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6-12 to 6-16-2017

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Bill’s Guests for: Friday, June 16, 2017:

6:40: Steve Milloy, Senior Fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, and author of the book: “Scare Pollution: Why and How To Fix The EPA,” talks with Bill. A new study has come out, that debunks the EPA’s long standing policy that breathing PM2.5 is hazardous to one’s health. Steve will tell you, what will happen next at the EPA.

Get Steve’s book, at Amazon.com. And, read the studies for yourself at JunkScience.com.

7:10: Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors himself from RogueWeather.com, calls the show to bring you the Friday, Water World Boat & Powersport, Outdoor Report.

8:10: Dr. Robin Miller, a local internist, and Katie Ortlip, a hospice, social worker with Asante, join Bill, live in studio. Katie is also a co-author of the book “Living with Dying A Complete Guide for Caregivers,” and is here to talk to Bill about it. They will also be part of an event, set to take place next Saturday. The Information is below.

Event: “Health & Wellness from Start to Finish

Where: The Smullin Center at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center: 2825 E. Barnett Road in Medford.

When: Saturday, June 24th, from 9am to 2pm.

You can register for the event at WellHealed.net. And, you can pick up Robin and Katie’s book at Amazon.com.

8:45: Justin Goodlett, of Goodlett Automotive will drop by the studio to promote this weekend’s race to benefit Clint, a local 5 year old boy, who has liver cancer.

Event: “No One Fights Alone Shootout”

Where: The Medford Dragstrip: 6900 Kershaw Road.

When: Friday & Saturday, June 16th & 17th.


Bill’s Guests for: Thursday, June 15, 2017:

6:40: Dr. Bob Arnot M.D., author of the new book “The Coffee Lover’s Diet: Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life,” calls the show. Now, for most of our lives, we’ve been told that coffee is actually bad for our heath. Dr. Bob Arnot, has traveled the world in search of the most healthy coffees in the world. And, he’s here to tell you about his book, and give you some coffee pointers.

Get Dr. Bob’s book at Amazon.com, and also, check out his own line of coffees, at DrDangerCoffee.com.

7:10: Larry Pratt, Executive Director Emeritus of Gun Owners of America talks with Bill about yesterday’s shooting of a U.S. Congressman and others in Alexandria, Virginia, and to touch on Virginia’s Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s call for more gun control after the ambush.

Get more information at: GunOwners.org.

7:35: Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey joins the show from Northern California. Siskiyou County’s Board of Supervisors, the equvalent to county commissioners in Oregon, is considering easing restrictions on marijuana. This is something that Sheriff Lopey is none to pleased about, and he’ll tell you why.

8:10: Professor Eric Fruits, Chief Economist at Economics International Corp, and adjunct professor of economics at Portland State University talks with Bill. So, what about the “Son of Measure 97 Corporate Tax Plan?” This “sneaky” tax plan looks to double taxation of smaller business, while providing tax breaks for the largest and most profitable companies.

Here’s the entire text of Professor Fruits’ Analysis of the Legislature’s Latest Tax on Sales, and what it could mean for Oregon’s citizens.


Bill’s Guests for: Wednesday, June 14, 2017:

6:10: Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government talks with Bill on the hearings of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, power grid issues, and the breaking news of two Repbulican Congressmen shot, along with aides and at least two U.S. Capitol police officers. See the video from ALG: “Crisis Point,” and as always you can read more at NetRightDaily.com. And, you can also learn more at: GetLiberty.org.

7:10: Dr. Steven Greenleaf, “Steve The Marine,” talks with Bill. Today it’s all about the Constitution and law concerning what the President has to tell Congress about his activities, and reaction to the Jeff Sessions hearings.

7:35: Deputy Chief Scott Clausen of the Medford Police Department joins Bill, live in studio, to bring you the Crimestoppers Case of The Week.



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Bill’s Guests for Monday, June 12, 2017

6:20 Jonathan Goldsmith, the former Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World”.  His Memoir, out tomorrow, “STAY INTERESTING

If it weren’t for the recommendation of a psychiatrist, Goldsmith may have never pursued a career in acting. He spent years as a young man racking up over 500 television and movie credits, starring opposite some of the greats such as John Wayne and Judy Garland. But his most significant role came about after he had spent 10 years away from the industry and was living out of his truck in Malibu, which is where his memoir begins.


7:10 Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot Com

7:15 Dr. Steven Greenleaf “Steve the Marine” 541-499-0079


President Trump has been berating the members of N.A.T.O. for not meeting their obligations to spend 2% of GDP on defense.  In fact only 5 of the 28 members are meeting their obligation. Article V of N.A.T.O states that an attack on one ally, is an attack on all.  The President is threatening to come to the aid of only the 5 members that are in compliance.  Liberals are usually opposed to the military.  Hypocritically they are criticizing Trump saying that he is threatening a treaty violation.  Trump is right and his critics are wrong under centuries of international law.  The United States could go much further.  We could even pull out of N.A.T.O.  

Our first Constitution was the Articles of Confederation which was similar to a treaty.  All 13 states were failing to make their payments to the central government.  The central government was broke.  America was vulnerable to attack.  The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was authorized only to amend the Articles of Confederation.  They went further and threw them out and started from scratch.  James Madison justified this in Federalist 43, page 227 of my copy:  

“It is an established doctrine on the subject of treaties, that all the articles are mutually conditions of each other; that a breach of any one article is a breach of the whole treaty; and that a breach, committed by either of the parties, absolves the others, and authorizes them, if they please, to pronounce the compact violated and void.”   

Not only could the President do as he threatened, he could legally pull us out of N.A.T.O. 

John Jay wrote in Federalist 10: 

“The just causes of war, for the most part, arise from violations of treaties or from direct violence.” 

Our Constitutional history does not start in 1787 or even 1776.  It goes back twenty-five hundred years through Britain, Rome, and Greece.  Twenty-five hundred years ago Athens founded the Delian League to counter Persia and Sparta.  At first it was voluntary, but as peace prevailed many of the city states failed to meet their obligations.  Under this precedent Trump could bomb NATO members in default.  I am not suggesting that. 

N.A.T.O. has been milking the United States since the 1940’s.  Instead of meeting their military obligations they are creating extravagant welfare states.  We are subsidizing that.  Trump should put his foot down and do what he threatened.  Alternatively we should pull out of N.AT.O.  President Washington was opposed to permanent alliances.  Our alliance with France eventually caused big problems.  The Great Senator Robert Taft opposed N.A.T.O. for these reasons.         

Semper fi,  

Steve the Marine 

7:35 Medford City Councilman Kevin Stine

8:10 Dr. Dennis Powers, “Visiting Past and Present”

Mt. McLoughlin

By Dennis Powers

When driving southward on I-5 towards Medford, the near-perfect, mirror image of Japan’s Mt. Fuji appears. Although Mt. McLoughlin at 9,495 feet high is the tallest volcano between Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake, its base size is dwarfed by the much taller Mt. Shasta (14,162 feet high with near thirty times more volume) and Crater Lake’s Mt. Mazama (ten times as much)but this one dominates the lower Valley. From distant Medicine Lake in California, around the rim of Crater Lake, or along I-5 between Yreka (California) and Medford, Mt. McLoughlin is easily recognized.  

The symmetrical shape appears when viewed from the south or southeast. It becomes apparent that a large part of the mountain is missing when seen from a different direction; for example, from the north along the Crater Lake rim or east from Klamath Lake. This was due to late Ice-Age glaciers that shaved away the mountain’s northeast side, lowering the summit by 300 feet and gouging out a large bowl-like hollow.

The mountain is a young volcano geologically. Formed by a series of eruptions and cooled lava flow over long periods of time, geologists have determined that its steep-sided, lava cone is less than 700,000 years old. Indicating later eruptions, its western and southern flanks suggest that the bulk of its form is no older than 200,000 years, with much of this probably younger, perhaps as late as 20,000 to 30,000 years ago.

Leaving Fort Vancouver to trap beaver and otter for sale in England, Hudson Bay Company’s Peter Skene Ogden traveled through Central Oregon. Ogden’s journal contains this notation for February 14, 1827: “I have named this river Sastise River. There is a mountain equal in height to Mount Hood or Vancouver; I have named (it) Mt. Sastise. I have given these names from the tribes of the Indians.” Historians believe that he actually spotted the Rogue River and Mount McLoughlin, and this would have been the first recorded observation.

The name tributes John McLoughlin, one of the most influential figures in the early 1800s in Pacific Northwest history. The Oregon legislature renamed the peak from Mount Pitt to Mt. McLoughlin in 1905, and the U.S. Board of Geographic Names recognized that change in 1912.

McLoughlin was Canadian born and didn’t become an American citizen until he was 67 years old. However, he had been a frontier doctor, British fur trade officer, the founder of Fort Vancouver (1825) and of Oregon City (1842). When he was the Chief Factor (Superintendent) of the British Hudson Bay Company (“HBC”), based at Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River, American pioneers arrived there without supplies. As the last stop on the Oregon Trail for many, they asked McLoughlin to help them survive their first winter in Oregon. He didalthough this later cost him his job. Dr. John McLoughlin’s key role in Oregon’s early history prompted the state legislature in 1957 to name him the “Father of Oregon” on the 100th Anniversary of his death.

On July 1, 1927, a two-foot diameter pipeline began carrying water from Mt. McLoughlin by gravity flow to Medford (and eventually other cities in the Bear Creek Valley). Its snowmelt percolates through the porous, volcanic soils to emerge again at Big Butte Springs (2,700-foot elevation) near the town of Butte Falls and provides the area today with the great majority of its water needs.    

The access to Mt. McLoughlin is considered “remarkably easy” via Oregon Highway 140 between Medford and Klamath Falls. Held in high esteem by residents, the thick conifer forests around its base and other nearby mountains provide enjoyable hiking and fishing. After the snow has melted from the trail, hikers have a relative hard hike ahead, but the views are magnificentand a continued tribute to this Southern Oregon landmark.

Sources: “USGS/Description: Mt. McLoughlin Volcano, Oregon,” at Mt. McLoughlin; “The McLoughlin Memorial Association,” at John McLoughlin; Jeff LaLande, “The Oregon Encyclopedia: Mt. McLoughlin,” at Mountain Write-up (With Images).