own water crisis? And, did Governor Kate Brown’s administration know all about lead-laced water at juvenile prisons? Senator Linthicum and Bill talk about it.

7:35: Capt. Bill Simpson, retired U.S. Merchant Marine officer, survival & emergency preparedness expert and journalist at MyOutdoorBuddy.com talks with Bill.

So, what exactly should you do when you encounter snakes in the wild? Capt. Bill will tell you what to do in his latest article:

“Mr. Grumpy Rears His Ugly Head – Again.”

8:10: Jim Campbell, Senior Counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom & Director of the Center for Cultural Engagement talks with Bill.

Remember the story of a Gresham cake maker, who was sued, big league, for refusing to make a cake for a lesbian wedding? Sweetcakes by Melissa owners Melissa & Aaron Klein were ordered by then Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian to pay $135,000 to the “victims.” Well, the Kentucky appeals court has upheld that a printer, does not have to print t-shirts for the Lexington Gay Pride Festival.

Read: “Kentucky court rejects government attempt to punish printer for refusing to print ‘Lexington Gay Pride Festival,’ t-shirts.”


Bill’s Guests for: Monday, May 15, 2017:

6:35: Al Perrotta, a former comedy writer and Managing Editor at TheStream.org chats with Bill. As a former comedy writer, with credits as a freelance writer on The Tonight Show, wrote a piece at The Stream about how the late-night comics are no longer about being funny. Especially about President Donald Trump.

Read the article here: “When Comedy’s No Joke,” at Stream.org.

7:10: Greg Roberts, “Mr. Outdoors,” himself, from Rogue Weather brings you the Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

7:35: Bryan Platt, from Jackson County Right to Life joins Bill in studio. Jackson County Right to Life is leading the charge to end taxpayer funding of abortion in Oregon. Oregon is the only state that has NO pro-life laws. A petition drive is now underway.

You can sign the petition by going to StoptheFunding.org, and download a paper petition to send in.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers joins Bill, live in studio for this week’s edition of “Visiting Past & Present.”

This week:

The Lady of the Woods

(The Stone Woman of Crater Lake)

By Dennis Powers

During the winter of 1917 and following spring, reports of a discovered stone woman filtered into Crater Lake park headquarters. The naked figure sat against a large lava rock in near “full relief,” legs bent, one arm placed over her head as if shielding away danger. Surrounded by trees, the figure was located on the lake’s rim, 1.7 miles from the lodge. The media was incredulous at this find with story leads such as “Mummy woman found in woods” and “Ancient figure of woman discovered.”

The discovery of the “Lady of the Woods” during the following years brought about remarkable theories as to how she had been created. Park workers speculated in 1919 that this was an effigy or petrification that could be older than the Egyptian mummies. Some thought this to be a natural formation. One legend explained the carving, or form, as the response to the loss of a loved one.

The true origin was revealed first to the general public in 1921 by a newspaper article. This account wrote that Dr. Earl Russell Bush–the official surgeon for the U. S. Engineers in 1917 and stationed in Crater Lake National Park during that summer–was the sculpturer. One year, Dr. Bush substantiated this in a letter.

He had time on his hands that October with “diminished responsibilities” toward the end of the 1917 season. Dr. Bush had persuaded the park blacksmith, William Ivy, to make a set of rock-sculpting tools. With some stonemason experience, he began his work. From Oct. 4th to Oct. 19th, the metallic sounds of “Clink! Clink! Clink!” penetrated the usually quiet hemlock forests on Mt. Mazama’s slopes.

He didn’t tell anyone about his work or visits into the woodlands. Curiosity and the persistent tapping of hammer and chisel against volcanic rock, however, eventually led a few to seek out the site. Although he was reassured by their praises, Dr. Bush pledged all to secrecy. The good doctor left for the East and his secret was well guarded. Park Superintendent Alex Sparrow was alone granted permission to let William Steel, the U. S. Park Commissioner, know the following summer about this. Thus, in 1918, Sparrow covered the stone chips with pine needles and took Steel out to see it. Told the truth later, he joined the others in their secret–that is, until four years later, when someone gave the story up and Bush later verified it.

The truth concerning the “Lady of the Woods”–or “The Stone Lady of Crater Lake”–didn’t gain traction after the first revelation. A lengthy 1923 article–among other written stories–wrote that Samuel Hubbard (the then curator of archaeology at the Oakland Museum) thought the lady was the cast of an actual woman, engulfed by a volcanic mud flow that had poured down Mt. Mazama. He reasoned that the mud wouldn’t have been hot enough to destroy the body and quickly solidified. After a period of time, the body’s disintegration left a perfect mold, and a later volcanic mud eruption flowed into this mold, filling it completely and solidifying. Five months later, the Fresno Bee on October 24, 1923, broke the story of what had actually happened by Dr. Bush’s efforts.

By 1930, the interest in the “Lady of the Woods” had increased so greatly that it became necessary to construct a trail there from a point near the old office building. Marked by simple signs, the trail passes the south end of the Ranger Dormitory, over the creek crossed by a small bridge, and westward a few hundred feet to the actual site. Ask park rangers for the directions.

Over the years, the story has inspired poems, articles, and feature stories–something now to keep in mind if you see this symbol of the inspiration that one man discovered within the wilderness. Even now, she sleeps in the woods for those who can find her.


Bill’s Guests for: Friday, May 12, 2017:

6:35: Dan Gainor, The Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow and VP of Business & Culture for the Media Research Center talks with Bill. Dan has published an article on MRC Newsbusters about how the Huffington Post is calling for the nationwide harassment of trump supporters.

Read the article: “Alt-Left Insanity: HuffPost Calls for Nationwide Harassment of Trump Backers.” And, as always check out the MRC.

7:10: The Outdoor Report, with Mr. Outdoors himself, Greg Roberts from RogueWeather.com.

7:20: Kevin Keating, a local high school teacher, and candidate for R.V.T.D. board, Position 7.

8:10: Mr. Roger Allen, an old friend of Bill’s comes into the studio. Mr. Allen deals with chronic pain, and uses opioids for said pain, though there is a so-called, “opioid epidemic,” going on in America. He’s starting a Facebook page called: “Honesty About Opioids,” to tell the stories of how opioids are actually saving people.


SHE’S “WORKING” (Not) for OREGON – Attorney General Rosenblum has joined 20 other state AG’s and calls for the immediate appointment of an independent special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the presidential election. This is the same A.G. who has little or nothing to say about the grifting of John Kitzhaber and Sylvia Hayes…Yep, working for Oregon, that one.

Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, May 11, 2017:

6:35: Debi Benedict, a mother connected with a group of Christian homeschoolers, talks with Bill about the fight against a pot grow, that’s within 100 feet of a Murphy school.

7:35: State Senator Alan DeBoer from District 3, Ashland calls to give you a senatorial update from Salem.

8:10: Mr. X, crack researcher and expert on all things Gang Green Commie, sustainability, policy consensus, Kumbayah shenanigans, leaves the safety of his hidden Southern Oregon bunker and joins Bill, live in studio.

Today, Bill and X talk about how state and local governments actually collaborate with federal intrusions in local control, instead of protecting you from these intrusions.

Here are some Documents to review:

Achieving Oregon’s Vision for Federal Forestlands – READ IT

Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolutions – READ IT


Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, May 10, 2017:

6:15: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government talks with Bill, about the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump.

Be sure to check out more at: GetLiberty.org.

6:35: Stacy Washington, a black, pro-2nd Amendment columnist, who was suspended from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for writing a column defending gun ownership talks with Bill.

Read a press release from the National Center for Public Policy Research about Stacy’s predicament.

7:35: Lt. Justin Ivens of the Medford Police Department, joins Bill, live in studio for the Crimestoppers Case of The Week.

8:10: Terry Rapoza, a proponent of the State of Jefferson movement talks with Bill. Several Northern Californians have filed lawsuits against the State of California over the lack of true representation. You can help the cause at: SOJ51.org.

Learn more at StateOfJefferson.com.


Bill’s Guests for: Tuesday, May 9, 2017:

6:35: Eric Peters, automotive journalist, libertarian thinker and owner of EricPetersAutos.com, talks with Bill. Well, it’s time for the latest Renewable Fuels Conference, and Eric has an article all about it: “The Renewable Fuels Con.”

7:35: State Representative Sal Esquivel calls in from Salem, to give a legislative update. Will the 2 billion dollar sales tax gain traction in the legislature? Sal will talk about it.

8:10: Jeff Stier, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research talks with Bill. So, will President Trump be able to reign in the EPA’s excess, leftover from Obama?

Read: “New EPA methane rules spell disaster for the American economy,” from Jeff on TheHIll.com, to learn more. And, follow Jeff on Twitter: @JeffaStier.

8:35: Phillip Yates from ACCESS joins Bill, live in studio. This coming Saturday is “Stamp Out Hunger Day,” where you can leave food donations in your mailbox, and the Postal Service will pick it up, and deliver it to ACCESS to help out local hungry people.

8:50: Sage Taylor from Wamba Juice & Deli stops by the studio for today’s edition of “Whose Business Is It Anyway?” Stop by Wamba Juice today at: 207 W. 8th St. in Medford. Look for the yellow awning. And, Wamba Juice delivers! Call them up at 541-779-2215.



Interesting Read:Premiums and Tax Credits Under The Affordable Care Act V.S. The American Health Care Act: Interactive Maps.”


Bill’s Guests for: Monday, May 8, 2017:

6:35: State Senator Dennis Linthicum, of District 28, Klamath Falls, calls the show, to give you an update from Salem, tax hikes and other issues in the state senate.

7:10: The Water World Boat & Powersport Outdoor Report with Mr. Outdoors himself, Greg Roberts from RogueWeather.com.

7:35: Capt. Bill Simpson, retired U.S. Merchant Marine officer, and emergency preparedness expert talks with Bill. So what is China’s role in the North Korea debacle? Capt. Bill seems to think that China may be positioning itself to benefit economically from the conflict. Read: Capt. Bill’s article on Western Journalism’s website.

8:10: Dr. Dennis Powers comes into the studio for this week’s edition of “Visiting Past & Present.”

This week:

The Gold-Bearing Sidewheeler: the S.S. Brother Jonathan

By Dennis Powers

Built in 1851, the 220-foot long, 36-foot wide ship with three-story high paddlewheels was first used during the California Gold Rush. Her initial route was from New York to Panama, and on her first journey set a record for the then-fastest round-trip of 31 days. Miners and other passengers crossed the Isthmus of Panama to make their way north to California by another ship. Cornelius Vanderbilt bought the vessel the next year, refurbished it to hold up to 1000 people, and had it sailed around Cape Horn to use on the route’s Pacific side. Later sold to others, the ship was used to ferry people, goods, and supplies from California to British Columbia.

Named after Brother Jonathan–a character personifying the U.S. before the creation of Uncle Sam–the vessel was placed on the northward route from San Francisco to Vancouver via Portland, allowing prospectors to work the Salmon River Gold Rush. Over the next several years, the Brother Jonathan gained a reputation as being one of the finest steamers on the Pacific Coast–and the fastest ship to make the run, sixty-nine hours each way.

The ship also played a role in Oregon’s history. After President James Buchanan signed the bill admitting Oregon to the Union on February 14, 1859, the news was wired to St. Louis, carried by stagecoach to San Francisco, and placed on the ship. Five days later on March 15, the vessel docked in Portland, delivering the official notification to the people.

Caught in tumultuous seas off Crescent City in 1865, the S.S. Brother Jonathan skidded down the face of a massive wave into an uncharted reef. Her nine-story mast crashed through its bottom and within 45 minutes, she went under with 225 souls and multi-millions of dollars’ worth of newly minted gold bars and coins. Only 19 people in a battered lifeboat made it to shore, and over the next several weeks, bodies and pieces of the ship washed up along a 125-mile stretch of the coast.

The tragedy–some 4.5 miles from Pt. St. George–forced a change in steamship safety laws and prompted the construction of St. George Reef Lighthouse, the most expensive and remote lighthouse in U.S. history. For over 125 years, the ship’s treasure remained one of the Pacific’s great secrets. Countless expeditions searched unsuccessfully for the ship and treasure. In 1942, following a monstrous storm, whiskey kegs from the ship washed ashore, yet her final resting placed remained a mystery–until 1993.

Although limited by a shoestring budget, Deep Sea Research (“DSR”) that year finally discovered the ship by using different assumptions. Don Knight–who was born in Medford and lived there until his late teens–led the group. The expedition’s mini-sub came upon the sunken vessel two miles from where most people had thought; the southeast underwater currents and trapped air had carried her far from the reef before sliding onto the bottom.

In 1996, divers discovered the first gold coins and brought to the surface 875 $20 Double Eagle gold coins in near-mint condition. Successive dives brought the recovery to 1,206 valuable gold coins. Over time, divers retrieved numerous historic artifacts–from plates and wine bottles to crates of merchandise and steamer trunks–from the depth of 275 feet.

They also brought up a lot of trouble, as descendants of the passengers, shippers, the State of California, and the salvors themselves vied for legal ownership of the treasure. Another battle broke out over the authenticity of historic gold bars secretly recovered in the 1930s–a battle that still resounds among collectors and gold experts. The bitter legal dispute between DSR and the State of California ended in 1999, when the U.S. Supreme Court decided unanimously in favor of DSR. When California threatened to continue its legal actions, however, DSR was forced to settle and handed over 200 gold coins that still remain in an unnamed Sacramento bank vault.

That same year, DSR’s gold coins were auctioned off to pay its bills, fetching $5.3 million, or an average of $5,250 per coin. A later search found a few more coins and artifacts, but not the hoped-for safe and strongboxes of gold. Although California by its regulations hamstrings any further legal searches for the $50 million ($200 million in today’s dollars) of bullion and gold believed still there, divers still search surreptiously.